America: Freedom to Fascism


A documentary that explores the connection between income tax collection and the erosion of civil liberties in America...

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"I believe deeply in God," Russo explains. "This has been the real source of my strength in fighting cancer - the hope that comes from understanding that God made me for a purpose, and the joy that comes in doing what I believe God made me to do, which is to fight for freedom. I know that someday we'll all cast off these shells we live in, but that we will continue to live. I've come to understand that each of us was made by God with talents and abilities that we are supposed to use in the struggle to promote what is good and right and true. And it's just as clear to me that we have a capacity for evil, and that evil is organized as well - which means that those of us who recognize what God has given us have to organize to defeat evil."

"I just wish the American people had more faith in themselves, and in God," Russo continues. "The top layers of our government and society support the idea of world government and the destruction of our freedom, but that's not true of most Americans. Too many have been intimidated into silence because of a lack of faith - both in God and their own God-given potential. I hope my film will help them look within themselves and find the strength I know is there, and inspire them to take action - now - to save our priceless gift of freedom."


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"America: Freedom to Fascism"

Review by Mike Rivero,

I finally received a DVD of the full length movie, and watched it last night.

The short review is that if Fahrenheit 9-11 won the "Palm D-Or", then "AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM" deserves the whole tree! This is the film that F/9-11 aspired to but failed to be.

Far from the extremist screed that its attackers portray it to be, "America" starts out as a genuinely objective search to find out the reality behind the claims of the Tax Honesty movement. In scene after scene, Aaron Russo tries to get the answer to one simple question; what is the law that requires American workers to pay income tax on their wages and salaries. At every turn, he is rebuffed by IRS officials, with one notable exception. Aaron did secure an interview with former IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen who makes the amazing statement that US Supreme Court rulings are irrelevant when it comes to interpretation and enforcement of the IRS code, and moreover chides Aaron for refusing to "believe" that he owes taxes. By this time, Aaron and the audience are convinced that the Tax Honesty people are onto something!

Numerous examples are given of cases against non-filers collapsing in court when the prosecutions are unable to produce the law they supposedly are in violation of. These are juxtaposed against successful prosecutions in which the judges clearly browbeat the juries into accepting at face value what the prosecutors claim. In one frightening case, a Federal Judge rules from the bench that the government is not under any legal obligation to show any laws it claims are being broken during a trial.

Russo them moves into the police state tactics used by the IRS in enforcement actions, detailing how accusation alone (in this case, false) can trigger the complete ruin of the victims' homes and businesses.

Having laid the foundation that the income tax on wages may be as big a hoax as Iraq's 'nookular' bombs, Russo takes his film into the reality of life in America, where far from the freedom we are told we enjoy, one must get the government's permission to do just about anything these days, while the government watches our every move. With the planned national ID card, things are likely to get worse.

This is a film that will probably give nightmares to those who have not been following the nation's devolution here on the internet for the last several years. The film is a convincer, and Russo has carefully laid out the path for his audience, who will be reluctant to see what Russo sees, to follow.

This is a movie you MUST see. This is a movie the government MUST keep you from seeing. Call your local theaters and ask when it will be showing. When enough people call, the film will be booked, because after all, in America, money rules all. - M. R.