Madrid Suspects Did Not Commit Suicide Says Report

"... Within seconds of the first deadly explosions inside and outside Madrid's Atocha station, you could sense that the culprits to be blamed for this crime would be Osama Bin Laden and the fictional 'al Qaeda', but there was no point in writing about it then. The first three days immediately following the ten synchronized military explosions were pure unashamed George Orwell time, with Christian and Judaic media alike completely immersing the general public in their predictable mind games.

First it was claimed the perpetrators were members of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna [ETA] which means "Basque Homeland and Freedom," and a gratifying roar of spontaneous anger could instantly be heard all over the country. Relatives of the dead and injured badly needed somebody to hate, and the homespun terrorists from the northern Basque region of Spain would suffice in the first instance. This distraction served to focus public attention several hundred miles away from the four primary crime scenes, where closer inspection would surely have generated some very awkward questions for the Spanish authorities.

Then only a few hours later in what appeared to be a chilling and apparently stupid rerun of 9-11, police officers were tipped off by media about a suspicious white van parked near Alcala de Henares railway station, which was then found to contain a handful of detonators, and several Muslim religious tracts on a cassette tape. So the 'al Qaeda' fix was already in, though the media deliberately played it down at this early stage. As we will shortly discover, the western media already knew that the platform surveillance videotapes at Alcala de Henares showed no trace of any "Muslim Terrorists" boarding any of the four bombed trains, but did not wish local police to discover this glaring omission.

After a suitable delay during which the crimes scenes grew cold, and critical evidence was removed, the London-based Arabic newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, suddenly announced that it had received a letter from the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, claiming the bombings for al-Qaeda. This was the signal for global media networks to convert millions of sheeple all around the world, from their existing belief that Catholic Basques were responsible for the atrocity, to the newly-generated fiction that dangerous Muslim 'terrorists' had somehow slipped into Spain under the radar, and blown up four trains. This stunning religious conversion was reinforced when police found a planted unexploded haversack bomb in one of the train wrecks, which contained copper rather than aluminum detonators traditionally used by the Basques. ..."

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