French-Dutch massrevolt, the 60th Letter

The British news-media keeps incessantly repeating that France and Germany want the other member states to ratify the European Constitution, which is an absolute lie.

France has voted against the treaty, but the Satanic N.W.O. Politicians will not take no for an answer and Jacque Chirac is going against the French people and saying that France wants the other countries to ratify the treaty, when clearly they do not and his action is treason against the French people, for which he should be immediately arrested and tried.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror and reinstate God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Time is running out:-

French-Dutch massrevolt, the 60th Letter
Dear reader,
62 % NO only 38 % yes.
You should suppose the Dutch prime-minister should leave his post because he apparently did not have any idea what masspeople think. But elitepeople never leave their post when they are outvoted. In France Raffarin was only replaced by his twin brother De Villepin. All other leaders remained their seats. Elite members hold on to power (and wealth) and by voting the masses will never get a change in the balance of power. Of course I did not vote, I advance other activities by which masspeople will get more power.
The elite denies it but there is a growing and deepening rift between political elite and masses. When the elite does not understand why masspeople vote en masse against a proposal, when 80 % of the politicians (including leaders of trade-unions and Greenpeace) are in favour of the European Constitution and 62 % of the masses vote NO, something is fundamentally wrong. A referendum in Germany should have had the same result. The German masses are also not happy with the behaviour and decisions of political leaders.
The signs of the Dutch NO were already visible. In 2002 political dissident Fortuyn got 17 % of the vote (see After his murder (see the political elite happily returned to its old habits by making decisions in dark backrooms without any interference from the masses. But the discontent did not die away and the European referendum was the first time Dutch citizens could express their aversion to the political establishment. Also in France this was the first time people could express their thoughts after right-wing politician Le Pen got more votes in the 2004 presidential elections than the socialist candidate.
But discontent is not enough. Masspeople must also embrace the idea that a better and different future will be possible, that the future will not be dependent on the whims and caprices of leaders but that leaderscanl be forced to listen to the masses. To reach such a situation masspeople must become political active - and up till now they are only discontent, only one of the factors that lead to a different future. For a deeper analysis of how fundamental change is possible see my article on
The European Constitution, a monstrosity, proved to be a focus point. The political elite rallied around the Constitution and the masses rallied around NO. They are fed up with the situation that they have no influence at all on decisions taken by politicians who live on another world while the full burden of these decisions always lies on the shoulders of the masses.
It is striking that in other referendums hardly thirty percent of the population turned out but in this case in France more than 70 % and in Holland more than 60 percent of the people went to the ballot boxes. That is much more than by presidential elections in the USA.
The solution for this dilemma is obvious. There must come more contact between elite and masses. And because the elite will never take any initiative to get more contact with the masses, the masses must intrude in the private life of the top, must invade the gated communities where elites live and where income and safety is much better than in the often harsh massworld. Only masspeople can change this situation, can close the gap between the two separated worlds But then they have to become active in the beautiful territory the elite is prepared to defend at all costs against invasions of masspeople.
Otherwise I do not see any progress.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis
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