An American Down Under

It is interesting that the news has recently changed its story about the C4 and now claims it was an ANFO bomb like OKC, because too many people know that C4 is manufactured in America and used by the US military, since the Islamic leader told the world he suspected it was an American operation.





An American Down Under

By "Witheld On Request" In Perth, Western Australia

The pattern is clear and precise: all 'allies' of the United States government whose populations oppose the Bush administration's war upon the Iraqi people seem to experience a 'terrorist attack' designed and executed to stir feelings of hate, fear and want of revenge within the hearts of those dissenting masses (including dissenting Americans at home). In the style of any typical Hollywood action film the plot, while complicated at times, is nonetheless predictable as if the directors are following a well-written script. The Bali bombing was just another such tactic, executed by the invisible Bush/Sharon-backed mercenaries who are handsomely financed to create mayhem and death in order to manipulate Aussie sentiments in favor of Bush's obsessive campaigns of war and destruction, power and global domination; sentiments that were, and still are over-all opposed to war, and opposed to Bush. Like Bush said: "You're either with us, or you're for terrorism." In that light, the greater majority of Aussies, like the majority of Americans, French, Germans and Britons, are considered to be supporters of terrorists and thus are legitimate targets of the Bush hit squad. Bush continues to pound fear into Americans on a daily basis through West Nile virus, Anthrax, snipers, promises of more and more attacks and an arsenal media propaganda. The deadly fact is that he has the firepower to follow through with those threats - and will.

There was absolutely no reason for a terrorist to waste such money and effort to blow up a nightclub in Bali - at least not the 'terrorists' the US and media are blaming. The Balinese people are among the most gentle and friendly people in the world whose economy relies almost exclusively on tourism. But Bali is Australia's holiday (vacation) destination, as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone is for Americans. There are numerous Australians in Bali at any given time, as well as people from around the world.

There is only one reason Bali's Sari Nightclub was bombed and that is because over-all, Australians, like Britons, Germans, French and the majority of US citizens (ignore polls) oppose Bush's war against the Iraqi people - UN approved or not. Why would a 'Muslim' terrorist attack someone who was basically against the cause of their enemy? Why would they attack a people who fundamentally sympathise with conditions in Palestine? Al-Qaeda would have absolutely nothing to gain from such an attack but have everything to lose.

The Media has reported that the US Intelligence (oxymoron intended) claim explosives used in the Bali attack were of a 'sophisticated' nature using C4 along compressed canisters of gas. The Indonesian Intelligence
(not certain if its an oxymoron yet) said: "C4 explosive was used - a type manufactured mainly in the United States and used widely by military forces around the world." The report goes on to say: "This has prompted speculation that if Islamic militants carried out the bombing, they may have had some help from elements in the Indonesian military which have been involved with resurgent radical Islamic groups since the fall of General Suharto in 1998."

Why would the any element in Indonesian Army feel the necessity to help bomb Bali and create an enemy of Australia? Australia has had a few tense moments with Indonesia in the past but any retaliation to those events would have been done then, not now. The math doesn't add up and less so as you look closely at who really has something to gain by creating hate and want of revenge.

I'm an American living in Australia, or more importantly, a United States citizen living outside the US looking on. This has given me a unique advantage to my viewpoint that only other Americans in a like situation can have. The advantage is being able to see, if for the first time, what the rest of the world sees in our (American) government's behavior and our government's actions. It's like viewing a distant storm and being able to judge it's size and ferocity and direction, unlike being in the middle of the storm and having the visibility to see only to the end of my own street. Mind you, no one here pointed these perspectives out to me (the Aussie folks have a high praise for the people of America-the-Beautiful). The US is so globally-dominant that one can't help but notice it. It stands out in every News Broadcast, Movie Theater, Golden Arches and Target store in the world. But for an American on the outside looking in on his government's actions it takes on an embarrassing new look and feel, and bares a sheen far less luminous than what I was conditioned to believe as a born-and-bred citizen.

