Isn't It Our Turn To Win?

I have lived through presidential elections since 1934. No matter who was elected president I do not recall even once where we, the voters, won. In the current TV popularity contest newsfermercials we are continually inundated with castigations by pundits from both sides warning us about how much worse off we will be if the bad guys on the other side win. As far as I can remember it has pretty much been this way for the past 70 years and so far the pundits on the losing side have been right every time, why should we expect it to be better in 2004?

When I get on the internet I find the same thing, supporters on both sides purport to be unbiased while they detail all the dirt on the bad guy on the other side. There is no end to the exposures of how bad Bushwhacker has done and I agree that it could not be much worse than it is but it isn't tomorrow yet. In all of these attacks there is one great glaring omission, no one points out who is actually at fault for the mess we are in.

The worse bad guy of all is not this president nor any past president, the worse bad guy of all is us, we are the ones guilty and it is about time we accepted responsibility and did something effective about it.

Think back over all the bad things which have been said about all the past bad presidents (I know, that is somewhat redundant), no matter which bad thing which might be your pet peeve credited to which past president is your favorite bad guy, how was it that your favorite historical bad guy was able to do the bad thing you hate the most without the bad thing being implemented or authorized by Congress? Bushwhacker could not have gone far with his war if Congress had not implemented it. Bushwhacker could not have signed the several so called Patriot Acts if Congress did not first pass the unconstitutional legislation. The new Department of Homeland (in)Security (US Gestapo) could not exist if Congress did not create it. Bushwhacker could not squander the billions upon billions which Bushwhacker is squandering on his war if Congress did not first authorize it. The hundreds of our young which have been and are being killed in Bushwhacker's war would not be dead and dying if Congress did not first enable it.

Contrary to the misinformation put out by self appointed patriots, the office of President of the United States does not function as a dictator. All of the terrible deeds of every president had to be first authorized by Congress.

It makes little difference which candidate is appointed by those who the conspiratorial pundits claim manipulate such things. It makes no real difference if the national elections are postponed or cancelled as we now are being prepared for. The only thing which really makes a difference is whether we are going to do something about it in a way which can be effective.

Forget worrying about who is appointed to the office of President! It is time that we held those with the real power accountable, our Congressmen, without the complicity of our Congressmen the office of President is fairly impotent. There are very few current Congressmen (or women) who have not greased the way for Bushwhacker. It is time to turn them all out. Forget your political parties, when did they ever really do you any good? If there is a third party candidate running, vote for him/her. If no third party then at least vote against the Congressional incumbent by voting for his opposition. In this way we can send the most potent message possible to Congress, that we are fed up with their Congressional crap and we aren?t taking it any more!


Yadu Alipuria

The ONLY remedy is to enforce The Plan against the NWO congress-critters and reinstate God's Law:-

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