PowerBrokers Lurking Behind the 911 Smokescreen

How could there be a conspiracy of silence in regard to the 9-11 terrorist attacks?" some people may say. "Look at the news every day. There are endless reports about what President Bush did or didn't know. The mainstream media is really on this story. There's no denying it! They'll get to the bottom of it."

On the surface, most people would be satisfied with this analysis. The 9-11 foreknowledge story is on the cover of Newsweek, while the Washington Post, Rush Limbaugh, and the CBS Evening News give updates every day. Plus, the media is supposedly sniffing out new clues from every angle - ignored FBI reports, terrorist visas, flight schools, who knew what in the Bush cabinet, and the lack of shared knowledge between the various intelligence agencies. The Sunday morning pundits argue endlessly about it, Dick Cheney makes his rounds, while Congressmen grandstand and rattle off sound-bytes. With all this information coming our way, the mainstream media MUST be giving us the whole story, right?

I hate to break it to you, but if you rely solely on all of the above sources for your information, no, you're not getting the whole story. Why? Well, the answer lies in the SCOPE of what is being presented to you. Stated differently, the media is continuing a long-standing practice of conditioning the masses by only giving them half-truths, and half the picture. More specifically, via the use of "psychic driving" (a certain message being repeated over and over again), they constantly refer to George Bush (or any other President) as the head of the decision-making process in this country, with no one above or beyond them. But nothing could be further from the truth. Here's why. I hear plenty of well-intentioned people talking about what's wrong with America, and some even provide ways to make things better. But before we do anything, one fundamental change must be made. It's imperative that the very way we view the world's control system must be altered. Let me clarify. If the vast majority of Americans don't break free of the multi-faceted conditioning that begins as soon as we make contact with the external world (school, news, prevailing myths, etc.), then NOTHING will ever improve. Nothing!

As our situation stands now, the majority of us have believed from an early age that the President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief, and with him lies the ultimate authority in regard to our country's direction. This notion is continually reinforced by our public education (indoctrination) system, the media, and a type of cultural mythology. But if anyone has read my previous Babel articles, they know that there are hidden powers - specifically international bankers, heads of multinational corporations, secret societies, and elite families - that actually call all the shots. By controlling the world's purse-strings through the Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, and socialistic taxation, these veiled figures lurk out of public view, yet determine virtually every vital decision made in our world. This concept is the key to understanding not only our political system, but also the first step necessary to change our destiny. As things stand now in relation to the 9-11 terrorist attacks, EVERY major media source has reinforced the lie that George Bush is at the top of the American decision-making pyramid.

But before we continue, let's examine what happened on 9-11, and what we know for sure. First, the World Trade Center Towers in New York City were destroyed, while the Pentagon was also severely damaged in a similar fashion. Secondly, the airliners that caused this destruction were hijacked, although we can't be certain by whom, as FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted in a speech to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on April 19, 2002: "In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper - either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere - that mentioned any suspect of the September 11 plot." Lastly, there is a preponderance of evidence pointing out that numerous individuals knew exactly when, how, and where these attacks were going to take place.

With the above information laying a foundation, we next have to make a few well-conceived assumptions. First of all, America spends billions upon billions of dollars on our intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.), and it's not stepping out too far on a ledge to say that considering the advanced nature of our computer systems, black budget technology, tracking devices, and infiltration of foreign governments, that we have a pretty good idea of what's going on in the world. The second assumption which is well-founded in documented fact is that certain groups on this planet have an immense hatred of America. Let's assume one of those is the Osama bin Laden/Al Queda/Taliban connection.

Now, without delving into the mountains of evidence that has been compiled since 9-11 suggesting that scores of people in a variety of different of walks of life had foreknowledge of these attacks, and considering how our Intelligence agencies pride themselves on being aware of this data, then we need to start drawing some conclusions. First, the men who rule this planet are able to protect their positions of power for one very important reason - they have an obsessive hunger or demand for knowledge and information. In other words, when one studies the world control pyramid, they'll notice that directly below the ultimate Controllers are the intelligence agencies. Secret, beyond the law, and largely unaccountable to Congress or anyone else - these agencies are an integral part of the very framework that allows the Controllers to survive. Let's not fool ourselves. To perpetuate themselves, the ultra-elite are heavily dependant upon their spies and spooks to keep them abreast of what's going on in this very complicated world. Without them, their house of cards would crumble.

Anyway, considering how vital information-gathering is, and in light of the volumes of evidence that a variety of people had at least an inkling of foreknowledge that an attack was going to occur on September 11th (and that's just what we know - I assure you that the NSA & CIA know MUCH more than we do), then I propose this question: why is the media and Congress so fixated on whether George Bush knew about the attacks beforehand?

