Who belongs to the elite?

Who belongs to the elite?
the 57th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Joost van Steenis
Battambang, April 4 2005

Dear reader, Finance, Function and Family.

By the "Three F's Method" can be determined who belongs to the top-elite.

Finance. He (and occasionally a female) must have vast amounts of capital at his disposal that he can shift to the place and on the time he finds appropriate.

Function. He must have a prominent position in which he can contribute directly to the decision-making process. Family. He must have a vast network

Members who are in comparable positions.

It is clear that Bush, Kennedy, Roosevelt or Rockefeller belong to the powerelite while Eisenhower, Clinton or Carter are less important. Pressure on these stooges is hardly effective.

Sharon controls the financial power of Israel and has a good position but he has no Family on high places in other countries. This puppet is hardly important in the quest for a solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Gates has also no high-placed Family-members but is important in his branch because of his huge private financial possibilities.

Colin Powell had only a high position but no Finance nor Family. His words were not interesting. He did not have any influence on American policy.

The powerelite uses the elitist democracy to warn newcomers to stay in line. Martha Stewart, investment banker Quattrone, QWest CEO Joseph Nacchio and Adelphia Communications founder John Rigas are pressurized through the judicial system. http://jahtruth.net/300.htm

Bernard Ebbers, founder of Worldcom, started as a milkman. Before the concern crumbled away when the telecom-bubble busted he was regarded as a savvy entrepreneur and maverick, cementing his reputation in 1988 with the $40 billion purchase of MCI, the largest acquisition in corporate history at that time. Now he faces 85 years in prison. Ebbers advanced to the top without the backing of a powerful Family and he did not abide by the unwritten laws of the powerelite. He is punished as a warning to other upstarts.

These people seem powerful but do not belong to the powerelite. The top of the world is organised as the Mafia. Only when the highest top is controlled the Organisation will start to fade away. Elimination of lower Mafia members does not weaken the Organisation. They are replaceable.

The power of the powerelite will never wither away when only lower echelons are put under pressure. Then activists just throw away their precious time and political energy. Nothing will change when people like Powell or Kofi Annan are attacked or when is being thought that these puppets will lead the world in the right direction. The real power lies elsewhere.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis New ways to increase masspower

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