The Illuminati Plans for the United States Of America 2001-2010

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from Stewart Swerdlows ´Blue Blood True Blood´



-Elimination of fuel reserves

-Creation of severe weather patterns designed to consume the remaining fuel.

-Utilities will be unable to cope with the demand

-Regional natural disasters so large that local and civil authorities are unable to handle them

-Rioting and chaos in major US cities

-Polarization of minorities creating a call from the minorities for a need for segregation.

-Martial Law declared to restore order.

-Economic/stock market collapse as a result of the disasters, lack of utilities, and planned chaos

-President will enact Executive Orders that in effect, will rescind the Constitution and civil rights

-The United Nations will be called in to restore order. This comes with waves of Chinese, Russian, and German troops

-Dissidents will be shipped for re-education to huge concentration camps already in place in the United States and Canada

-The United Nations declares that the US is too large to be administered as is, and will order it to be split into two districts; Eastern and Western

-The Eastern district capital will be Atlanta. The Western district capital will be Denver. This is why government offices and international super-airports were built in these two cities.

-Washington D. C. will becomes an illuminati cultural site and possibly even a religious center for them

-New York City will be declared the United Nations Capital city for the Earth and given special status. This is why New York State is called the ´Empire State´

-Undesirables will be eliminated via chemtrails "mosquito spraying," flu shots and other inoculations

-Radicals will be eliminated (if all goes according to their plans)

-Programming Centers will become standard sites for children to visit - Montauk Point, Santa Fe, Yelm, and Huntsville Space Center.

-All air force bases will be staging areas

-National parks will be declared International Sites and come under United Nations jurisdiction (done)

-All people will be issued identity cards that will contain their DNA

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Anonymous's picture


listen this is impossible a group of people cannot cause natural disasters also there are far too many steps, any organi zation bent on taking over the world would want to have as few steps as possible so as not to risk a screw up
Anonymous's picture

Believe it or not,

Believe it or not, eventually it'll be in your face.  He who has ears, let him hear!  Good job telling the truth and warning the world sibling :)  Much love!

Anonymous's picture

the illuminati is a group of

the illuminati is a group of 13 familys that control 80% of the worlds wealth.  Including the Fed. Reserve the Bank of England, the Swiss bank, the German Rothschild Bank, Exxon Mobile, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petrolium (BP) and basically all of the major media.   

Anonymous's picture


Absolutely.They control almost everything we here,see and touch.
Anonymous's picture


Few steps would be too dangerous for them,because they risk being identified.The end justifies the means.
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Anonymous's picture

Just where exactly did you

Just where exactly did you get your Bible (yes, a capital B) reference? That sounds very false and out of context!

Jaytee's picture


You are a big for nothin fool. . . Ur eyes are so closed. . NO NEED TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHIN TO YOU . . WITH TIME,ONE DAY, U Ll SEE UR EYES LL CLEAR. . U ll be ur teacher u ll teach ur self to beleive it. .

Anonymous's picture

Just where exactly did you

Just where exactly did you get your Bible (yes, a capital B) reference? That sounds very false and out of context!

Anonymous's picture

Open your mind when you hear

Open your mind when you hear this, but the Bible is a forgery in many parts, although much of it is real.. it is a tool used for control and conformity. Man is not smart enough to have immediate knowledge of self-control. The Illuminati is a bunch of Satanists which is something you should look up and not be scared to, just because a book tells you it could curse you or close your gate to heaven. It is not what you would automatically think the religion is.. because Satan (and other names) is just what you could call a symbol for something much greater. Im just giving you a though, but if it affends you, thats your fault. I am very sure that neither God nor Satan is real, but they are very well planned out fiction. Search deeper into what we call "life".

Anonymous's picture

I want to now more

I want to now more

made up name's picture

I agree 100% with you. The

I agree 100% with you. The sad part about it all is that there are so many people who are so brain washed right now as we speak and who are the ones who don't believe any of this that we are telling them. They are so washed that the truth is in their face smacking them upside the head saying..... Really??? You believe your own government before doing research for your own lazy self. That is the whole reason they gained control in the first place. NO ONE DOES A DANG THING ABOUT IT ANYMORE!!! WE'VE BECOME LAZY!! Just understand this if you can one thing... their(Illuminati) plan is to kill all those who do not accept their way of life. Whatever happens don't do it and yes we will be killed for this but stand firm because this is a battle for ones soul not body. Just remember this all has to happen because God;s word is true and we are warned of this. God Bless all those who's eyes were opened for truth!!!

