Satanic Pictures

Israel Shamir – February 12, 2006

The West was not amused by burning embassies in Beirut and elsewhere. “Them there Muslims do not understand our sense of humour; they do not understand our idea of liberty”. - droned the newspapers. Others condemned the tactless escapade of the Danes but thought the reaction was quite out of proportion. However the flare up was anything but incidental.

A resourceful American journalist Christopher Bollyn investigated the Danish Satanic Pictures and their procurer, one Flemming Rose, and found out that Rose was not an innocent lover of freedom of speech, neither was he some quaint Scandinavian collector of smut pictures with religious connotations who kept his presentations of the Muslim prophet next to that of a Nun-with-the-Great Dane. Rose was a devotee of the Zionist Neo-Con cult, and made a pilgrimage to the pope of this persuasion -- Daniel Pipes, wrote Bollyn.

So far, so good. But the execrable Rose peddled his stuff four months ago, and that's a long time, as the media counts. The Muslims did not even notice his effort, as possibly not many of them read the Jylland Pest. Like a naughty child who multiplies his effort when his well-prepared jibe fails to annoy, eleven newspapers in seven countries republished the pictures simultaneously. It was a show of hands: behind various newspapers in various countries, beyond companies and corporations, we were allowed to see the Enemy, the Not-So-Hidden Hand, the player on the international scene across all borders.

Who is the Enemy? Christendom was called the culprit by many other observers. But to be sure, the same people who offended Muslims do not think twice before offending believing Christians – it is enough to recall the Cross changing into a Swastika on the posters of Amen, the movie, or the crucifix in a glass of piss (an illustration to the Talmud?) in a New York Museum. Thus we have to exonerate Christians and look elsewhere.

The Israeli daily Haaretz made its first objective clear: the Muslim press shows Sharon and rabbis in a disrespectful light, let them try their own medicine. This amounts to an admission that the Jews and their Mammonite allies are behind the publication. The Iranians did not allow the Enemy to sow discord between the Muslims and the Christians, but turned instead to anti-Jewish holocaust jokes. Equally tasteless, it was a reasonable tit-for-tat.

Indeed, Judeo-Mammonite control of the Western mass media is impressive. It only begins with the Middle East: I encountered it when my book Galilee Flowers that called for the dismantling of the Jewish state by peaceful means of universal suffrage, was incinerated by the decision of a court of Paris, and no freedom-loving newspaper in the whole of Europe would say a word in its defence.

Jewish control continues with the holocaust taboo enforcement. We saw it when the mind-police kidnapped Ernst Zundel from his home in the US, locked him up for two years in Canadian jail and shipped him to the German gaol, while the mainstream media kept mum. We noticed it when a British historian, respectable David Irving, was snatched and dropped into an Austrian casemate, and no newspaper in the whole of Europe dared to call for his release. The only major treatment of Irving affair in Britain was that by Judaeophilic Malte Herwig in The Observer. He pours scorn on the captive prisoner like Feuchtwanger on Bukharin in the worst tradition of 1937’ trials: “The discredited right-wing historian David Irving … arrogance is at the heart of Irving's desire for outrage - or something more sinister?”

As opposed to its ‘deniers’ or ‘revisionists’, I never thought of the Holocaust narrative is the basis of Jewish power. It is, in my view, just an indicator of that power, nothing more, neither less. And that power is great. Jewish media control has infiltrated the Western nerve system. While the Jyllands Posten of Flemming Rose is semi-fascist and neo-con, its sister newspaper, belonging to the same owner, <>Politiken<>, is liberal and humanist, and also run by a Jew who became an Israeli citizen. Thus, a left- or a right-wing Dane will be fed by the same spoon.

But the Jewish control does not stop at the Middle East, or at the Jews, and for a good reason. A tank can be used as a nut-cracker, but it has more functions than that. The unified and perfected Jewish media machine can be utilised for much more important tasks than fighting off holocaust jokes. Its main goal is to bring us to the Brave New World, to the new spiritless totalitarianism, while smaller tasks are incidental to the great one.

