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Poland will not allow Iran to examine the scale of the Holocaust

So Blair invites the Iranian president to investigate and when he does they prevent him from doing so.

Poland will not allow Iran to examine the scale of the Holocaust

Professor Arthur Butz responds to his critics: Iran has the U.S.’s number

The Daily Northwestern

Iran has the U.S.’s number
By Arthur R. Butz
February 14, 2006

I have been asked “why people are so reluctant to consider” the validity of “Holocaust” revisionism. I shall try to answer that, showing the relationship to Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

The principal obstacle to the propagation of revisionism is, simply, fear. At present, the entrenched legend is protected by a system of legal and extra-legal prohibitions (“taboos”). Nobody could dispute the truth of that statement in Europe, where laws in most countries specifically proscribe the expression of revisionist ideas as criminal offenses. For me, the most painful instance of that intellectual terror is the incarceration of my chemist friend Germar Rudolf, presently being held in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison near Stuttgart.

His heinous crime? As a chemistry graduate student he did a forensic analysis of the walls of the alleged gas chambers, didn’t find the cyanide residues that ought to have been there and concluded they weren’t gas chambers. The lack of such forensic evidence is well known in the field. For example, in the Wall Street Journal of July 7, 2004, Timothy Ryback wrote that “there is little forensic evidence proving homicidal intent” in the ruins of Auschwitz.

Satanic Pictures

Israel Shamir – February 12, 2006

The West was not amused by burning embassies in Beirut and elsewhere. “Them there Muslims do not understand our sense of humour; they do not understand our idea of liberty”. - droned the newspapers. Others condemned the tactless escapade of the Danes but thought the reaction was quite out of proportion. However the flare up was anything but incidental.

Understanding the Roots of the Cartoon Scandal

Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press
Date: Thursday, 9 February 2006, 7:50 p.m.
In Response To: Why the European Press is Provoking Muslims *PIC*


The mainstream media coverage of the anti-Islamic cartoons ignores the fact  that the publication of the images was a "calculated offense" commissioned a  Danish colleague of the Neo-Con ideologue Daniel Pipes, which was meant to  incite violence and promote the "clash of civilizations."  

MIAMI, Florida – After Danish embassies in three Muslim nations were  attacked and set alight by angry mobs protesting the anti-Islamic cartoons  published in a Danish newspaper the mainstream media turned its attention to  the controversial images and the violent reactions they provoked. Invariably,  however, the controlled press overlooked the important fact that the offensive  images were commissioned and published by a Danish colleague of the Neo-Con Zionist extremist Daniel Pipes.

Hypocrisy of the European press for endorsement of Holocaust denial laws


Secularist Stupidity and Religious Wars

by Patrick J. Buchanan February 7, 2006


What hypocrisy. When it comes to what Germans are most sensitive about, Hitler and the Holocaust, they are ruthless censors. British historian David Irving has spent three months in a Viennese prison awaiting trial on Feb. 20 for speeches he made 15 years ago in Austria. Skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust are prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in Europe with the enthusiastic endorsement of the European press.


Burning of Danish and Norwegian flags in Arab world [updated]

Most of the western world’s media/newspapers are owned by Zionist counterfeit-Jews, that Christ has warned the world about for 2,000 years:-

King of kings’ Bible – Revelation 2:9

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

The timing of the publishing of these cartoons is obviously designed to set the West and the Muslims against each other to help the Zionist state, by the peoples of the putative Christian West (whom the counterfeit-Jews hate) fighting and dying whilst destroying its Muslim enemies for it.

The newspaper that published these cartoons is probably not Danish owned/controlled, but is probably owned by Zionists, as the other ones involved in the other countries who have published these cartoons probably are also.


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"...The evidence strongly suggests that the cartoon provocation was presented to Atlanticist oligarchs at the meeting of the Bilderberger group held from May 5 to May 8, 2005 at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, on the shores of the Tegernsee lake in the south German federal state of Bavaria. (See
Fountainhead for a partial attendance list)  The first publication of the cartoons in Denmark followed in September 2005.  This meeting was attended by the certified neocon fascist madmen Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and William Luti ­ all desperadoes haunted by the prospect of criminal indictment for their roles in the Iraq aggression, the Plame case, the Niger yellowcake forgeries, and the Lord Conrad Black embezzlement case...

"...As for the repeated canard about freedom of the press, all the countries of the Nordic Council have long maintained press control through psychological warfare boards with the power to suppress and plant news stories for propaganda purposes..."

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The latest word notes that Merete Eldrup, managing director of JP/Politikens Hus, the company that published the cartoons, is the wife of Anders Eldrup, chairman of DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), a currently state-owned energy provider about to be privatized. Moreover, according to a posting on Indymedia UK, as well as several other sources, Anders has been among the attendees at the last five meetings of the Bilderberger gathering

7.2 Muslim Riots Aid Neo-Con Global Agenda
"As Kurt Nimmo points out, the three most offensive cartoons that caused the outrage were not even printed in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper but were added in and handed out by Danish imams who “circulated the images to brethren in Muslim countries,” according to the London Telegraph."

5.2 Burning Down Danish Embassies: More Straussian Psychological Warfare?

2.2 Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media.

