Israelization of Washington Policy, Part II

by Richard Melson


Washington has come to be dominated by a "twisted pair": Israel-based Zionist think tanks in bed with Neo-Con groups in Washington itself. Relentless anti-Arab and anti-Muslim/anti-Third world pseudo-analysis is the staple and the US print and broadcast media are their venue. Access to US media gives access to US government and vice versa.

It is this Zionist/neo-con tie up which is dominant among all pressure groups in Washington and the White House and US Congress quake before it.

One of the key players is the Herzliya-Israel based International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, called ICT for short, founded in 1996 .

Some of the main persons behind ICT are:


Board of
Shabtai Shavit Chairman, Board of Directors, former director of the Israeli Intelligence Agency (Mossad)

Uriel Reichman President of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Aharon Scherf Former director of Israel’s Foreign Affairs Division and senior official in prime minister’s office







Dr. Boaz Ganor - Executive Director
Dikla Alani - Office Manager
Pnina Yarden - Translation & Editing
Col. (res.) Jonathan (Yoni) Fighel - Educational Director
Yael Shahar - Web Design & Publishing
Reuven Paz - Senior Researcher
Dr. Ely Karmon - Senior Researcher
Adv. Dan Mirkin
Israel Sulganik
CPA Ronen Zavlic





Board of
Avner Azulai
Executive Director, The Rich Foundation

Professor Amatzia Baram
University of Haifa and Georgetown University, Associate Professor of Middle East History, and former Chairman of Department of Middle East History, Haifa University, speciality: Iraq

General (Ret.) Yanush Ben-Gal
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Israel Aircraft Industries

Ron Ben-Ishai
Military Correspondent, Israel Channel 1 TV

Colonel (Ret.) Eliezer Cohen
Captain, El Al Airlines

Amir Eli
Director General, Youth Aliya Institutions, the Jewish Agency

General (Ret.) Shlomo Gazit
Assistant Chairman, Center for Special Studies. Former Head of IDF Military Intelligence and co-ordinator of Government operations in the Administered Territories

Carmi Gillon
Israeli Ambassador to Denmark. Former Head of General Security Services

Dr. Amnon Goldberg
Partner in S. Horowitz & Co. Law Firm

Michael Gurdus
Israel Broadcasting Authority - Correspondent

Michael Kahanov
General Manager, Brinks (Israel) Ltd.

Professor Ariel Merari
Director, Political Violence Research Unit. Founder and Former Head of Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Management Unit, Israel Defense Forces

Dr. Yossi Olmert
Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs

Rafi Peled
Former Commissioner of Police

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yigal Pressler
Former Advisor to the Prime Minister on Counter-Terrorism

Colonel (Ret.) Nahman Shai
Chairman, Israel Broadcasting Authority. Former IDF Spokesman

Zeev Schiff
Military Commentator, "Ha'aretz"

Gad Yaacobi
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Israel Electric Corporation

Major General (Ret.) Eli Zeira
Former Director of Military Intelligence, IDF




If you watch "The News Hour" on public TV or listen to National Public Radio, you will frequently hear such boardmemembers as Boaz Ganor, Executive Director of ICT (on "NPR" in recent weeks demanding a civil war among Palestinians) and ICT’s Professor Amatzia Baram of Haifa University, Israel’s Iraq expert.

These operatives have learned the trick of "gentility" or "pseudo-gentility" where you try to sound constructive and mild on American TV and radio to flummox the American listener into not understanding the true purposes.

A particular example of an ICT/neo-con tie up in this Zionist/neo-con/media triad is evident to anyone reading the "Boston Herald", say, whose main neo-con theoretician is Don Feder, a supporter, like Sharon, of Milosevich. (Milosevich, the convicted war criminal, is presented by Feder as wonderful because he was heroically facing up to international Islamic terrorism in Kossovo and Albania). In his "Boston Herald" columns,

Feder often quotes his friend Boaz Ganor of the ICT, mentioned and listed above.

In other words, the ICT is a central player in the Zionist/neo-con/media "triple helix" which powers this Israelization of Washington policy.

ICT says of itself:

"The Institute sets its sights on the big picture: to win the war against terrorism and not merely the individual battles. Although ICT provides situational recommendations to the private sector, this is a peripheral activity. The Institute aims to affect policy at the highest levels, in joint cooperation with the world community."

The final sentence in the paragraph above means: to dominate Washington.


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