Babylon The great City / To muse is to think. Amuse is no think.

To muse is to think. Amuse is no think. Amusements inhibit thinking. Actors, entertainers, ball players, journalists, moviemakers, cartoonists, novelists, evangelists, pornographers, lawyers, accountants and others are highly rewarded with paper money to keep us from thinking about such things as below:

Do you understand that this IS a conquered country?

The first objective of conquest was to control communications.

The second was to clean out the banks and you should know that the gold and silver could not have been taken without control of press, airwaves, schools and churches.

The third was to convince the people that paper is as good as gold. Fait accompli!

The fourth was to convince the majority that they will be jailed and their property confiscated if they don't waive their rights.

ALL who file tax returns or buy licenses waive their rights.

ALL tax returns have false information. on the farce of July, we celebrated the Fed's independence, according to Ronal Reagan.

Police and military ALL work without pay.

The sole function of Lincoln's legal tender acts was to get labor without paying for it. There is a booklet on the web showing the trickery used by Lincoln administration to gain acceptance of his legal tender green backs. Ask for site."There is no more surer, more subtle means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency" --John Maynard Keynes

The Fed admits 100 per cent debasement when they said their system (same as Russia and China's) "works only with credit". Credit is nothing, government pays for nothing. We have a new language, new religion, new lawmakers and countless new laws of which many are unwritten but ruthlessly enforced.

All ten planks of Marx's Communist Manifesto are law, the Constitition is dead with Art.1, Sec.10 ignored, it determies who is master and who is servant. Americans are amused, confused, defused, chlorinated, fluoridated, indoctrinated, intimidated, regulated, incarcerated, castrated, exasperated, decimated, diseased, divided and conquered.

You have just read part of the facts. Want the rest? SEE WHY WE MUST BE DISARMED??? See why population must be reduced?

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