Waco: The New World Order Experiment



By Raymond Ronald Karczewski

This afternoon I picked up the video Tape, "WACO, Rules of Engagement" at my local video rental store. Anita and I watched it for the first time.

Being a former law enforcement officer (Retired Sergeant with a California Bay Area Police Department), I was ashamed of what I saw.

What jumped out at me, however, was something that apparently very few others in our country and onlooking world picked up on.

I observed a Government Mind Control Experiment which attempted to gauge the boiling point of the American People when Tyranny and Murder is brought to an American neighborhood by our Servant Government.

The result of the experiment -- a great deal of simmering amongst the populace, but no boil.

I observed an effective Government criminal cover up demonstrating their proficiency in destroying evidence, thus preventing a true accounting of the government personnel involved by the mere command of their Public Relations language.

It was a mind control experiment, all right, designed to test the depth of the trance state of the American People; an experiment to find their action BUTTON.

From the Government's point of view, the experiment was a glowing success. When all the publics' buttons were found and pushed, the American People STILL lay INERT, IMPOTENT, unable to hold their official's accountable, while an insidious fear was growing within the collective public psyche.

No need for the American People to Act; after all, such Murderous Tyranny was not happening to them. It is this mass malaise which, if not stopped, accounts for a NAZI GERMANY and will destroy a nation from within. Does anybody really want to repeat that?

The theme of Government cover up grows more and more obvious with each mind control assault upon the lives of innocent people in our society. One saw it in the JFK assassination; the Martin Luther King assassination; the Bobby Kennedy assassination; Ruby Ridge; the assassination of Randy Weaver's wife and baby. And most recently, 9-11, which brought about the loss of our FREEDOMS under the guise of our government's declared war on Terrorism.

All the while a great and growing body of evidence shows the same "investigative" government's complicity to be present in the Murder of American Lives -- the Destruction at the World Trade Center on 9-11 and the attack on the Pentagon.

What jumped out at me in watching "WACO, the Rules of Engagement" was, what does it take to move the American People into action, to generate a life-enabling activism within lives shut down through unrelenting conditioning which engenders fear and doubt? Here's an interesting question for you to ponder: Why do people FEAR the government? Why does the government NOT FEAR the people -- the SOVEREIGN People, the TRUE GOVERNMENT?

What I saw in Waco was a high level government operation designed to test just how far open, government televised, in-your-face mass murder can be committed on a monumental scale, while the whole world looks on, and yet no serious, substantive, effective public outcries are made for accountability?

What's wrong with a system of government which allows and protects the few, the corrupted, the biased, the criminal, from facing such accountability?

What is wrong with a system of self-serving politicians who go through the motions -- promising, promising, promising -- yet never fully delivering on those promises while they decide the fate of millions? Are we their property? Can they do to/with us anything they wish? Do they OWN us? Are we human resources, merely looked upon as SLAVES? Anybody getting the picture?

I can only view such self-destructive behavior by Slave-minded Americans as the nonaction of the Living Dead. What do I mean by Living Dead? The Living Dead no longer operate from a state of True Living Intelligence, but are reduced, through Mind Control Conditioning, to stumble through life in codependent fashion as mechanical, conditioned, spiritually blind, Intellectually-driven automatons/entities. They have lost sight of their True Spiritualiy, their wholeness. They have waived their gift of divine Intelligence. They have bargained away their soul in worship of SATAN, the petty "god" of Intellect.

Through unrelenting conditioning, they have been caused by their equally SATANIC mind controlled leadership (the blind who lead the blind) to live in fear. They can be made to surrender their God-Given SOVEREIGNTY, their Unalienable God-Given Rights, their Freedoms, their Liberty, at the mere prediction and often self-fulfilling threat of impending Terrorism by government pointing the finger of blame outwardly at an enemy which can never be found nor proven.

Words -- Just Words!! That's all that is necessary to control millions of Sovereign People by SATANIC FORCE, a force which enslaves them to a life of Hell. Just Words!

This Spirituality which is the resonance of atonement with the Living Truth, is not to be confused with the dead religiosity of organized religions, the SATANIC reverse of the double-sided (dualistic) coin of power shared by government.

In this post, I have opened Pandora's Box. In doing so I have pointed out that change must come in our country if we are to retain our Constitutional Republic. I recognize the effects of long term government/media mind control which creates self-doubt and inertia. If changes are to come, they must come from us, the value-producing public, not the value-depleting government.

BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT is the NONVIOLENT way to control government.

rk: Today, Feb 15th, 2005, is the Fifteenth day of the NATIONAL CONSUMER BOYCOTT giving Americans the opportunity to take back control over their country and their lives through participation. See:

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