Look for the money, the 96th Letter

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Kuala Lumpur, February 12, 2007

Dear reader, this is the 96th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker.

When you find a lot of money you have found the elite.

Often I have been asked to give names of elitepeople. But I think masspeople are sufficient autonomous to decide which eliteperson they want to pressurize.

I give only methods how to find elitepersons. Because the elite always wants to have more than the masses, look for the money and you find the elite.

Money allows the elite to distinguish itself from the masses. With money the elite has build a separate world that is closed to masspeople. Money is the ultimate and dominating reason why elitepeople want to have power.

POWER and MONEY are intertwined.

But while it is not always clear who has power, money can always been traced. Money is spend in special places and on special goods. A Ferrari or a big yaught cannot be bought by people who just work for a monthly salary. In five star hotels masspeople are only servants. A massperson can never get a ticket for the first row in a theatre when a premiere is on program.

Other examples I have given in my Letters, "Where is the eliteworld" or "There are two worlds".

You can also determine who belongs to the elite by using the Method of the Three F's. (see "Who belongs to the elite", ). Elitepeople possess Finance (capital), Functions (to take important decisions) and Family (a network of trusted people).

I used this research method in "The elite is very old" and "The growth of an elite".

In the past I used this method to make a list of more than two hundred people who belong to the Dutch top elite. I published the result in "The Power of the Family-Capital and What to do About It" (1980). Alas only available in Dutch.

By following the money trail you can find elitepersons.

Then and only then you can decide what to do to make an end to the dominating positions of elitepersons, to the situation in which decisions favour in the first place the continuation of the safe and privileged position of a few humans at the cost of the position of the vast majority of humanity.

More money for a small group of already privileged people is the basic reason that many people do not have a decent life. Even when it costs near to nothing to eradicate measles, malaria or tuberculosis, the money is not available.

It is not going to happen that extreme poverty is eradicated in a few years.

On the contrary, the elite continues to channel vast amounts of money to itself.

And again, follow the money and you find the culprits.

Then and only then masspeople can undertake the right actions that make it impossible for the elite to continue the exclusive and safe life they lived for ages. And it is fairly easy to disturb situations that can only be bought by excessive money.

When the elite cannot live any more its privileged life, then and only then the road is opened towards a New World in which all people have equal status.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

Ways to increase masspower

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Anonymous's picture

Secret Society unveiled

You are incorrect that when you find the money you will find the people in power.
I know, having been through doorways that cannot be unlocked without a high education; and a secret society that would make you shudder.
Its unimportant who I am suffice to say that the entire United States; and much of the world is under the control of an Organization called GWB.. They are all powerful, they create change in ways that are beyond the understanding of all but them.
Of course, not everything that is occurring politically and with business is under their control. They have interests that far outweigh what you would ordinary consider to be important.
I do know they are responsible for World War II; and are planning to plunge the world into still another war in 2043. Millions of people will die like dogs for their cause.
I do know they are responsible for what is about to occur in the Orient, the Middle East and India.
They consider them the true elite; and do not recognize America as we know it.
The consider our present Government an occupation that started in 1865; and they consider themselves the real America. They consider Abraham Lincoln a traitor; but see the first 15 Presidents as the thought, principle and system of the original system of America.
Long ago they plunged the country into Civil War; and of course they dare not do it again -- at least right now.
They frown upon the KKK as nothing more than bounty hunters; worthless rednecks who have misguided views about the true order. The KKK was not their creation but it was they who
created the culture that made them who they are.
They do not use money as the means to move the country and the world but influence; and they are all related to families who came to the States having no other port to come to as a consequence of their ancient family trade. They claim to of colonized America; and have
a history that cannot be contradicted.
No one in the United States can stop them. No one in the world can stop them. They continue to be all powerful; and they make any other secret society look like mashed potatoes.
If you don't believe me; watch what is going to occur in the deep south if the black man gets elected.

I think you all might guess.

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