''Who Are You Calling A Terrorist"?

To: The New York Times
From: giuseppefurioso(at)aol.com

Terrorism is the seemingly arbitrary use of violence against enemy civilians, the objective of which is to bring about a more favorable political settlement for the group the terrorists represent. The USS Cole was a ship of the line manned by military personnel, on active duty, engaged in the enforcement of a genocidal blockade, whose victims were overwhelmingly civilian. At the time it was attacked, the Cole had made its modest contribution to that blockade, which had thus far, accounted for the premature deaths of one and a half million Iraqi civilians, among them at least 500,000 children. One would be hard pressed to find a more legitimate military target than the Cole... Yet the New York Times, along with most of the media, continues to describe the attack on the Cole as a  ''terrorist attack''. ( '' Inquiry Into Attack on the Cole In 2000 Missed Clues to 9/11'' : New York Times, 4/11/04)

One can only wonder whether or not the New York Times would have described Sam Adams and his pals as terrorists, if instead of boarding a British merchant ship to dump some tea overboard, they had instead attacked a British warship enforcing a blockade of Boston. It is interesting to note that as a direct consequence of the Boston Tea Party, the British closed the port of Boston in an effort to stifle resistance to royal authority. When rebellion did break out two years later, attacks on British ships and personnel by American patriots forced the British to eventually abandon


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