Al-Qaida does not exist (?)


  • Syrias president questions the existence of al-Qaida:

    May 26, 2003

    «Syria Denies Existence of Al Qaeda»

    «KUWAIT CITY (Talon News) -- Syrian President Bashar Assad revealed in a newspaper interview on Sunday that he does not believe there is a terrorist group called al Qaeda, the organization widely believed to be the perpetrators of the hijackings on September 11, 2001 as well as the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco.»

    «"Is there really an entity called al Qaeda? It was in Afghanistan, but is it there anymore?" Assad asked.»

    «Assad speculated about the existence of al Qaeda and its notorious leader Usama bin Laden in a Kuwaiti newspaper called Al-Anba. »

    «Nevertheless, questioning the existence of the al Qaeda terrorist network is very popular in Arab countries. Many people in these countries believe that the United States has hyperbolized the danger of al Qaeda as a means for portraying Muslims as violent and dangerous.»

  • Indonesian Bashir believes USA has invented al-Qaida:
    «Bashir on Friday accused the United States of inventing both al-Qaida and Jemaah Islamiyah to portray Muslims as terrorists.»
    «Bashir selv skylder på CIA og USA for å stå bak angrepet mot Bali. Han benekter også at gruppene Jemaah Islamiyah og al-Qaida eksisterer. »


  • Al-qaida did not exist in Afghanistan
    Friday, 28 March, 2003

    «According to Dadullah, al-Qaeda did not exist in Afghanistan and he said he did not know the fate or whereabouts of Osama bin-Laden. »

  • MOSSAD was caught pretending to be "Al-Qaeda" in Palestine.

    Anytime you hear the corporate news media mention "Al-Qaeda" it is just like in Orwell's "1984" when the telescreens would have their "Two Minutes Hate" and the sheeple would be programmed to be afraid of "Emmanuel Goldstein." A manufactured fake enemy, designed by the warmongering fanatics, to raise public fear and support for more wars to the necessary pitch.

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