Mike Rivero's comments on "the lost tomb of Jesus"

Posted Mar 5, 2007 09:58 AM PST
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The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Discovery Channel

I watched this show last night, and frankly, I was not impressed.

There were three aspects of this program which I found troubling.

The first was that the inscription for Mary was using a Latin pronunciation. This was a time when Rome ruled Judea and we are told by the Bible that Mary survived the death of her son. Why would her own tomb be inscribed with her name in the vernacular of the people she would see as the killers of her son?

Mary was buried in Glastonbury – http://i.am/ jah/glaston.htm

Second, I found it very odd that whereas the still unexcavated tomb was only reachable through a symbolic pipe, the empty tomb that the ossuaries had come from had a concrete-lined access way complete with rebar-rung ladder, As I watched the concrete slab come off revealing the way to the tomb I kept thinking, "How very convenient."

Third and most damning was the reliance on the James Ossuary as a reference to confirm the rest of the ossuaries by comparing patinas, and there is the final problem. While I have no problem with the so-called James Ossuary being the missing 10th ossuary from that original tomb, the fact is that the ENTIRE inscription of the James Ossuary has been determined to be a forgery, complete with faked Patina.  Hence, if the James inscription is a fake, and the patinas match, then the most likely conclusion is that all the inscriptions are faked. Given that the show described Oded Golan as a collector and failed to mention his being charged as a criminal for numerous such antiquities forgeries destroyed the credibility of this program.

Frankly, given his oceanographic works, I am very surprised that James Cameron put his name on this project. - M. R.