Essential reading: Open letter to the Publisher and President of The Chronicle

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Subject: Essential reading !
Ms. Guinnane's letter arrived by email. If you haven't read it, please do so. Carefully. And take it very seriously. This country is in jeopardy and you and your fellow journalists bear much of the blame.  By hiding or distorting the truth about many important events and issues, you have created delusion after delusion. When one attempts to say "Press Watchdog" or "All the news fit to print" now, it evokes a gag reflex. We need some heros in yo
ur ranks. Somehow throw off your yokes and report the truth! With a clear picture of the situation, this country can find its way back. Without it, we are lost. - Don Stacey 



Marilyn A. Guinnane
Washoe Valley, NV 89704

October 3, 2003

Stephen B. Falk, Publisher and President
The Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA  94103

Dear Mr. Falk:

Despite my current address, I am old San Francisco.  My family on both sides goes back to the 1850s.  I know what the spirit of San Francisco used to be, and should be still.  I was there in the seventies when you, yes, your very own Chronicle, exposed the CIA as being the biggest dope running organization in the world.  It was, in my view, your finest hour.  Because it's true, you know. I am acquainted with pilots who flew for Air America, who were flying illicit heroin into this country on behalf of the CIA.  It was known in certain circles but no one had the guts to expose it, save you.  What a hero newspaper!  At least, back then, before you succumbed to a corporate buy-out.

There aren't any great newspapers left in the United States, of course.  They have all become corporate whores.  So that if Blake was right in that truth is beauty and beauty is truth , there certainly are a lot of step-sister journalists out there, and not a single Cinderella, writing for the mainstream press.  The whore press.

You don't dig for the truth about what really happened on September 11 because your 'master' wouldn't approve.  You don't lambaste that imposter sitting in the White House for launching a pre-emptive strike on a little third world country that had done absolutely nothing to us, because you fear reprisals from our Machiavellian government.  You don't expose the depleted uranium holocaust that we've unleashed with our made-in-America weapons while we rain terror on helpless sitting duck countries.  For decades you have ignored the massive ongoing theft by the blatantly unconstitutional Federal Reserve system.  You have neglected to uncover the reason for all these seemingly insane shootings that take place, coast to coast, in that these shooters are mind-controlled, victims of a program implemented by the CIA called MK Ultra, and the reason for turning out murderers en masse is to destroy our second amendment.  What's easier to dominate than an unarmed populace, after all?

You of the press have wholly failed in your duty to inform Americans.  What you've become adept at doing instead is kow-towing.  Oh yes, you play it safe by dancing with the devil.  Perhaps once in a while you're able to sneak a tidbit in, a casual hint of what's really going on, for of course you know.  You have a nose for ferreting out the truth.  It's why you got into journalism.  But sneaking a hint of this or that isn't enough.   

The U.S.A. is being brought to her knees by what has come to be known as the Global Elite.  The thirteen ruling families.  They are pushing globalization, 'New World Order', on us and because the press has failed to ignite a fire beneath the somnolent public's behinds, we have become a different order of sitting duck than the poor people of Afghanistan and Iraq, but sitting ducks just the same, at the mercy of the most insidiously monstrous act of tyranny ever to come down the pike, the painful extraction of our nation's autonomy.

Perhaps not of your own volition, you have nevertheless become a disgrace to your profession.  All of you.  Every mainstream so-called journalist---and that goes double for the imitation journalists on television, the talking heads.   
We need the truth, more so now than ever before in humanity's history.  And there you sit, hamstrung.  Impotent.  Pathetic ghosts of what you could have been, though buried somewhere behind the corporate ball and chain that enslaves you, lurks real newspaper men and women.

Find a way , damn it.  Find a way to do your job and inform America.  The hour grows late.  To quote singer Bob Dylan, "It's not dark yet, but it's gettin' there."


Marilyn A. Guinnane

Gary W. Randazzo, Executive VP
Phil Bronstein, Executive VP
Robert J. Rossenthal, Executive VP
Nardo Zacchino, Deputy Ed.
Ken Altine, Assoc. Mng. Ed.
Joan Diaz, Ed. Page Ed.
Nanette M. Bisher, Creative Dir.

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