The Illuminati Plans for the United States Of America 2001-2010

from Stewart Swerdlows ´Blue Blood True Blood´



-Elimination of fuel reserves

-Creation of severe weather patterns designed to consume the remaining fuel.

-Utilities will be unable to cope with the demand

-Regional natural disasters so large that local and civil authorities are unable to handle them

-Rioting and chaos in major US cities

-Polarization of minorities creating a call from the minorities for a need for segregation.

-Martial Law declared to restore order.

-Economic/stock market collapse as a result of the disasters, lack of utilities, and planned chaos

-President will enact Executive Orders that in effect, will rescind the Constitution and civil rights

-The United Nations will be called in to restore order. This comes with waves of Chinese, Russian, and German troops

-Dissidents will be shipped for re-education to huge concentration camps already in place in the United States and Canada

-The United Nations declares that the US is too large to be administered as is, and will order it to be split into two districts; Eastern and Western

-The Eastern district capital will be Atlanta. The Western district capital will be Denver. This is why government offices and international super-airports were built in these two cities.

-Washington D. C. will becomes an illuminati cultural site and possibly even a religious center for them

-New York City will be declared the United Nations Capital city for the Earth and given special status. This is why New York State is called the ´Empire State´

-Undesirables will be eliminated via chemtrails "mosquito spraying," flu shots and other inoculations

-Radicals will be eliminated (if all goes according to their plans)

-Programming Centers will become standard sites for children to visit - Montauk Point, Santa Fe, Yelm, and Huntsville Space Center.

-All air force bases will be staging areas

-National parks will be declared International Sites and come under United Nations jurisdiction (done)

-All people will be issued identity cards that will contain their DNA

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