September 11 from 3 B.C. to 2001 A.D.

According to Hebrew scriptures September 11, 1999 was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, and year 1 on the Hebrew calendar.

Most other historic events between those 2,002 years (3 B. C. -1999 A. D.) involve either war or violence.

Following are the significant events of September 11 throughout history:

Sept. 11, 1297: William Wallace leads over 15,000 Scottish soldiers to victory over the English Army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Battle depicted in the film Braveheart.

Sept. 11, 1499: French forces take Milan, Italy, with little opposition. At that time Italy was comprised of regions with city states.

Sept. 11, 1609: Henry Hudson sails into New York harbor and discovers Manhattan Island and the mouth of the river later named in his honor - the Hudson River.

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History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud

History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud
Flamboyant anthropologist falsified dating of key discoveries
Luke Harding in Berlin
Saturday February 19 2005
The Guardian

It appeared to be one of archaeology's most sensational finds. The skull fragment discovered in a peat bog near Hamburg was more than 36,000 years old - and was the vital missing link between modern humans and Neanderthals.

This, at least, is what Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten - a distinguished, cigar-smoking German anthropologist - told his scientific colleagues, to global acclaim, after being invited to date the extremely rare skull.  

However, the professor's 30-year-old academic career has now ended in disgrace after the revelation that he systematically falsified the dates on this and numerous other "stone age" relics.

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Creation vs Evolution Websites

by Brother Bob...

As christian parents, each of us tries to bring up our children in the"nuture and admonition of the Lord" . The very first concept taught in the Bible,
and one we want to pass on to our children is...

"In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen 1:1)

One of my great frustrations is that having taught this timeless and precious truth to my children, the public schools come along and try to "unteach"
this treasure as being myth and foolishness, and substitute the actual myth and foolishness of origins by evolution. Even in kindergarten, and also all the way up through all the public educational system, they try to indoctrinate God and creation out of our children's belief system.

And what do they offer as a "scientific" alternative to Creation and preservation by a loving God? Mindless evolution  by cosmic accidents and billions of years of random chance processes; teaching them that there is no God, and we re nothing more than glorified animals having evolved from primordial slime in the far distant past,  having no moral compass and that there are no absolutes of morality or anything else. Is it any wonder that we are raising a generation of demoralized and suicidal misfits with no reason for living?

This is so unfair, and yet it is part of the worldly society in which we find ourselves. We expect our children to become "educated" and get the skills they will need to succeed in our complex technological society...instead they are being turned into dumbed-down wanderers, adrift in a meaningless universe of atheism, humanism and pleasure-seeking.

So what is the importance of Creation Science in all of this? Creation science takes us back to a belief in the world-view which God has revealed in Genesis. If we got here by random chance, and there is no need to believe in the God of the Bible, then the remainder of the Bible is largely irrelevant. They present "scientific evidence" and theories to prove their ideas, but upon closer examination of the real scientific evidence, it turns out that the science actually proves that we must have had a creator, because what is here is too complex to have just happened by random chance processes. It is into this place that Creation Science comes to show the "real science" which actually proves the need for an intelligent creator, and that this Creator is God.

So as we send our children back into the lions' den for another year, here is a little help from some excellent sources on Creation Science, that our children can perhaps use to counter the false claims of evolutionists, and to show that God is indeed the Great Scientist...The Creator of All That Is, and that you don’t have to check your brain in at the door when you become a christian.

Dating A Volcano

1102 - cdd "Dating A Volcano" 12/29/04
CyberDailyDevotion by Pastor Bill
Wednesday December 29, 2004
Volume 5 Number 235

Today's Author: Pastor Bill Volcano facts sent by John Andreou, ChristianCyberMinistries participant Carol Woodward has generously contributed to support today's  cdd. Thank you

Scripture: Romans 1:22
"Claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead" NLT

There have been many claims about the age of the earth over time. The claims are based on assumptions which need a closer look. One way is to study the life cycle of a volcano.

Rarely do volcanologist get to watch the birth, growth, and death of a volcano. Paricutin provided such an opportunity. In a perfectly flat cornfield the eruption began in 1943 and continued for nine years until 1952 reaching a peak of 1,350 feet. Lava flows covered about 10 square miles (25 square km).