The answers may surprise you. First of all, considering how divisive the 2000 Presidential election was, there are still huge chasms in the American populace between the Bush lovers and Bush haters. Thus, if the media can further exploit this rift, then the Controllers can yet again use their favorite tactic: Divide and Conquer. By keeping everyone fighting among themselves, we won't focus our attention on who the real enemy is - THEM! *Can't you see? It's the oldest trick in the book. By directing our attention away from the source of this conflict, we'll never get to the bottom of it. The Controllers are masters of this Wizard of Oz type misdirection ("There's nobody behind the curtain!"); they'd rather we worry about symptoms, but not the real CAUSE!

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and Learn how to see "THEM"

But there's more to the story. Every entity that I mentioned in the first paragraph - network news, influential daily papers, Congress, national magazines, and syndicated talk show hosts - refuse to recognize or acknowledge that the *hidden power-elite Controllers even exist. To them - and this point is crucial - the American President, currently George Bush - is at the head of the decision-making process. The buck stops with him, and that's it! But as we know, especially after reading "Who Controls the American Presidency?" in Babel # 47, nothing could be more ludicrous. In fact, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, etc. were, and are, nothing more than IMPLEMENTERS - i. e. decisions are made FOR them, then they implement them. The same can be said for Congress, but to an even greater degree. This is the reality of our worldwide political control system.


So, when I ask, "What does it really matter if George Bush had foreknowledge of the 9-11 terrorist attacks (except for ethical reasons, of course (but then again, by the time anyone has "risen" to that level, ethics have almost entirely been thrown away anyway)), can you see where I'm coming from?" Let's cut through all the rhetoric and lay it on the line. George Bush and Bill Clinton and Tom Daschle don't make decisions. They carry them out for others who prefer to remain hidden.

Thus, the important question we should be directing our attention toward is this - considering the wealth of evidence - who DID have foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks? I'll answer this question by asking a few more questions:

1) Who was in a better position than anybody to gain access to not only United States Intelligence, but also intelligence information from around the world, especially the Mossad? Answer: *the Controllers.

* http://jahtruth.net//node/view/255

2) Who had the resources to obtain this information via surveillance, Carnivore (e-mail spying), wiretaps, undercover spies, and a wealth of other cloak and dagger techniques? Answer: the Controllers.

3) Who, more than anyone else, could have known about a sect of America-haters that wanted to enact a form of revenge on us? Answer: the Controllers.

4) Who needed a dramatic excuse (similar to sinking the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, or the Gulf of Tonkin) as an excuse to draw America into another war so that they could extract oil and resume opium exportation in Afghanistan, punish those who don't fall into line with their New World Order goals, and set into action a Big Brother like dismissal of our civil rights? Answer: the Controllers.

5) Finally, who NEEDED to know this information more than anyone else, and who benefited from it more than anyone else? Answer: The victims? No, they're all dead. The American people? No. The United States of America? No - war is going to plunge us so much further into debt that we'll never crawl back out. The country of Afghanistan? No. The terrorists themselves? No - they're all dead. How about the Controllers? Yes!

Yes, somebody knew, but all the while, what is everybody obsessing over? Whether George Bush knew! Well, maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. But to me, if for nothing other than ethical reasons, it doesn't really impact our situation because he's not calling the shots. Bush, similar to his predecessors, is a *figurehead - furniture - window-dressing. I want to know the names of those people who REALLY make the decisions and intentionally allowed this disaster to occur. Then we'll round 'em all up, toss them into the seven-story pit where the World Trade Center Towers used to stand, then douse them with gasoline and burn 'em worse than any fires of hell could do. Is this solution too extreme for you? **Well then, read the literature documenting this event. There is no longer any question that powerful people had foreknowledge of the terrorist attacks. Look at the stock market irregularities, the Fortune 500 CEO's being whisked away before tragedy struck, or the military and political figures being told not to board planes that fateful morning.

* http://jahtruth.net/democra.htm
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The Controllers allowed a group of dirtballs to hijack our airliners and crash them into the WTC, killing over 2,800 people. Can't you see what happened? They fucking INVADED America; traumatized us horribly, and to top it off, they're getting away with it by having their State-run media piss around with whether George Bush knew or not. But the picture is so much bigger and serious. We're setting the stage for *World War III, and the 9-11 CRIME was step one. But Dan Rather continues to snow us, as does the New York Times and Newsweek. Here's the way the news should be reported:

* http://jahtruth.net/ww3-2.htm

Dan Rather: Today the Rothschild banking family decided that steps will be taken to implement a U. N. sanctioned World Tax. Here's John Roberts with the details.