Last month there were a few important but apparently unconnected developments. The British PM Tony Blair, made a step towards total control over his population. England introduced a new computer system that collects and stores data of car traffic. Connected to ubiquitous video cameras, it allows the Big Brother to trace your movements from your work to your girlfriend and to your home. It passed without a hitch. Then it tried to pass the Internet Terror Bill, that would have given police the power to shut down websites which “promote terrorism”. The House of Lords blocked it. Last month the Lords threw out plans for a new offence of “glorifying” acts of terrorism. The Government was also defeated when peers voted to redraft ministers' version of the offence of “intentionally” or “recklessly” disseminating a “terrorist publication”. And the best of all, the indomitable Lords blocked the bill against “religious hatred” which was supposed to close the only loophole for criticising Jews.

After that, the Adversary splashed the Satanic Pictures. The predictable and predicted reaction of the offended Muslims will force the parliaments to accept the new set of ‘anti-hate’ laws. The Jews, the preferred mascot of the Mammonites, will feel better protected, but more important, freedom of speech will be gone.

This great freedom was the advantage of the West over the Soviet East, for one of the less savoury features of the Soviet regime was its infamous Article 58 of the Criminal Code “Anti-Soviet propaganda”. In the early Stalin’s days, one has to express sympathy with the enemies of the Republic to be sentenced; in his heyday, a joke would suffice; in Brezhnev’s era it was used to ensure conformity in the society. Even in the very end of the Soviet days, the Damocles’ sword of Article 58 influenced all discussion and eventually allowed Gorbachev to carry out his transformation of Russia without a debate. He eliminated the social achievements of the Soviet era, surrendered Russian industry and oil to a few Jewish crooks, gave the keys of the Russian might to the CIA and broke up the country into feuding successor states. The only positive feature of Gorbachev-Yeltsin transformation was the removal of Article 58. Now it is creeping back.

Some time ago booby-trapped anti-Jewish billboards appeared in Moscow. When a passer-by tried to remove it, the explosive device went off. The government rushed an ‘anti-hate’ bill through the parliament, and lo! No more anti-Jewish billboards came to be. A month ago, there was an extremely fishy incident in a Moscow synagogue, and a new reinforced ‘anti-extremism’ bill was introduced into the Russian parliament.

Thus, under the cover of fighting extremism, terrorism and hatred, the remainder of freedom on our planet shrinks from day to day. Eugene Rostow, “a Kennedy’s Huntington”, predicted in 1960s that the two systems, Communism and Capitalism would eventually converge, and bring forth the best features of both systems. Now the Convergence has actually taken place. Once, the Red East was socially secure, but at the expense of personal freedom, while the West was free at the expense of equality and social guarantees. Now they have converged: the Russians have lost their free schools and health and have received the freedom to sleep under the bridge, while the West now has its own Gulag and its own political dissidents. East and West reinstalled Article 58 under the guise of anti-hate, anti-terrorism, anti-extremism laws.

The grand plan of world domination is unveiling. On its first stage, the power of old elites and of the church was broken. The enemy used democracy and liberty as his weapons against the old order, and we, the Left and the Liberals, enjoyed his support. The adverse vote in the House of Lords (albeit reshuffled and remoulded) proves that the old system with all its faults had some positive qualities. But that stage is over. Now the enemy is fighting against democracy and liberty, employing fear and (anti-)racism.

The enemy has the advantage of interaction on the global scale. Following a defeat in England they can attack in France and provoke in Gaza. They can cause grief and feign horror at your response. But we have to win unless we want our children to live in the world of slaves and masters. You do not have to care about Muslim sensibilities or Jewish prejudices – it is your freedom at stake. We have to think globally because our enemy acts globally. We must defeat fear and discord, the main tools of the enemy.

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