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Scientists Admit: Evolution Not Supported By Facts!

Scientists Admit: Evolution Not Supported By Facts!

"Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless," says Professor Louis Bouroune, former President of the Biological Society of Strasbourg and Director of the Strasbourg Zoological Museum, later Director of Research at the French National Centre of Scientific Research, as quoted in The Advocate, March 8, 1984. On many campuses, any professor who admits having doubts about the "factual" nature of evolution would be laughed off the campus (and out of his job). But today, more and more courageous scientists are publicly admitting what they have known privately for years: believing in evolution requires an act of blind faith.


Whites Were In America Before Columbus, Study Concludes Vinland Map Authenticated

New Haven, Vinland -- A mid-15th century map showing Norse settlement in the United States prior to Columbus has been authenticated by a new study on its ink, CNN today reported. Whites from Europe established colonies in North America starting in the 9th and 10th centuries, and those colonies, in addition to colonies in Greenland, survived into the mid-15th century, when they were destroyed by a combination of changing climate, changing navigability of the seas, and attacks by skraelings -- the Norse word for the eskimo and other "native" people of the North America.

The study, which shows that the ink on the map is consistent with the types of inks used in the Middle Ages, also dated the ink and paper to the 1440s -- approximately 50 years befopre Columbus set sail.

The story of the colonization of North America is found in the Eddas -- ancient Norse stories containing the mystical history of the people of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and their colonies Iceland and Vinland.

The confirmation comes upon other confirmations of white presence in North America prior to 1492, particularly the discovery of rune stones and other nordic artifacts in areas such as Minnesota.

Other evidence of white settlement of the Americas as early as 3000 BC has been sytematically destroyed by the US government under pressure from "Native" Americans, who view the claim of white settlement in North America prior to 1492 as a direct threat to their claim of privileged status.

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Renowned archaeologist admits to planting finds

Same thing in Ireland with the Archaeologist's Liars' Club falsely dating
everything to the Stone-Age instead of the correct dating to the Iron-Age:-

Help the truth be brought to light by sending in the request form at:-


SENDAI (Kyodo) A leading archaeologist admitted Sunday he fabricated the discovery in Miyagi Prefecture of stoneware at first believed to be more than 600,000 years old by burying the objects himself.

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Some facts about the 1500s

EDIT: "Facts" About the 1500s?

by Halvor Moorshead

For the last couple of years an item has been circulating around the Internet about so-called Facts about the 1500s (sometimes 1600s). A quick search using the search-engine Google pointed to over 400 websites that were carrying this piece. Interesting reading. The problem is that most of it is completely invented. The original author is not credited in any of the versions we have seen. Here we present the original version and our attempt to correct the errors.

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Evidence Britons Were In The US In The 6th Century

Christopher Columbus not first???

Also see: Columbus did NOT discover America

From: Bob Jones

Gee, The jews* have con-trolled the media since day 1! More & more evidence keeps coming up (As Prophesied!) of the FALSE HISTORY the jews have distorted & created out of thin air, much like they do FRN's!!! The jews* are the Main Book Burners of History, like the Alexandrian Library, their Biggest destructive act! They have been the "Scribes" down thru History. Always changing a little here & a little there until our own Scriptures have between 20,000 & 30,000 Miss-translations & they removed those Holy Books from originally 163 down to 78 & added 2 false Books for a total of 80! They completely "Make up" events, none more funny or sad depending on how you look at it than the "Holohoax"! The Anti-Christ jews* have a saying; "If you tell a LIE long enough, it becomes the Truth"! Only a child of satan could think like that, & so they are! Anyway, enjoy the Read of another piece of True History for the children of YHVH, the White Race! MBJ P.S. The reason the phony story of Ole Chris Columbus is "Pushed" in the jew con-trolled phony school system, rather then the Vi-kings, everyone knowing full well they were in America at least 500 years before Columbus, is because he was a jew, not Italian, & 1492 marks the year the Sephardic jews were kicked out of Spain & Columbus was commissioned to take the jews to the Americas, primarily New York in the North & Rio De Janeiro in the South! Other

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