The Controller's Ultimate Motives

Unless those days are shortened.

King of kings' Bible - Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great oppression, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

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The Controller's Ultimate Motives

by Victor Thorn

Here´s where we get into the nitty-gritty of the Controller´s ultimate motives. The elite very desperately need to create a work-force of unquestioning slaves to let them survive the coming cataclysm. Whether it be the arrival of a rogue planet or comet, worldwide viruses, full-scale nuclear war, or global warming to the point of burning us out, the Controllers (via access to cache´s of hidden knowledge) are fully aware that our days on this planet in our CURRENT FORM are numbered. Why do you think they´ve already built scores of underground bunkers all around the country (and world), and are rapidly constructing new one in places like Indiana? Is it because of a band of rag-tag terrorists from Afghanistan? Hardly. The Controllers know that when disaster strikes, the majority of us won´t survive. It´s happened before to the Mayans, Incas, and on Atlantis, so don´t write this scenario off as inconceivable. If it weren´t a direct possibility, why would the Controllers be building and updating their bunkers with such fervor? Hell, George Bush even ADMITTED to their SHADOW GOVERNMENT preparations in underground bases. Regrettably, once they´re inside of them and the doors are locked, guess who won´t have a set of keys to get in. Yup, you and me!

Right now, plenty of people are getting themselves in an uproar about mind control, but those are only short-term worries. Sure, secret service agencies in a number of countries have experimented with mind control (and continue to do so), but when the final conspiracy plays out, there won´t be any minds left to control, or humans as we even know them! By mapping our genome/DNA to know what makes us tick, and also developing technology of mind-blowing proportions, a Brave New World is on the horizon; but it´s not one that would appeal to us in any way, shape, or form.

This is scary shit, folks. Those of us in our 30´s and early 40´s probably won´t see it fully, but our kids and their kids (whatever that means) will. Think about a future where sexless machines -yes, sexless -why would the Controllers want us to be distracted with something as gratifying and mundane as sexual thought? Heck, think about how much time humans "squander"on being horny. The Controllers can´t have that, especially when we won´t even need sexual organs to replicate ourselves. We´ll be Machine People, and enjoyment, relaxation, or fornication aren´t elements of the equation.

Someone may protest, "I´ll think about sex if I want to," but in all honesty, you might not have a chance to. What do I mean? Well, picture it as follows. In the future, we´re all Artificial Intelligence creations with robotic-machine bodies and computer software minds. The Controllers, of course, at the helm of all this technology, will determine which entities get which software. How do they decide? Well, the answer probably lies in our current status. Ask yourself, if a cataclysmic world event occurred tomorrow, would the Controllers send you an invitation to scurry to their underground bunker to survive? If the answer is NO, then it´s a safe bet they won´t receive anything other than standard Artificial Intelligence slave software. And what does this entail? First of all, you´ll have a limited amount of accessible "memory." A perfect metaphor would be modern-day home computers. If they have three gigabytes of memory and become full, nothing else will fit. The same reasoning applies to our future AI-software brains. The Controllers won´t want you to become distracted with thoughts revolving around sex, rebellion, creation, or errant daydreaming. Instead, you´ll be a worker, similar to drone bees in a hive. Thus, you´ll be programmed to attend work each day, where you´ll be plugged into or accessed by a Central Control Computer, or C3. At work, then, the C3 will ìscanî you and make sure that only what´s supposed to be on your software is there - y´know, concepts like work, work, and more work. And since you only have a limited amount of accessible memory, nothing else will fit onto your software.

Even more advanced, author Richard Dolan tells us about a procedure known as "Mindscan" where an entity probes the person´s mind telepathically and "sees" their innermost thoughts. This might be interpreted as tremendous psychic power possessed by the entity; but such a thing could easily be done by implants within the alien beings brain. Not quite convinced? Well, check this out. Right now, chimpanzees can navigate a computer cursor across a monitor by simply using their mind (after, of course, their brain had been implanted with a microchip)!