John Roberts: That's right, Dan. Upon orders from N. M. Rothschild in London, David Rockefeller telephoned President Bush and let him know that at some point next year, he'll agree to start a smokescreen in unison with Congress to vote in favor of the U. N.'s World Tax.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger also entered the picture, with Kissinger writing your script for you, Dan, while Brzezinski briefed Bush on everything he would tell the American people at his next State of the Union Address. Back to you, Dan.

Dan Rather: In other news, Frankfurt's Warburg financial family sent an edict to American's Alan Greenspan, director of the privately-owned monopolistic Federal Reserve CORPORATION, telling him to raise the prime lending rate, thus creating billions of dollars in profits for all the leading stockholders.

But no, we still keep getting the same old tried-and-true psychic driving conditioning. And I'm telling you, folks; some heavy shit is coming down, and what are we doing? The Controllers, those with no ties or allegiance to any nation, are getting ready to start having people killed again on a large scale in their next WAR. It's death-time in the theater of destruction, and the same pricks that allowed the WTC to be destroyed are the same ones calling the shots to send our boys into battle. American lives and American blood are going to be sacrificed at the altar of the greedy, evil, globalist money interests. Every major war and revolution of the 20th century did not originate from the people. No, they were planned, orchestrated, financed, and dictated from the very top of the Control Pyramid. So, as Black Sabbath sang many years ago, "Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses," the evil-doers are plotting to eliminate more American lives (among many others). I've written letters expressing my feelings on this weekend's Bilderberg meeting to the National Editor of Knight-Ridder's Washington bureau, to nationally syndicated talk show host Mike Gallagher, and to the Executive Editor of our local newspaper. But in all honesty, it's not enough. Considering how tens of thousands of people (or many more) will be slaughtered in our next war-bloodbath, why aren't we out in the streets with torches demanding some truth and answers and accountability? What's it going to take to propel us into action? Why don't we force the fucking Controllers to flee from their shadows and come into plain view for a change? Rather than letting them call the shots like rats under the cloak of darkness, let's shine a light on them and expose their motives. Then we'll actually see what's going on instead of this ludicrous media game that they keep using on us.

Folks, before we can change our circumstances, we need to change the way we view the world. Our lifetime of conditioning needs to be erased; then replaced with a world-view that is more accurate. We can no longer tolerate being fed buckets-full of media deceit. Instead, we need to make everyone aware of who really calls the shots; then run those evil, bloodthirsty bastards out of their elitist towers of control. If we don't, then get ready because the blood is going to start flowing in rivers across the land. India - Pakistan - Iraq - Iran - Palestine - Israel - Afghanistan - Turkey --- and the United States. Do we have the guts to stand up to these greedy monsters, or are we going to allow them to roll over us and kill our sons? We better act now before it's too late (and God forbid if that time arrives).


Against the public's carefully-cultivated widespread ignorance and apathy, what can those with keen perception, those few sufficiently aware of SOME of the more evident high crimes and atrocities being committed by this country's 'leadership' and their special-interest big-business partners-in-crime, proxy-agents and cronies, and behind THEM the Globalist Controllers who manage all the world's players and direct the world's conflicts to create opportunities for consolidating even greater control of wealth and power into 'righter and tighter hands', what can we DO to resist and protest the violence and corruption being committed in our name, for the sake of 'defending freedom'? What can we do, those of us who realize we are essentially powerless to deflect the globalist juggernaut of tyranny hurling pall-mall, wreaking destruction and spreading terror in its wake, driven by the arrogant Masters of the Universe who direct the National Ships of State, who will use every weapon, every lie and every threat to consolidate their grasp and increase the control of wealth and power apportioned among themselves and their cronies?

What CAN we 'do'?

Well, we can *'try' to discover the truth, to guard against being coerced or coopted, we can try to spread the word and keep our faith in the principles and the spirit we believe in, we can try to spread the light and love and to respect all life, while we try to keep the hope for universal peace and justice alive;

* There is no try. Do, discover the Truth

The struggle today is to remain decent in a world sullied by avarice and selishness and greed; Be strong, and stay close to your center; skye

"In order for a world-around democracy to prosper, world society must learn how to prosper." Buckminster Fuller


"If the overall pie can grow, so be it, but when it can't then elites start taking a bigger piece of whatever pie there is. The capitalist imperative is: 'Ruling elites must prosper'. Societies are managed so as to satisfy this imperative."

Richard K. Moore Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance

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