Al-Qaeda are the US govts greatest ally

by Rizvan Anwar

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. I don't think Russia were involved in the JFK assassination, or that Area 51 is home to aliens. I am a rational person, who I like to believe, thinks logically.

So lets look at recent events in a logical way.

On November 20th 2003, London was gearing up for a huge protest against the visit of President Bush. The media had been hyping up the protests, as the largest protests 'ever seen against a head of State'. More people were expected to attend than had ever protested against Saddam, or Mugabe.

However, Bush seemed unnerved. He would smile when asked about the protests and he said it didn't affect him at all. I couldn't understand this. This man was being told he was the most hated man on the planet, and yet he didn't seem to mind. Almost as if he 'knew' something no-one else did.

The news of Michael Jacksons sex scandals were given 2nd rate coverage in light of the protests, which would culminate in a ceremonious 'toppling' of Bush's effigy, to replicate the staged toppling of Saddams in Baghdad.

I was thinking all the while, unless the world should end, there is no way Bush can divert the worlds media attention from this. If anything, there was nothing he could do, to avoid the British public from seeing that his war against terror was a phoney war. I was hoping the worlds media would broadcast the protests and images of the toppling effigy would be beamed throughout the world. Bush's calmness unnerved me.

It just wasn't logical.

On 20th November, I woke up expecting the news to be full of the protests. But it wasn't.

Someone had bombed the British consulate and HQ of the HSBC bank in Istanbul.

At 09:10 GMT the first blast had gone off outside the HSBC HQ, and 2 minutes later, the second bomb went off. At 09:18 GMT, news channels in Britain were stating 'Al-Qaeda has bombed the British consulate'.

I didn't understand. I watched the tv, to see how they had already figured out within 6 minutes that Al-Qaeda had done this. I searched frantically and all I could find were statements being released 'the bombings had all the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda'. I wonder even now, what these 'hallmarks' are.

I was at work, and I joked to a friend, that soon an e-mail would arrive at some Arab newspaper, where Al-Qaeda would accept responsibility. By lunchtime, a Turkish newspaper had received that e-mail. To this day, Al-Qaeda hasn't accepted responsibility for 9-11, 'their crowning achievement'. The faked CIA tape of a fake Bin Ladin, gloating about 9-11, has funnily stopped being shown on tv, since it was ripped to shreds by all who saw it. Al-Qaeda hasn't owned up to any of the terrorist acts that it is blamed of. Not until the perpetrators are in custody, do any admissions come out.

The Bali bombings, the first WTC, the Karachi hotel bombings, the Kandahar hijacking, 9-11.nothing. Al-Qaeda just don't do that. They don't admit they have done anything. Well not until recently, well..not until the US bombed Afghanistan and 'destroyed Al-Qaeda's communications capability'. Not until, Al-Qaeda's network has been dismantled, and the cells under close watch, and all communications between Bin Ladin and his followers, is now being made via messenger boys on donkeys. When Khalid Sheikh was arrested, he even said that Al Qaeda was no longer using e-mails or telephones to keep in touch, as it was too risky, and the CIA had tapped everything.

So I don't understand how these messenger boys send the e-mails on their donkeys.

It just isn't logical.

As the crowds gathered for the beginning of the protests, Bush and Blair gave a televised address to the world. They re-affirmed the war on terror, and cited the Istanbul bombings as an example of the kind of terror they were trying to fight.

Bush seemed to have almost memorised what to say, through days of practice. He condemned the acts and in his now familiar stage voice told the invasion on Iraq, was part of the fight against terrorism. I didn't know Saddam was part of Al-Qaeda until recently. Actually, I don't think Saddam knew he was part of Al Qaeda until recently.

The news networks all over the world were showing the picturing of bloodied faces, and the carnage in Istanbul. There was a small side mention of the 150,000 protestors who had marched through London, and toppled the effigy of Bush. But nothing more.

I sat there and watched Bush's interview again. The smile, the confidence. It was just perfect.

If ever there was a time that the US and UK needed an attack to occur against BRITISH interests, it was about 09:10 GMT on 20 November 2003.

Many commentators have said that the 9-11 attacks happened at the right time for the US. And I think it is even more clear today that the Istanbul attacks have happened at just the right time for Bush and Blair.

Either Al-Qaeda doesn't know what it is doing, or this wasn't Al Qaeda. Al-Qaeda want the world to see the evil that Bush and Blair are doing. And the protests would have done that. There was no need to bomb Istanbul. The only, and reiterate ONLY people to benefit from the bombings are Bush and Blair. It diverted attention from the protests, to the 'terrorists'.

I wish I had terrorists like that on my side. The kind that bomb the UN in Baghdad, the day after the UN say that US forces should leave Iraq. The kind that bomb a Bali nightclub, the week 250,000 Australians took to the streets to protest the war. The kind that bomb a Riyadh compound full of Arabs, when Saudi Arabian citizens are beginning to become increasingly vociferous in their condemnation of the Iraq invasion and occupation.

Since 9-11, and some say including 9-11, Al Qaeda has practically done everything the US govt would ask its CIA to do. They have killed muslims. They have killed their European supporters. They have timed each bombing to maximise the amount of criticism they will receive and minimise the support for their actions. Is that the actions of the 'biggest threat to mankind, freedom and democracy' ? Logic tells me, that it isn't Al-Qaeda at all.

Now tell me, what does logic tell you ?

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