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Checkpoint USA is dedicated to exposing the police state - one checkpoint at a time.


This internal suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint took place on Southern Arizona's SR86 near Mile Post 146 on January 8, 2008.

The location is over 40 miles North of the Southern Border on a highway that never intersects the border...

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I live in the dfw area and went through one of these. I kind of understand why they have them near borders; but why in the middle of a road in the outskirts of Irving, Tx? The sign said "DUI check point"; yeah right, in the middle of the day? If it was to check for dui; why was I asked abot my citizenship? Martial law is coming my friends; this is just a tool for the kwan to use to get us used to harass the public for no reason. That's my 2 cents.
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I believe there is a law

I believe there is a law that says reasonable suspicion or a warrant is not required for search within a certain distance from borders. The problem is that the distance is so much, that you can clearly get into cases where searches violate the spirit of the law. Even so, this is something the ACLU has been fighting.
Andrea M.
Los Angeles DUI lawyer

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