My sojourn in Oz has also opened my eyes to the appalling media blackout of truth in America and elsewhere through the effective abolition and corruption of honest investigative journalism and reporting - something which the rest of the world has only lately been subjected to since the consolidation of global news providers over the past decade. Fortunately, however, most of these other countries cannot afford the high cost of a qualified professional spin committee and therefore, more facts on crucial events tends to innocently slip out. Or they simply bumble the script and have to make embarrassing and obviously ridiculous corrections. (At least they attempt to correct it. CNN just removes it from the archives and denies they ever said anything). An example of this 'innocent slip' was when, a week or so after the September 11 attacks the West Australian news reported that an ECHELON listening station in Geraldton was on duty listening for information on the attacks, or potential future attacks. Echelon is not supposed to exist, much less tell where one of its stations is located and what its functions are. The 'higher-ups' quickly ordered the story buried and that was that. Now we're back to 'Shshshsh... It doesn't exist!'

What we can see from a broader perspective is a bigger picture and within that bigger picture a clear pattern begins to take shape. Since 9-11 I, like so many others, find more to the picture than simple 'connect-the-dots'. We're way beyond that. The picture emerging is no less than a Rembrandt of government and corporate corruption on a global scale with the US and Israel at the center. This is why no other people in any other nation, including in the US and Israel, condone Bush's agenda.

Several aspects of the recent Bali atrocity deeply disturb and for more than the high casualties of friends and family members we (collectively) lost, and also for more than the obvious connection to Bush's agenda through its timely event. At the top of my list is the Australian mainstream media's reporting of the bombings and immediate use of key 'Bush-buzz-words' designed to plant in the mind through power of suggestion that those responsible for the bombings were conveniently one-and-the-same as those needed as scapegoats by the Bush Administration. Instantly, as if orchestrated by the same group who scripted the 9-11 reporting moments after the first attack in New York, and without one single shred of evidence as to what even caused the explosion at the Sari night club, the terms 'MUSLIMS', 'TERRORIST', 'AL-QAEDA' and links to HUSSEIN were being thrown into our faces over and over.

As if the terrorist attacks are some kind of F***ing game with nations keeping score the Aussie Channel Nine news compared the Australian death toll in Bali to the September 11 attacks pointing out that, per capita, Australia suffered more losses. The Monday after the Bali bombing Prime Minister John Howard attempted to ã9-11ä the tragedy by creating his own 'day of infamy' slogan saying: "For the rest of Australian history, 12 October 2002 will be counted as a day on which evil struck." But while the Oz government and mainstream media appear to be fully 'Americanized' in their thought and tactics they aren't fooling the Aussie people. Talking to folks on the street I found that while the Aussies hurt deeply for their own who were killed in Bali they look at the tragedy as a human tragedy and hurt and pray equally for all 20 + other countries who lost citizens and loved ones. One mother at our childrenâs school almost hit the nail on the head when she commented that these terrorist attacks would not have occurred if the United States president was not such a bully wanting to go to war with everyone. Her friend replied very correctly that "it seems whenever one of those Bushes are in charge over there the US goes to war with someone."

You in the Australian media should be ashamed and embarrassed for encouraging feelings of hate and vengeance, especially since itâs your own people your lying to and manipulating, not to mention your own families, your neighbours and friends and to those who lost loved ones in the attack. It seems you don't even know your own very well, for while there has been a few isolated incidents of Aussies publicly pointing blame on your fellow Muslim citizens, the greater majority of Aussies can see through the crap as is shown through many of the 'letters to the editor' on your web sites. You seem to forget: Aussies have been watching this kind of circus in America for a many years, so when you finally brought it down under it was an old song and dance.

