Mass Manipulation

by Steve Manning

I hope this finds all of the Strait Truth forum well and in good spirit.

Many have claimed religion is the opiate of the masses. Since an opiate "distorts one view of reality" this is a correct statement.

Humans rely on religion to rationalize and justify their belief in fairy tales.

Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are actually part of the apostate modern day christian belief system.

Most christians who accept modern day teachings disregard the fact these holi-days, stolen obviously from the Creator's Holy Days, are steeped in pagan origins.

Pagan origins, a belief system separate from the actual Truth found in the teachings of our Creator. Pagan people, those outside of the Truth of the Creator.

Humans also use religion to wait on fairy tale events such as the rapture. This event, an event which is always in the future, makes it possible for millions of so called followers of the Christ, the spiritual SON to remain blind and dumb. They use these children's stories to dismiss their accountability of our sins.

We have all witnessed video footage of the recent Tsunami events.

I was dumbfounded to witness a man standing at the ocean's shore watching one of the waves approaching him. Like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle he stood their frozen, unable to comprehend his impending doom. Sure enough he was overcome by the wave and disappeared into the water never to be seen again. This reminded me of the millions of christians who wait on their savior to rapture them away from a world they are helping destroy. This man was dragged back into the sea. If christians don't wake up REAL SOON they will be washed away as well.

All mass manipulation has a delivery system.

Opiates must be injected or inhaled.

Tsunami's are caused by a disruption to the ocean floor. (Evil mankind has the technology to do this)

Modern day christianity, churchianity, is delivered by and controlled by the adversary Satan. Satan calls upon his minnions to deliver his lies either in person or via the greatest delivery system of this time, television.

Ah, the modern marvel television. Visions implanted via electronic signal and accepted through the eyes and ears of a human.

Television has been, and will be used to rewrite history and educate a dumbed down human race into believing fair tales and lies of the greatest proportion.

For nearly 45 days after all the christians gave thanks on thanksgiving, another lie, they were inundated with subliminal messages as to why they should run out and spend their money on behalf of a jolly old st. nick. Like good little slaves they cut down millions of trees, adorned them with silly trinkets and worshipped commercialism and Satan himself.

I watch television to study the many ways the power elite, minnions of the adversary to our Creator, program the masses.

This delivery system is now being used to educate men they are inadequate and must succomb to the fact that women women should run the world and the household which was once a man's castle. Remember the Garden!!!!

This delivery system is used to program christians into believing they will be raptured out of this mess we have created. It is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

This delivery system is used to promote the empowerment of children and the secondary position of parents.

This system teaches entire nations they should worship their local sports team, dress up like them and act like barbarians once they leave this temple called stadiums.

This delivery system educates humans to act a certain way, believe a certain way and most importantly not to react in THE WAY our Creator desires.

Recently I watched a show created by the BBC called Smallpox. I was amazed by the usage of occultism numbers and the PsyOp [Psycholo intent of this show. This show was used to program the masses into acepting the fact
many will die as a result of this smallpox pandemic.

Most of the sheeple who watched this will not remember the U.S. and Russia have strains of smallpox in hidden and top secret labs.

Most will never realize it will be evil elite satanic minnions who will release this into this world.

Most will remember they should run out and take a vaccination which supposedly will save you.

Another show I viewed last evening was aired by the History channel. Think about that for just one second. HIS-story. HIS-story being rewritten by men to confuse and program the masses.

The subject of this show was 911. I was so disgusted by the outright lies and conclusions of the 911 Whitewash Commission I was unable to watch the entire show.

Unfortuanely the masses, especially American masses will never come to the Truth. 911 was planned and carried out by evil powerful men and women of various governments whose intent is to kill you or enslave you.

Please know this; Afganistan and Iraq would still be sovereign nations had 911 not occurred.

911 should not be a rallying cry to invade other nations. Instead it should be a rallying cry to effect change within our own nation.

Like an onion the programming techniques of the evil comes in layers. One layer, one lie, leads to another and another.

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit within and without is the only tool which enables human-Beings to peel away the layers upon layers of lies. Without this Holy or Separating Spirit you will continue to be lead by evil swine who are NOT BLIND unto your death or enslavement.

The Scriptures tell us a Remnant SHALL BE saved. This Remnant will not be saved because they deserve it. bWe are all guilty. By the grace of the Guardian of Divinity (GOD) they will be saved because their eyes and ears were opened by the Spirit. They will be saved
because they came out of this world and allowed the Spirit to deliver the Truth of another world where Truth exists.

Our Creator begs His creation to come out of her, this harlot world. HE does not say HE will take you out.

You must initiate. You must maintain.

HE will respond.

Pray, in private, that the Spirit within and without will be opened up to you. Stop depending on illusions and lies which will only assure your destruction.

Fast, in private, to reduce the carnal impact. It will allow the Spirit to lead you out of Egypt and into a Remnant and a promised land.

Most importantly, stop visiting those buildings with horns sticking out of the roof. More importantly STOP financing their takeover and deception.

Do not sit idly by. Take action. Embrace change.

Identify and recognize the Being you truly are.

If you are mislead by delivery systems such as television TURN IT OFF. If you can see through the haze and maneuver through the maze help wake up others. If they won't listen shake the dust off your feet and move on to some who may. Many are hungry for
the Truth. They just have not found someone to share it with them.

There is a teacher, a prophet and a SON on this site [The JAH Homepage] who can show you how to break the bondage, who can open your eyes and ears. Listen to HIM.

His name is JAH. Find him and pay close attention.

Time is running out brethren.

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