This madness is occurring RIGHT NOW, and is barreling forward with frightening speed each day. What if a maniacal regime like the Chinese - those with absolutely NO respect for human rights or freedom - leaps to the forefront of this movement and gets the Controllers´ financial backing? What type of future will await us? I know the answer - one that is as unrewarding and UN-HUMAN as anyone can imagine.

The Controllers, on the other hand, will be one of the few to benefit from this societal and technological transformation (considering their "elite" status). How so? Well, if you hearken back to my previous essay ("Artificial Intelligence: The Final Conspiracy") where I mentioned immortality, you´ll discover the end-result of the entire scenario. While all the rest of us will be robotic machine-slaves with limited software faculties, the Controllers will capitalize on every technological breakthrough available to them. If you think there´s a huge chasm between ìthe havesî and the "have nots"in the world right now, you aint´ seen nothing yet! While the masses will be programmed to complete certain tasks, and that´s it, the Controllers will tap into virtually infinite amounts of information. (And remember, information is power IF IT IS ACTED UPON!)

But even better for them is the reality of finally becoming immortal. Y´see, right now every human being is ultimately reduced to one commonality - a physical body which subsequently results in mortal death. But Artificial Intelligence will eliminate the curse of physical death, thus opening the door to an IMMORTAL MIND. Can you see it? If all the information from our minds can be downloaded onto a computer program, then installed into an AI "body", this mind can then virtually live forever. Sure, the physical parts may wear out, but parts of the"container"can be replaced. But the thoughts possessed within it will continue on indefinitely, thus making that person immortal. Of course the Controllers won´t bestow this privilege on everyone - why should they share their immortality? Do they currently share their wealth, mansions, fancy cars, vacation spots, and knowledge with the rest of us "less fortunate" people? Hell no. Why should they give us never-ending life if they don´t have to, especially if it would somehow threaten their power?

Folks, I´m going to let you in on a little secret. Do you know what the Controllers are promoting at this moment in time on our planet? The answer: Death. Yup, the Controllers are behind the management of a death-culture that will eventually lay the foundation for our "advancement" to the AI level. What do I mean by a "death culture?" Well, look at our global society for a moment. The man-made AIDS virus is ravaging a variety of locales in our world. 2/3rds of Africa is 35-50% infected with the virus, while it is hitting epidemic proportions in Asia too. Nearly 100,000 people die from starvation EVERY DAY on this planet even though we have the resources, technology, and money to feed every one of them.

Then there´s the subject of war. Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel & the Palestinians, India & Pakistan, plus a rash of other localized "skirmishes"across the globe. If you analyzed this situation, where do you think most of our wars are taking place - in the wealthy, affluent countries? Hell no. The wars are being waged in the poor areas. Now, you´d think these downtrodden people could be better served with food, clothes, and medicine, don´t you? But what are the Controllers forwarding to them? Weapons to kill each other! Can´t you see; it´s a death culture. And, as much as I love this country, guess who´s by-and-far leading the way in this sordid endeavor of feeding the War Machine - the U. S. A. In fact, during the year 2000, the United States sold $36.9 billion worth of international arms ñ 68% to underdeveloped or developing countries. And that´s up 8% from the year before. $36.9 billion! Half of all weapons sold on the world market come from US! The next highest seller is Russia, at $7.7 billion, while China only sold $400 million - 1/90th of what we dealt. (Data from the"Conventional Arms Transfer to Developing Nations, 1993-2000" published by the Congressional Research Center)

I have to ask you -WHAT IN GOD´S NAME ARE WE DOING? $36 billion in arms sales - and $30 billion the year before, and $30 billion the year before, and $38 billion the next year, and $38 billion the following year. Think of how fucked-up our priorities are. Starvation, poverty, and doing what´s right don´t register to the Controllers. Instead, huge profits are squirreled-away in their pockets every year from this appalling practice. War is hell, but war is also SELL to, and the Controllers are behind it.

The Controllers - DEATH MERCHANTS and DEATH MONGERS. Peace is a fallacy, and doesn´t mean a damn thing to them. Rather, they want to keep all the little people at each other´s throats so they can keep the War Machine rolling. These elitist pricks are sick, psychotic, and purely evil. Why are we allowing them to keep fucking us over?