However, more seriously, your contributions to these horrific disinformation campaigns, through unjustified and unverified finger pointing, racial and religion profiling without proper investigation into the facts, are putting in danger the lives of the very people who look to you for truth. Many of you knew personally the people who were cowardly butchered in the Bali attack as we almost all did. Donât you owe it to them to do some honest research and find out the real reasons behind why they died instead of basing your opinions on what Americaâs president thinks? How dare you use this tragedy as an opportunity to promote hate and revenge against fellow Muslim Australians for the unjust cause of some warlord in a distant country who couldnât give a ratâs ass about any of you if it came down to you or him? Is it the loads of money you make? Is it worth selling out your own people?

Don't do to your own people what American Media is doing to itâs own. If youâre told to report that garbage 'or else' - take the 'or else. Get another job and take with you your dignity. Or does it sound inviting to you to be conspirators in lies and disinformation without facts that will plunge your beautiful, peaceful island nation into the horrors of an unjust war? Does it sound exhilarating to live day-to-day in the threat of being blown to bits by someone whose been scapegoated, painfully hurt and accused without solid evidence by your reporting? Is it your aspiration to become like America where people are terrified to leave their homes and dive to the ground every time a car backfires? I came from America. It took me three years in Australia to realise that I didn't have to pull wife and family to the ground whenever our neighbour's VW backfired.

Further, among the overwhelming evidence brought forth over this last year to support a conclusion that the 'terrorist attacks' against the US and elsewhere are being financed and orchestrated by wealthy and powerful organizations closely connected to the Bush administration and the present Israeli government, is the fact that whenever a 'terrorist attack' occurs the mainstream media is suddenly, within moments of the event occurring, in possession of information they could NOT possibly know in such a short time, such as who was responsible for the attacks, the names of each individual, where they trained, and on and on; information that would take a highly skilled investigative committee weeks, if not months to sort out (providing their investigations are not blocked by a rabid US administration). Moreover, you all seem to miraculously produce incriminating documents and film footage of those being accused in support of your accusations. You parrot over and over the critical key words that mirror exactly the words used by the White House for Bushâs private agenda and every mainstream news organization in the world repeats the exact same information as if you are all being powered of the same single brain cell in Washington. In your highly competitive efforts to be 'first with the news' NO ONE performs a single shred of proper investigation for facts, facts that are critical for the people to have if they are going to make responsible life-changing decisions. For the media itâs all about ratings. Not news. Not truth.

How is it that suddenly, a few days after the Bali attack, there miraculously appears another convenient videotape from (where else) Afghanistan that shows Al-Qaeda terrorist training in (where else) Indonesia? Where the hell was this tape before? Look close at the credits when your watching it. I'm certain that somewhere it says 'Made In Hollywood, USA under the direction of the MOSSAD and Distributed by the CIA.' I'm a multimedia developer and I could crank something like that out in less than a day on my home PC. The US Intelligence yesterday claimed they gave a warning to the world about potential threat to Bali 14 days before it happened. Howard says no one down here ever got such a warning. Then, after some arm twisting until he said 'Uncle' and changed his mind and said he DID get the message. The US didn't have the decency to warn it's own people before 9-11. It wouldn't serve the administration's agenda to warn anyone else to thwart a terrorist attack.

Let me bring one more thing to light:

Why is that every time a Bush is in the Oval Office hell breaks loose around the world and WAR is the only solution?

Let me rephrase that: Why is that every time a Bush is in the Oval Office we in the world are suddenly faced with horrific events, war in the middle east, collapsing industries, declining economy, prejudice, hate, fear, deceit and terrorist attacks?

In 1990 the Berlin Wall came down and there was, after 40 years of oppression and paranoia, a sense of hope and potential of world peace. The newly elected President Bush Sr would have none of that 'peace' trash because it meant millions of dollars in cuts and losses for him and his cronies who held stock in military-oriented manufacturing companies and a risk of losing control over the Mid East Oil fields they are so heavily invested in.

