Army authorized to spy on Americans


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I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

You may want to believe "petitioning" this government, the source of evil in this country being brought against us, is your CON-stitutional "remedy" but in my opinion..? that is stupid and outright insane.

Please see the following post below.

I have been aware of and monitoring the encroachment of government for over 25 years and I see no difference between the U. S. police-state and the Nazi police-state except this police state has far more sophisticated surveillance equipment and weapons to control us sheople with.

I do not see an alternative other than getting enough MEN [where are you??] to ENFORCE "THE PLAN" @

Telling each other [the choir] every day, "oh my!?! look what else happened today - this government is out-of-control" is just giving them more and more time [that we can't afford to give] to get all of their police-state infrastructure together [paid for with our tax dollars/labor, I might add - can we be anymore STUPID..? funding our own demise???]. I understand they have started staffing the FEMA camps. How far away do you suppose will be a full-blown, out-of-the-closet round up for ANY dissenter [look what just happened to Cindy Sheehan]?

You people in "truth talk radio". Do you REALLY want to stop this foolishness/insanity and save our country or are you more into your "celebrity" and keeping your jobs?

Dave vonKliest; yes, I saw "Network" and sticking one's head out the window and screaming, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" is NOT going to be enough. What I saw in that movie then..? I see today with all this "much-speaking" on "truth talk radio". You report the outrageous, in-your-face, daily government atrocities but you NEVER offer a TRUE REMEDY. So where does the listener find him or herself? Getting angry, frustrated and not knowing what else to do but come back to YOU for another daily "fix" of ANGER. And when ANGRY..? one can NEVER see clearly. They end up in what I call a LIMBO HELL. They KNOW too much to go back to complete sleep and they can't go forward because in their heart of hearts.., they KNOW.., petitioning and voting doesn't work [which is the only form of "remedy" you "suggest".., "have another rally" - which is a meaningless waste of time] so they remain "STUCK" in a never-ending downward spiral.

I'm sorry but you people are all a bunch of self-serving fools [of course "doing your work in the name of God and country" - when what you are really doing is leading the sheople into the slaughter house]. I apologize for sounding so harsh but I've been petitioning many of you for YEARS.., to no avail [just like "petitioning government" - doesn't work]. And frankly..? I believe time is just about up for "Amerika". I feel I must be done with "petitioning" you for none of you will allow me onto your shows to present "THE PLAN" nor will you promote "THE PLAN" so I have nothing to lose by just saying it as I "see" it. Gloves off.

Indeed, these are like "The Days of Noah" [no one wants to hear from God]. God had Noah warn the people. JAH is here to give a FINAL warning to ALL of us. I am merely one of His messengers.

You've been told repeatedly there is but ONE REMEDY but you are all certain you are right. Everyone has free-will choice but you will not be able to say you weren't warned.

Here it is again; THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION and it is at: "THE ONLY PLAN OF ACTION" that will return us to God's Laws [NOT the U. S. CON-stitution].., THE ONLY LEGAL LAWS FOR THIS ENTIRE PLANET.

It is NOT my "plan". It is from JAH. Please see Malachi 4:5. That is also your choice. Believe or believe not that He is here. But I am sent to tell you.., if you will NOT UNITE behind Him..? we will head straight into hell on Earth like this world has never seen. SOON!!

As always.., one man's opinion [in this land of the fee and home of the slave].., for whatever it may be worth to the reader.


P. S. Please ask yourself this question; what if Roland is right?? Some of you have been at it a VERY long time, like you, Red Beckman. With all of your efforts..? have you been able to even slow down this NWO scheme?? Have you been able to awaken the masses?? Do you think once all hell has broken loose they will then wake up and organize?



Jan. 31, 2006 – 9:21 p.m.
Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans

“Contrary to popular belief, there is no absolute ban on [military] intelligence components collecting U.S. person information,” the U.S.Army’s top intelligence officer said in a 2001 memo that surfaced Tuesday.

Not only that, military intelligence agencies are permitted to “receive” domestic intelligence information, even though they cannot legally “collect” it,” according to the Nov. 5, 2001, memo issued by Lt. Gen. Robert W. Noonan Jr., the deputy chief of staff for intelligence.

“MI [military intelligence] may receive information from anyone, anytime,” Noonan wrote in the memo, obtained by Secrecy News, a newsletter from the non-profit Federation of American Scientists in Washington.

Defense Department and Army regulations “allow collection about U.S. persons reasonably believed to be engaged, or about to engage, in international terrorist activities,” Noonan continued.

“Remember, merely receiving information does not constitute ‘collection’ under AR [Army Regulation] 381-10; collection entails receiving ‘for use,’ ” he added. (Army Regulation 381-10, “U.S. Army Intelligence Activities,” was reissued on Nov. 22, 2005, but had not previously been disclosed publicly.) “Army intelligence may always receive information, if only to determine its intelligence value and whether it can be collected, retained, or disseminated in accordance with governing policy,”

The distinction between “receiving” and “collecting” seems “to offer considerable leeway for domestic surveillance activities under the existing legal framework,” wrote editor Steven Aftergood in Tuesday’s edition of Secrecy News.

“This in turn makes it harder to understand why the NSA domestic surveillance program departed from previous practice.”

Aftergood was alerted to the existence of the memo by another security expert, John Pike of, who thought that “there is enough ambiguity in the language that with a bit of creativity in managing the U.S. persons files there would have been not too much trouble” applying existing rules to the warrantless eavesdropping by the National Security Agency.

TALON Reports

The Pentagon’s Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) was launched in 2002 with the mission of “gathering information and conducting activities to protect DoD and the nation against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage, assassinations, and terrorist activities,” according to a CIFA brochure. Its TALON program has amassed files on antiwar protesters, according to a Pentagon official.

“More than 5,000 TALON reports” were “received and shared throughout the government” in the program’s first year of operation,” Carol A. Haave, deputy undersecretary of Defense for counterintelligence and security, told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in May 2004.

“At that rate, about 12,500 Talon reports would have been filed during the approximately 2½ years the program has existed,” The Washington Post concluded Tuesday.

• Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence: “Collecting Information on U.S. Persons” (pdf)

Edition of AR 381-10 dated July 1, 1984 (in effect until Dec. 22, 2005) (pdf)

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Source: CQ Homeland Security
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