And folks, if you think all this war and terror talk in the media is justification for such a disgusting practice, you need to look at the world leaders whose strings are being pulled by the Controllers. What if all the secret societies that lurk in the shadows around the globe are actually under the domain of one ruling power? Think about it. If Gordon Thomas was able to get such a wealth of information about the Mossad´s dealings with the CSIS for his book "Seeds of Fire", do you think it´s fathomable that those above him aren´t aware of what´s going on? NO WAY. All these leaders are part of the same plan - the same SCRIPT - and are carrying out their roles to further promote the War Machine, Globalism, and the Death Culture. Or, as Eric Jon Phelps, author of "Vatican Assassins" says in an interview with Rick Martin for "The Spectrum" newspaper (May, 2000), "There´s no conflict going on with the Arab nations. All of the Arab nations are under the command of Masonic kings or iotollas. Saddam Hussein is no enemy of George Bush; they´re both brothers, brothers of the lodge."

When Martin says that George Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein were business partners, Phelps replies, "Sure. That´s why they never killed Saddam. They could have easily killed him. The CIA can kill anybody they want to. They could have easily killed Saddam and got out. They could use their own Arab agents in there. Saddam was a very important tool."

If you now think about all that´s going on in the world, and also about what I´ve written in this essay and all my other New World Order articles (plus all that we´re not even aware of going on behind the scenes), it´s not implausible that the Death-Merchant Controllers are developing Artificial Intelligence (at our expense) to transcend death and become immortal. With virtually unlimited wealth at their disposal and governmental "black budgets" to also tap into, a future devoid of the human spirit awaits us, with only a few benefiting (if it can even be called that) from the overall scenario. Or, as Richard Dolan says to conclude his article, "What Are They?"--- "Advanced technology wielded by biological entities may indeed be inherently unstable. But it is not so clear that such a condition applies equally to advanced machine intelligence." If Mr. Dolan is correct, humanity as we know it will be a thing of the past.

But, as I said earlier in this article, there is hope. Reports are filtering out of China that their economy isn´t as healthy as the Controllers wished it to be. In fact, Gordon Chang stated on June 19th, 2002 in the Asian Wall Street Journal that,"The People´s Republic can go from boom to bust in just a few short years."The News. Max article (where this was reported) goes on to say that, "High expectations from the Chinese economy are grossly exaggerated," and that, "China´s economic growth is declining and its banking system is in disarray, posing a threat of destabilization to the international economy."

Thus, similar to the Controllers grandiose schemes for a thriving super-power Russia (that never materialized), China may also prove untenable as a world leader. But it won´t be because the international bankers aren´t trying. With high unemployment, inflation, a growing deficit, reckless spending, power grabs, and dissatisfaction among the masses, China may not pan out to be such a glimmering diamond in the Controller´s eye. But we shouldn´t gloat yet, for if China´s economy collapses (or any other world power for that matter), the ramifications will be felt globally, especially here.

So, whether China lives up to the Controller´s expectations or not, the research and development into Artificial Intelligence will continue, and the Globalist elite will remain the same. Rome is burning, and Noah is building his Ark. Will we keep on fiddling around as Nero did and disregard the signs of a disastrous, impending storm, or will we take destiny into our own hands and destroy the Controllers? That´s what it´s going to ultimately take ñ total destruction - because if we allow these evil monsters to fulfill their aims, dire consequences await us. Folks, we´re not talking any longer about saving this country, or control of our minds. No, the very survival of humanity itself is at stake, for if the Controllers continue to purse Artificial Intelligence, machines will soon replace human beings. Everyone needs to ask,

"Is this what we really want?" It´s time to take action!

To close this article, I´ll quote the heralded author Robert Anton Wilson. Hopefully his words will allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Every conspiracy collapses eventually because of the psychological likelihood that those who are superlatively clever at deceiving others become equally clever at deceiving themselves. Disinformation eats those who create it."


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