"The Manchurian Candidate": All-American Conspiracy

Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open


      Real Life All-American Conspiracy ripped from yesterday’s headlines makes ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ a quick course in How the Real World Really Works.

      Mind control. Microchip implants. Global slush funds. Programmed assassins and patsies. Phony wars for corporate profits. Stage-managed political conventions. It’s all there. You know - just like real life.

      So here are the Real World analogues --
  • Mind control - The CIA’s MK-Ultra, Project Monarch, and other black (covert) projects recounted by survivors of trauma-based mind control, including Annie McKenna (‘Paper Dolls’), Kathleen Sullivan (‘Unshackled’), Brice Taylor (‘Thanks for the Memories’), and Arizona Wilder.
  • Microchip implants - Verichip ™ manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions (Florida) and recently implanted in Mexico’s Attorney General office staff for “security.”
  • “Manchurian Global” - Read “Carlyle Group,” a global slush fund masquerading as a “private equity fund,” employing politicos and world class criminals like former President-CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush.
  • Programmed assassin-patsies - Lee Harvey Oswald (John F. Kennedy murder), Sirhan Sirhan (Robert Kennedy murder), Mark David Chapman (John Lennon murder), Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bombing) et al
  • Phony wars for corporate profits - World War II, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War on Iraq, War on Terrorism, War on Drugs (you could call them the War on American Citizens)
  • Phony stage-managed political conventions - Republican Party-Bush, Democratic Party-Kerry (each so-called party selecting a member of Yale’s Order of Skull and Bones secret society as candidates for the US Presidential “election”; by the way, there are only 800 members of the Order world-wide).
      Updating and reinventing the John Frankenheimer movie of 1963, director Jonathan Demme’s remake of “The Manchurian Candidate” reflects the sordid realities of realpolitik 21st Century Style.

      The threat to America today is not the quaint Soviet Communism from the original movie and the Richard Condon novel, but Corporate Crony Capitalism, hell-bent on world domination using the US military as its own private enforcement and extortion arm. You know - like the Mafia, except financed by The City of London-Wall Street axis, which launders drug and weapons trafficking profits to consolidate money and power on a global basis.

      The new improved Manchurian Candidate story begins as Maj. Ben Marco (Denzel Washington) has a recurring nightmare about his Gulf War trauma, a battlefield ambush which leaves him dazed, confused and zombified. Especially if he doesn’t take his meds.

      On behalf of the Army, Marco gives promotional-recruitment speeches that retell the supposed courage of Sgt. Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber) during a firefight in the desert. While Shaw has been rewarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor (an upside pentagram medallion attached to a ribbon signifying Satan’s reward to US soldiers for services rendered), Marco retells the canned story to all who will listen, even as he is plagued by flashbacks and nightmares of brainwashing and other bizarre images.

      His former platoon member Corporal Al Melvin (Jeffrey Wright) confronts Marco with a notebook of drawings and recovered memories of that night in the desert. Slowly Marco becomes unglued, as he is begins to understand that something horrible has happened but he can’t quite remember what it is. The fact that his fellow survivors use the exact same phrases to describe their experience is also a sign that all their brains got washed and reprogrammed. Then finding a microchip implant under his skin is the final clue that things are not the way they seem.

      Marco tracks down the alleged hero, Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber), a politico who is being groomed for US Vice President by his domineering mother, Sen. Eleanor Prentiss Shaw (Meryl Streep). The senator is a Stalin-esque figure, a cross between Hillary Clinton and Jacquie Kennedy, who revels in sheer manipulative prowess and all around perfidy. Think of the poor late JFK Jr., and you get the picture.

      Streep’s virago senator is an over-the-top portrayal of the pussy-whipper power-mad female. The surrealistic aspects of mind control are captured perfectly in Liev Schrieber’s performance as the robotic war hero-patsy, who cannot escape his programmer-mother’s will. Denzel Washington’s performance is the slow awakening of a survivor to the realities of trauma-based programming and the realization that he himself is a victim of mind control.

      The flashbacks and partially recovered memories reveal the atrocities experienced by the entire platoon -- mad scientists in white lab coats (private contractors on the US government payroll) subjecting the men to horrendous experiments, including microchip implants that will govern their lives forever.

      Meanwhile in the heat of the political convention, Senator Jordan (Jon Voight) rails against suspending civil liberties. Of course he is referring to the real-life Patriot Act which is itself an atrocity and grossly dangerous conspiracy against all Americans. The backdrop of today’s media-saturated world of sound bites and news crawls proclaiming more bad news by the minute is the atmosphere that makes the film even more prescient. Later Jordan’s death in a “boating accident” is a dramatic re-enactment of how the murder of former CIA Director Bill Colby could have taken place. Colby allegedly drowned in a canoeing accident.

      The arena of “The Manchurian Candidate” is today’s mega-corporate America (a/k/a the National Security States of America) in the post-Patriot I Act environment. Militarized police stand guard on the streets in an Orwellian nightmare, which quite frankly is right here, right now, USA.

      Americans programmed to believe in the Phony War on Terrorism is the emotional turmoil that is the subtext of the film. The political party’s tagline is “Securing Tomorrow,” as the Homeland Security Scam threatens to devour the population, delivering fear and loathing throughout the heartland of America.

      In the movie and in Real Life, Mainstream Media with its onscreen Faux News babble acts as a mouthpiece for the Regime, while newsreaders promote the press releases and propaganda of the White House -- as if it were actually news.

      In the movie and in Real Life, the so-called “media” are complicit in this criminal conspiracy against America engendered by the Military-Industrial Complex in its insatiable lust for money and power.

      Just as the Illuminati power elite endures life in a fishbowl, they, like Raymond and his mother, are also ruled by the exigencies of the mind control system they inhabit.

      Microchip sub-dermal implants are seen, not as benign ways of have an ID (or ATM) under your skin, but as a means of controlling entire populations.

      ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ is an instant classic, a brilliant thriller, and a powerful depiction of 21st Century American Reality. Even though it shows the dark underbelly of America, shattering the naiveté and gullibility of a population held in its own version of mind control, it will likely be dismissed as “just a movie.” Other films that have explored the All American Geopolitical Conspiracy include Three Days of the Condor, The Parallax View, The Conversation, and Winter Kills.

      As the Mother explains to the son, “The assassin always dies, baby” adding “It’s necessary for the national healing.”

      And that’s the American Way. When you’re living in One Nation Under Fraud, all bets are off, pal…

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