How the Madrid Attack is connected to Al-Qaeda, Bush, and the Pentagon Israeli Lobby

As there is ample proof that Al Queida had nothing to do with 911, and the authorities conveniently found a hire-car with Korans in it after 911 as "proof" of their involvement (that Al Queida has always denied), it looks like Madrid is another inside job by the NWO elite, using the same technique.
Joseph Mary Aznar wants to blame ETA and the rest want to blame Al Queida, so perhaps there's a rift between Aznar and Shrub/B-liar.

How the Madrid Attack is connected to Al-Qaeda, Bush, and the Pentagon Israeli Lobby Date: Mon, Mar 15, 2004, 7:00 pm

To All, We hope this finds you well and in good spirit. More confirmation that the CIA/Al-Qaeda arm of the Military Industrial Complex, currently headed up by the Bush Hawks, carried out the Madrid bombing to further the globalists NWOrder agenda. The only Solution to stop the "true terrorists" can be founds at .

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From 9-11 to 3-11 -

How the Madrid Attack is connected to Al-Qaeda, Bush, and the Pentagon Israeli Lobby The strategic interests behind the 'debut appearance of Al-Qaeda' in Europe

IAR Noticias, Argentina

Translated by Mario Andrade

The recent bloody attack in Madrid is scripted right out of a global strategy of international terrorism, whose objectives and main goals originate outside the borders of Spain. In fact, the objectives come directly from the White House, particularly from the group of strategists and consultants working for Bush, known as the Pentagon Israeli lobby. 

The many different interpretations of the so-called experts in international terrorism that circulated yesterday over the international press suggested that Al-Qaeda was involved in the Madrid massacre, and in general they discarded the hypothesis that ETA had any involvement.

Those ‘specialists’, all very educated westerners, with very good résumés and degrees from many different imperial universities, spent the entire time providing their ‘analysis’ drawing comparisons on the methodology, the logistics, and the habitual operative strategies of the so-called “Al-Qaeda Terror Network”, to which –oddly enough- its existence and real objectives are never analyzed publicly and openly. 

Nevertheless, none the experts –even taking into consideration historical and statistical data, or sequential developments- mentioned the fact that during each terrorist attack attributed to Al-Qaeda, and during the aftermath of the attacks, the U.S. government and particularly the Bush administration in the end, are always the main political beneficiaries. 

The objective of the attack of Madrid was not solely guided to produce a sociopolitical state of shock in Spain, in the eve of the presidential elections. Fundamentally, it had as a purpose the creation or the ‘debut appearance’ of international terrorism in one of the main European capitals... particularly in those that lead the opposition against the military occupation of Iraq, and are capable of influencing public opinion in the 2004 election in the U.S., regardless of whether they are for Bush or for the Democrats. 

In other words, the strategic objectives of the massacre in Madrid, beyond the internal political conditions in Spain, had more to do with the global political and militarist strategy of George W. Bush and his hawks, and their necessity to win the upcoming election in order to continue their control of the White House. 

For those who still know how to add and subtract, and for those that are experts in analyzing the modus operandi and the political objectives that drive the terrorist operations of Al-Qaeda, it is not any mystery that the terrorist arm of the CIA is responsible for training and driving Islamic terrorism.  

Far from being accurate, and failing to mention THE REAL beneficiaries of the attack in Madrid, pundits began propagating subjectivist and conspiratorial conclusions, diffused all over the press, blaming Aznar’s government as the great electoral beneficiary of the massacre. And who can forget the international press bleeding-heart analysts -who are completely ignorant of how the strategic underworld of the intelligence services operates- being dispatched all over the world with their classic condemnations against the murderous terrorism of the ETA or Al-Qaeda, of which they haven’t the smallest idea about the real political and international interests that these ‘terrorist groups’ have connections with.

The television networks, on the other hand, were in charge of showing cadavers, dismembered human bodies from every angle, and terrified faces on television, in a merry-go-round of fear diffused all over the world. In this same manner, the international press, in what appeared to be a form of schizophrenic compulsion, repeated the comparisons between the attack of Madrid with the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers, as if Spain was part of the USA, and as if Aznar was planning a war against his political opponents, in the same way that Bush carried out the invasion and war against Iraq and Afghanistan, right after the destruction of the world’s biggest commercial symbol.  

When there is no clear strategic reference points as for who was behind it, or what was the reason for the terrorist attack in Madrid, as well as the real sociopolitical objectives that originated it, the attention gets focused away from the ones who are really behind it.

Contrary to what happened to the Twin Towers, the attack of Madrid was not directed to any symbolic Spanish building or monument, but was rather carried out at a largely crowded popular area, as it is the case with the train stations just outside the business district in Madrid.  The attack was clearly aimed and orchestrated to create a massacre of ordinary people that were just minding their own business and going to work. The purpose was to send a message that ‘no one is safe from being a victim of the evil terrorists.’  

IAR Noticias was among very few news sources in the world that warned that Bush and the Pentagon hawks are relying on a perpetual “war on terror” in order to secure the 2004 reelection, using the CIA-controlled organization known as Al-Qaeda, as they clearly did on 9-11. 

Bush and the Israeli lobby, as well as other partners like Tony Blair and the British Pentagon, need to create a perpetual ‘war on terror’ with three key purposes:

1 - to ensure they sway public opinion in order to reelect Bush, “the war president.”   

2 - to obtain more military-industrial complex funding in order to control Iraq, and later invade Syria, which is a key strategic and logistical area of operation for the “Arab Resistance.”  

3- to annihilate the opposition of some European countries -mainly France – and any other country that stands against the occupation of Iraq and the Bush foreign policy. 

It is the third point that suggests that there is a connection between the terrorist attack in Madrid and the objectives of the Bush administration, the Pentagon Hawks and the Israeli lobby.  

The ‘introduction of Al-Qaeda in Europe’, by means of a real bloody attack, is directed to show the western society that the “terrorism exists” and it affects everybody equally, and that the only one with the military and logistic capacity to fight it is the USA with Bush in charge. 

As it happened after 9-11 in America, the Bush administration seeks to generate consent and international alliances against ‘terrorism’ that would facilitate that Bush remains in the White House beyond November. As a result, they can execute the two strategic objectives in mind: the military attack against Syria and the seizure of the Iranian oil reserve. 

The attacks that were typically carried out by Al-Qaeda in the Middle East and in the Muslim world, until now, have been mainly aimed to divide to the Islamic organizations that oppose the U.S.-led military occupations throughout the world. In Iraq and the Middle East, the attacks on Shiite Mosques, Arab embassies and headquarters of Kurdish political parties, were mainly aimed to divide the Iraqi resistance, and to foment a climate of civil war that weakens any national resistance against the American-led military occupation. 

The ‘introduction and debut appearance of Al-Qaeda in Europe’ by means of the attack in Madrid, however, doesn't have as a purpose to foment a geopolitical division, like in the Muslim world, but rather to create a collective state of panic and insecurity that would extend as a branch to America in a form of electoral interests for Bush. 

This terrorist attack in Madrid, carried out by the terrorist arm of the CIA, is a good trial balloon for future operations. Pending its political, social and international results, attacks like this could possibly extend to other European cities, particularly London and Paris, and they may even take place in the USA... again. 

It is necessary to pay close attention to the Bin Laden appearances and the Al-Qaeda ‘press release statements’ mentioned in the CIA-complicit Arab newspapers and television. href="">Original link

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