So, several months later (one year after his appointment to office), in February of 1991, to satisfy the incredible appetite of his investor friends, and in an effort to bolster his declining popularity, and in hopes of creating his personal One World Order, a convenient war was created against Iraq over Kuwait. We were told that Saddam was a threat to the world and told on CNN how the Iraqi soldiers dumped babies out of incubators, crushed them with their boots in front of mothers and nurses and shipped the incubators back to Bagdad to be used for making biological weapons. The images it conjured would horrify any decent human being into backing a war against those 'evil people'.

I was suckered by the propaganda in those days, too, being less wise than today. Two years after that war 'ended' the Incubator stories turned out to be a blatant lie manufactured by Kuwait and the US Government in an attempt to manipulate the people. It was a lie. It never happened. Neither did many of the other atrocities Bush claimed for going to war. But it got Bush what he wanted during his privilege as leader of the United States of America. The media's wrongful and irresponsible reporting cost hundreds of thousands of lives and Gulf War vets are still dying from the exposure to chemicals, not to mention the millions of Iraqi men, women and children who are dead or dying from that and depleted uranium. Itâs a FACT that the Gulf War was fabricated and NOT necessary.

Ten years later another Bush is placed into office, illegally, in the aftermath of incredible and soul-stirring millennium celebrations around the world in which, once again, there was a sense of hope and global peace and unity. Among the most beautiful presentations was performed in Sydney who also hosted the incredible 2000 Summer Olympics. But, again, Bush wouldn't have such hope of peace and unity in the world. Without wars, drugs and oil his family's fortunes would dry up and he'd have to get a real job. The Bush organization knew, too, that no American citizen would ever condone a war of any magnitude against any people simply for the sake of oil, so, like (and for) his father a decade before him who needed a war to bolster his dwindling public approval ratings and take charge of Mid East oil interests, the events of September 11 were conceived and executed to twist their hearts and passions into hate and want of revenge. It worked for a while, but the Americans aren't stupid - I know, I'm one of them.

Bush Jr declared his 'war on terrorism' amid turmoil, shock and utter heartbreak. Under this disguise, he effectively stripped the US people of their Constitution and stops any and all dissent through ages-old fear tactics. Before the dust of the Trade Towers has even settled he has signed a bill preventing any 'unauthorised' research into his administration's dealings and has thwarted every attempt by congress and other organizations to launch a full inquiry into the attacks. The 'war' he claimed, will last around twenty years and cost many American lives (not to mention the millions of lives of every other country involved). Like father, like son. I'ts far too coincidental. The world once again trembles in fear since a Bush has come to control the most powerful arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction and military might on the planet.

Bush has called Australia 'America´s best friend' in his 'war on terrorism'. How convenient - especially since the ANZUS Treaty signed 50 years ago binds the Australians to commit their resources and lives unconditionally to any war the US happened to get into (I'll bet many Australians didn't even know that). From my point of view PM John Howard is between a rock and a hard spot, that is to say, between Bush and Blair. His hands are tied and not only by the convenient wording of the ANZUS Treaty that makes Australia a US resource, rather than a nation.

As you in the (Israeli/US-owned) Australian mainstream Media report lies and half-truths in behalf of the White House from behind your facial preserves and fake expressions remember this: You are the mouth piece of all that occurs in the world from government corruption down to traffic accidents. It's your responsibility to state facts. Otherwise you're jeopardizing the lives of your very own people - family and friends. The ones you get killed through your disinformation and racial/religion slander and profiling may likely be someone close and dear to you and not someone else in a distant land. With Bali, you may have already done it. No government on this planet has power without a mouthpiece. You´re it. Don´t do it to Australia.

Bush is likely to go out of office with a 'big bang' somewhere in the world as a final 'I Told You So' or one last punishment for not doing things His Way. Expect it. But if it happens help those suffered from it, don't shoot at shadows like they want you to. Another Bush will be gone soon and the world can get back on a road to peace and unity. If he's re-elected, well - its going to be a tough, long, depressing road.