Vitamins Ban on Horizon

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

You may want to read the following: Vitamins Ban on Horizon, Call Your Congress Now!
The thoughts I offer remain the same; petitioning congress is a waste of time and there is a global agenda calling for total control. Once more "they" move forward and once again.., the response will be the same; Amerikans will move their "line in the sand" back one more time.

To use a football field/game as an analogy.., let us say, after the revolution we were at the goal line/post of the enemy. Since then they have progressively pushed us back until we are now defending our own goal line. Another play or two and they will be in our end-zone, the game will be over and we will be gone.  

It is a rigged game. Appealing a "bad call" to corrupt referees is akin to appealing to our corrupt congress/government/judiciary. "They" are the "useful idiots" of the NWO and will overall "rule" in favor of the elite/globalist scheme.

As always.., for what it is worth.

P.S. There is only one solution;
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