The Mystery of the Mandanas

"In 1979 got a hold of Letter and Notes on North American Indians. Two very large Volumes with his writing's and Art. The hate has suppressed and destroyed evidence of European's building and civilization in Mid West.. This is not speculation, but facts... Lewis and Clark, were freaked by the Mandan's, and knew that instinctively they were white. Blue eyes Green eyes, and Blonde brunette hair un mistakable European features. Thanks to George Catlin art work their features still here.. Small Pox and invading attacks by neighboring savages wiped them out by 1849.. The remaining women and children were taken prisoner by Ricarree's, that had been given sanctuary generations before by the Mandan's according to Catlin.. "
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Forbidden History - Covered Up Again !

The eradication of archaeological sites & artifacts where "concealment teams" are being employed to both destroy or seal away from sight any traces of anomalous discoveries
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There is no Good Friday: it was on a Wednesday.

by JAH Publications.

Most people have been wrongly taught and therefore believe that Jesus only taught for 3 and 1/2 years and was crucified at Ishtar of 33AD, so please do not take what I am going to say as something personal against any of you. It is not meant to be taken personally by anyone and is only meant to straighten out the common misunderstanding and set the record straight, as the list is dedicated to truth.

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