How "Jewish" Zionists Fuel Hostility to Muslims *PIC*
"Agents of certain persuasion" are behind the egregious affront to Islam in order to provoke Muslims, Professor Mikael Rothstein of the University of Copenhagen told the BBC. The key "agent" is Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of JP, who commissioned cartoonists to produce the blasphemous images and then published them in Denmark's leading morning paper last September.

The International Herald Tribune, which reported on the offensive cartoons on January 1, noted that even the liberalism of Rose had its limits when it came to criticism of Zionist leaders and their crimes. Rose also has clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons behind the "war on terror."

Rose told the international paper owned by The New York Times that "he would not publish a cartoon of Israel's Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby, since that could be construed as 'racist.'"

Asked why he was protecting Sharon, a known war criminal, while abusing Muslims and their Prophet in the name of free speech, Rose told American Free Press that he had been "misquoted" in the Times article.

Rose traveled to Philadelphia in October 2004 to visit Daniel Pipes, the Neo-Con ideologue who says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory. Rose then penned a positive article about Pipes, who compares "militant Islam" with fascism and communism.

Burning of Danish and Norwegian flags in Arab world

"Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust"

"Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust" -- Prof. Andrew Mathis

Jan. 23, 2006

Dear Michael,

A colleague passes along an e-mail from you with the subject "'Over-and Under-Defining the Holocaust' -- Prof. Andrew Mathis," a link to my essay, and your remark -- "RePortersNoteBook memo: Have a look at this laughable nonsense!"

Isn't that a little harsh? I mean, if it's so laughable, then why don't you come and debate me at RODOH (www. rodoh. us) and we can see how ridiculous it really is?

George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor

Dear All,

"George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor" by Texe Marrs is a very interesting article, and I believe most of it, if not all, is true.

However, I wish to point out that the picture of Bush carrying the Talmud is an apparent fake. A faked picture can easily discredit the whole article and subject which would be a shame.

The Jewish Banker Conspiracy

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zion-Nazi bankster mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-




By Henry Makow PhD

Just mention the "Jewish Banker Conspiracy" and you'll be as popular as a skunk at a garden party. Tolerant sophisticated people dismiss this concept as a hateful and tired cliché. They believe "anti-Semites" should be slandered, sent to jail and lose their livelihood.

But what if there actually *were* a "Jewish Banker Conspiracy?" Then these sophisticates would have egg on their face, wouldn't they? They'd be exposed as rubes, victims of a stereotypical Jewish deception achieved by mass media coincidentally owned by these very same bankers.

The "Jewish Banker Conspiracy" is *not* a chimera. It is the plan of Rothschild-controlled central bankers to create a totalitarian system to protect their illegal private monopoly of the world's credit. They print government currency for the price of the paper and then lend it to the government with interest.

Prisoners of Conscience and Holocaust Revisionism: An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

December 28, 2005

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
W ashington, DC 20500


Dear President Bush,

In a public statement issued on December 10, 2005, you called for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience by the Syrian authorities, labeling the imprisonment of these individuals as an example of the government of Syria's ongoing repression of Syrian people. I will quote directly from your statement: "As we commemorate Human Rights Day, we call attention to the continued imprisonment in Syria of Dr. Kamal Labwani and the many other prisoners of conscience whom the Syrian authorities have denied the fundamental right to freedom of opinion and expression."

Apparently, President Bush, you operate with a hypocritical double standard. You chided the Syrian government for imprisoning Syrian prisoners of conscience, yet under your administration you allow the deportation and imprisonment of the German prisoner of conscience Germar Rudolf.

In Europe and the US, you can openly deny the existence of God. However, if you question and dispute the Holocaust ideology as Germar Rudolf has done, you can suffer severe persecution here in the US and end up in prison in Europe. Germar Rudolf is a German citizen who was forced to flee his native Germany because he has questioned and refuted certain aspects of the Holocaust ideology. In the United States, near Chicago, Revisionist scholar Rudolf was recently torn from his American wife and their child and delivered to Germany. He is in prison in Stuttgart.

Just as those Syrian intellectuals were imprisoned because of their beliefs and public statements, so too is Germar Rudolf being imprisoned for his beliefs about the Holocaust ideology. You chided the Syrian authorities because they have denied Dr. Labwani and others their fundamental rights to freedom of opinion and expression, yet you are silent about the German government¹s denial of Germar Rudolf¹s right to freedom of opinion and expression. You, President Bush, make public protests about the Syrian intellectuals, yet you allow and apparently condone the deportation and imprisonment of Germar Rudolf.

This legally formulated persecution of Holocaust revisionists is in blatant contradiction to the sermons you have given the rest of the world on "human rights and freedom of expression." As another Holocaust revisionist scholar, Dr. Robert Faurisson, has pointed out: "[A]s long as in the United States, Canada, nearly all of Europe and as far away as Australia the revisionists are subjected either to special laws or tribunals, underhanded police procedures, or methodical vilification by media in the service of certain Jewish or Zionist pressure groups, the Western world will have ever less right to impose lessons of lawfulness, morality or democracy on others."

I now ask you to live up to your publicly promulgated dictums about "human rights and freedom of expression," and speak out against the persecution and imprisonment of the Holocaust revisionist scholar Germar Rudolf.

I await your response.


Paul Grubach

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