Anonymous's picture

a small group can if you own

a small group can if you own the major coeparation
as orders go down the line , its very easy thru parent companies to control the lesser owned by same said greater company.

nickatnoon's picture

Yeah, ok!!! It's just an

Yeah, ok!!! It's just an illusion right? There is no police state, and that jack-boot PIG kicking the shit out of you is not real either!!! JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS buddy!

randizzle's picture

actually there is a huge base

actually there is a huge base of sattalites in alaska that has caused hurricane in japan and tornados isnt impossible you just have to keep an open mind and do some fuckin history...shit

Brandy Patton's picture

You're sadly mistaken... Please read

I have been doing some research on what this man is saying on what the Government has in store for us Americans... Here is one of the things I have found. You say that man cannot change weather.. Here is proof that they can and that they have been doing it for some time now.... here is a link to a video explaining everything....

This man is very right. And the Government is slowly working its way to completely take our freedoms and so on... Please investigate truth before you make your own opinion. I'm not trying to be mean. But you can't tell your opinions influencing others and not really knowing what's going on.

Anonymous's picture

actually believe it or not,

actually believe it or not, there is the technology out there to control weather patterns. look up HAARP
Anonymous's picture

It may be possible to

It may be possible to modify the weather,  google the term "haarp".

 Yes they screw up all the time, they're even getting arogant, and in your face about it. google the term "North American Union" or watch CNN Lou Dobbs. Other media personalities are starting to wake up too.


Not profane's picture

Lou Dobbs is just playing his part

Lou Dobbs is just playing his part, to make you Americans think that you have a democracy. Ron Paul is another pawn of the globalists too... You don't get into prominent media positions without being on the side of the elite- you swear oaths etc... even if you don't, you know that your family will get it if you don't 'toe the line'.
Anonymous's picture

Ron Paul is a pawn of the

Ron Paul is a pawn of the globalists? LMAO that statement is one of the most ignorant I have seen in a long time. Look up Ron Paul's voting record. The man [email protected]^#es red white and blue and and never strays from the Constitution. Read his congressional speeches also. He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, the IRS, NAFTA, WTO, pull out from the UN, is against the North American Union, believes in true free trade, the list goes on. Additionally we never had a democracy. Our government was intented to be a constitutional Republic.

P.S. the only reason Ron Paul is in the media is because thousand of liberty loving people who support the man refuse to take no as an answer. 

Anonymous's picture

the reign of darkness

Now that we are about to see the long stretch of the presidential race come to an end, Ron Paul looks a whole lot better now than ever he did before. Unfortunately what we are about to see happen was written in the book long ago and everyone is right...there is no stopping it. The guardians of the dark have started the darkness to overcome us. The two choices we have, neither is a win for the light of the world.

Dick Von Blogger's picture



nickatnoon's picture

@AnonyMOUSE, how STOOPID can

@AnonyMOUSE, how STOOPID can you be??? lol You obviously know NOTHING about how the Secret Societies recruit their lackey/puppets! WakeTFU pal!

Anonymous's picture

Amen to that its all to make

Amen to that its all to make us think that we have someone on our side when in fact you dont.
Anonymous's picture

what about glenn beck he

what about glenn beck he screams this stuff every night and day
50ae's picture

what about glenn beck he

he is part of the media illuminatti controls i respect him but never do you hear him say anything about illuminati yet he likes to fuel paranoia.

sefewet's picture


i believe steward.

i have seen many things in this world, but dont be afraid everything will come alright.

and if there werent people like steward the world was already gone, use the real laws of this world

belief, will power, repeat and wisdom

make use of this and everyone can do things they only saw in their dreams.

many greets sefewet prince of angels

Anonymous's picture

Illuminati, which is lead by

Illuminati, which is lead by the Rothschild family, is in position to take complete control of the world. They own the US, Britain and many other countries' economics. They are ruthless and a select group of families, where most of the people are related because of their insistence to keep their fortune within the family. They own practically anything you can think of and have caused the collapse of nations through planning and financing both sides of nearly every war. They did this in the WWs, Revolutionary Wars for both the US and Russia. They made countries become in such enourmous debt that they have no choice but give the Banking Firm, owned by the Rothschild's, natural resourses and complete control of their economic systems. The Rothschild family tree dates them back to Egypt to the lineage of the Hebrew King Salomon. They believe it is their divine right to own the world. They own nearly 80% of Israel already. The star on the Israel flag was picked by the Rothschilds. They print the currency for all major nations. Ever notice the pyramid with the eye on your dollar bill? this relates to the Egyptian connection. They are satanists and control the Catholic Church. Research these people. It almost seems like its too late so save us.
elizabeth starr's picture


I would like for you to show me the proof that the illuminati controls the Catholic Church. Not opinion, but cold hard fact.


