Harry Potter Books

Dear Christian, This is the most evil thing I have laid my eyes on in 10 years.... and no one seems to understand its threat. The Harry Potter books are THE NUMBER ONE selling children's books in the nation today. Just look at any Barnes & Noble or Waldenbooks storefront. Go to Amazon. com and read the reviews. Hear the touting by educators and even Christian teachers about how "It's great to see the youth so eagerly embracing the reading experience!"

Harry Potter is the creation of a former UK English teacher who promotes witchcraft and Satanism. Harry is a 13 year old 'wizard.' Her creation openly blasphemes Jesus and God and promotes sorcery, seeking revenge upon anyone who upsets them by giving you examples (even the sources with authors and titles) of spells, rituals, and demonic powers. I think the problem is that parents have not reviewed the material. The name seems harmless enough... Harry Potter. But that is where it all ends.

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