Fundamentalism  SBS nails it down.



Many people will not realise that it is fundamental Christians that are driving disastrous world events.  

People do not realise that it is fundamental Christians that support (the Jewish State in) Israel and oppose any opposition to them.

Why?  You may ask.  Because they are feverously working to see the end times within their lifetime.  They are actively working to bring about the end of the world as we know it, the Battle of Armageddon and all the "end times" beliefs.

Bush and the American establishment are getting away with unprecedented murder because they are backed by this particular fundamentalism.

It is time that sane Christians and the rest of the world rejected this religious insanity.

The enemy is within the gates and he has the support of a compliant popular media, no doubt driven by either fundamentalism or greed irrespective of the possible outcome.

Realising this, it answers the questions as to why the churches are totally silent.  If nothing else there is a dollar in it for them from an increasing flock.  Organised religion has a lot to answer for, but nothing as cataclysmic as what is going on at the moment.

If you want proof, ask SBS to repeat the first episode of the special on Bush and the US administration shown on 22 July 2004, Tuesday night at 8.30. Then be sure to view the follow up next Tuesday.

We all need to ask the question of our local member of Parliament, where he or she stands, are they in support of this fundamental insanity?  Is this the real reason they have got us involved in the middle east disaster?

Regards, Joe Bryant.

PS;  If anybody has a copy of the Bush Documentary mentioned above I would appreciate a copy of it.

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