Dating A Volcano

1102 - cdd "Dating A Volcano" 12/29/04
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Wednesday December 29, 2004
Volume 5 Number 235

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Scripture: Romans 1:22
"Claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead" NLT

There have been many claims about the age of the earth over time. The claims are based on assumptions which need a closer look. One way is to study the life cycle of a volcano.

Rarely do volcanologist get to watch the birth, growth, and death of a volcano. Paricutin provided such an opportunity. In a perfectly flat cornfield the eruption began in 1943 and continued for nine years until 1952 reaching a peak of 1,350 feet. Lava flows covered about 10 square miles (25 square km).

The eruption eventually smothered the villages of Paricutin and Parangaricutiro 180 miles west of Mexico City, Mexico.

Sydney P. Clementson, a British engineer, has analyzed the published studies of rock samples from 22 volcanos around the world where it is recorded that the volcanos were formed within the past 200 years.

Radioactive dating showed the ages of the rock samples to be between 100 million to 10 billion years old yet each of these volcanos was born within the last 200 years.

Clementson determined that rocks with a calculated age of millions of years were not reliably dated and were in fact quite young. Furthermore, the ages of these rocks have no relationship to the age of the earth.

Clementson concluded dating methods and ratios used by science are fraught with many assumptions that cannot be checked out and are not a reliable indication of the age of the earth.

All this scientific stuff makes the Bible look better all the time!

Prayer: Father, thank you for the durability of your Bible that continually
is upheld as science struggles with formulas and best guesses. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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