Anonymous's picture

Search for Rothschilds and

Search for Rothschilds and Vatican Bank. The Rothschilds took over in the 19th century.
Anonymous's picture


I guess you are a catholic,but so am I.However my brother the fact is ,the Catholic church is controlled by the illuminati.See the facts yourself in the following websites:




The list is unlimited.

Anonymous's picture

You say to see the facts but

You say to see the facts but you give a website called rumor mill? Don't you think that's ironic?

Doug's picture

Illuminati and the Catholic Bishops

Here's your answer in the Washington Times ! The Bishops are working for satan, NOT Jesus! Their fooling Catholics into thinking they are helping the needy, yet the money was funneled to extremist organizations,to get 0bama elected. He is their puppet! The Bishops and the Vatican are planning the One World Religion along with the New World Order! It's all prophesied in the Book of Revelation and God's will, WILL be done.

Anonymous's picture

The Rapture is going to

The Rapture is going to happen

Anonymous's picture

The Pope Said...

"By the end of this decade (2000 AD) we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations ... a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of human survival. One world government is inevitable."
Pope John Paul II quoted by Malachi Martin in the book "The Keys of This Blood"

You honestly think religion was built to lead the people towards the light? NO! It was built to force the people to restrict their actions based upon "moral" judgement as decided by the Church. This is to prepare those who will live to place their "faith" in a new system that magically before their eyes will fix everything.

Life after take over: Read "Brave New World" by A. Huxley. Imagine living on crack, shrooms and anti-depressants with no mental ability to process a true thought that isn't some one else's.

"Diet Injections and Injunctions Will Combine. From A Very Early Age To Produce The Sort of Character and the Sort Of Beliefs That The Authorities Consider Desirable.
And Any Serious Criticism Of The Powers That Be Will Become Psychologically Impossible."

Bertrand Russell
The Impact Of Science on Society

Note: "Psychologically Impossible"

Anonymous's picture


At this point in time no body can save us.They are about to cause the collapse of the major world economies.They are at this time destroying the economies of medium developed and and developing coutries while also destroying the major economies.In so doing,they will eventually completely destroy the world economy.The human race will therefore be at their mercy .This will be the right time for them to start intitutionalizing the world state through the United Nations.
Revolution!'s picture

You know what's

You know what's interesting... Through revolution by the people, we could fix this situation. The USA isn't in trouble, excluding the "free market". But, through revolution of the United States/Canada by the people, the people could run the government, throwing out all the pieces of shit that are currently there.
Now, if one keeps the current laws, money isn't a problem.
A. Shut down the Exchange, lock up the directors and higher ups for crimes against humanity (Fuck em!)
B. Immediate closure by military force= The Federal Reserve/Bank of Canada. America/Canada suddenly don't have debt.
C. Pullout all troops from the middle east/else where.
Cancel all air traffic in or out of the continent. If those sons-of-bitches are still on this soil they will be hunted like DOGS! Lets see if their money will stop a M16.

As for money, before the enactment of the national banks, America and Canada had the legal rights to produce currency without debt. Free money.

So how do we do this? First, Shut-down the international airports. Shut down access to the capital and whitehouse. Then highjack tv networks and address the people so as to not cause mass panic.
It will work, though logic states that deaths will occur. Yet, this isn't the first time our countries have fought back..
You can wait in your homes. Wait for them to quietly stroll into town, gathering people up by the truck load.

Remember, this is nothing new! The Nazi's did all this, and it was recorded in history, edited or not.

So, you can either sit back and wait for your place on the slaughter line. Or, rise, in honor, fighting for the independance from the most cruel, treason this and all countries have ever faced!
Your choice. Remember, it only takes one.
In the mean time, educate your communities.
How? Ever heard the expression "Common Sense". It was the influential text that started the Revolution.
Only 1 in 5 people out of all the colonies had a copy, and they fought for their independance.
Never forget your roots, the strength to survive is within you.

-Till Death, I breathe to defend.

Ahmad Smadi's picture


Amen, brother. It's about time we had someone with guts speak the Truth - that yes, there are some situations that may look grim but this is nothing new and simply another opportunity for us to rise, in honor, and fight till death to preserve the better side of humanity.

I wish a mother f***er would...

I'm actually looking forward to a good fight. Ready when you are...

Lorna's picture

I am intersted in

I am intersted in Illuminati, saw program about it last night. It a bit hard to get head round it all but your comment made it easier to understand

nickatnoon's picture

Thanx Anon, you have done

Thanx Anon, you have done your homework!

Anonymous's picture

if the illuminati is real

if the illuminati is real then why isnt anyone doing anything to stop them??? dude like, assassinate the people supposedly responsible or something seriously we cant sit back with popcorn and soda to watch the end or sanity i mean cmon SOMETHING CAN AND WILL BE DONE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. we might as well be involved in the annihilation of this conspiracy illuminati bullshit whatever you call it its all the same.

Anonymous's picture


Never mind about the Illuminati, go and find some information onthe Skull and Bones a secret society at Yale based on Hegelian Principles.  This will open your eyes to what is going on especially in the USA(those poor sad fools) who have been duped since the phrase was formed "land of the free and home of the brave" Yeaaaa.
Anonymous's picture

You can't forget about the

You can't forget about the Iluminati, as the Skull and Bones is just a segment of an outer circle of thier round tables.  It's main purpose is to recruit. They are great decievers, who have claimed to be of an Earthly, God worshipping religion such as Jewish, Chistian, Moslem, etc. They have been posturing for control of the world for over two hundred years. It can't be reversed by human intervention. So, as humans, the best we can do is pray to God, that we be delivered to the place he has set aside for us. Satan cannot divide us there.

nickatnoon's picture

They really mean, "Land of

They really mean, "Land of the FEE, and home of the SLAVE".

Anonymous's picture

LOL bro good one haha so true

LOL bro good one haha so true so true

Anonymous's picture


If mass population control (Which is controlled by the Illuminazi's) does happen to the masses whether you believe it or not. What are you going to do about it?

I don't think,but know that Religion,Poli-Tricks and Sex are all part of the brainwashing plans of the Illuminazi . We have been brainwashed by religion for so long that we have been fighting each other for years to be right, When it's all wrong. Poli-tricks has played it's role in all aspects of all World Governments and Sex controls the youth.Now a days, they are so blatant in our faces on the news,TV and movies about what they are about to do and we are all still arguing amongst each other about whether it happens or not, That is brainwashing in it's highest extent to keep you distracted from what is really going on. So, with that said they have total control of past , present and future events. But the question is still unanswered, What are you going to do about?



Dick Von Blogger's picture

I control my own reality and

I control my own reality and I AM not allowing this plot to continue. That's what I'm doing about it!

Anonymous's picture

world order, illumimnati

Bottom line is Jesus at the cross amen.I thank my lord every day for the ear and the eyes to see. Also i pray the lord uses me deep from within to minister to the people. The whole thing irritates me to know end and especialy for the people of the world bewildered and unfocused at this point of there life. God can and will raise up his prophets in these days to go forth at any cost. Thanks for you coming forth and not holding back. Beleive you me when i say I am on it to bring the truth to Gods people and expose these same views. ron

DonnaDesalvo's picture

Ive been reading this whole

Ive been reading this whole site for a while and what your your saying is very true,i get comformation from the lord when some one speaks truth.

ETE's picture

You see Us

You are all right. This is happening. We are moving into a phase of planned implementation. (Theory of Chaos) So now that you are feed up with this..... WHAT are YOU personally going to do about it (most will say, I will blog it others will do nothing at all). What would you do if someone knocks on your door and tells you what to do to leave your home, where to work, and what time to turn your lights off ALL in the name of energy conservation? Global warming is also happening on Jupiter, and many other planets around the Solar System due to the Solar Max, not CO2. Theory of Relativity, Pi, Solar Max, Ice Age, Bohemian Club SF, Freemasonry, Denver Intl. Airport God, EU, Commonwealth of Nations, QE, Prince William, Jesus, CERN, Science, String Theory, Wormholes, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Yin and Yang, China's Opening Ceremony (one drumbeat). They all play into this. ARe these warnings or scare tactics, or a little forshadowing.

The time is approaching (not tomorrow, maybe years 3,9, or even 12 years from now)... If you can figure out how they all the pieces of the puzzle come together, then you will see what is really UP and what is really Down.... Take the veil off, go ahead, and you will see an ugly bride. Feeling Confused... can's put it all together, that is is all part of the plan.

They are simply saying to you the Age of indiviuality is over the world is becoming too populated and in order for everyone to get along...we got to give up most of our freedom or what is left of our collective freedom. Before the major subtle changes you will be given a choice to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Speaking about it on a site for people that already know what is going on is not productive for us. Educate yourself and begin to drop hints to people who may not see the same way. Try not to sound crazy and hey Who knows you may save a life!! You better know who you can count on in a crisis!

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