A Much Greater Prize

Found on the net,
July 26, 2006

The face of a Zionist (counterfeit-)Jewish girl, ably captured by a passing Reuters cameraman, radiates wondrous joy as she writes her name, "with love", on a missile of death. Moments later, the object of her erotic fascination smashes and shatters the bodies of two Lebanese toddlers near a playschool, whose only crime was not belonging to the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9). The missiles were made in "Christian" America and were delivered by "Christian" American hardware.

 The outlaw state of (counterfeit-)Israel, rapaciously conceived in the blood of native Palestinians and in mocking disobedience to God's biblical prohibition on a Jewish homeland, continues to disfigure and distort this fallen creation, filling the world with a vile and cankering stench of death and a darkness so pernicious that it blackens the fairest of hearts. Yet not one nation has rallied to the defence of Lebanon, neither Arab nor European, neither Asian nor Pan-American. Oh, I heard the cynically nuanced calls for restraint and saw the scented garlands heaped on high by the scabrous, money-obsessed, mentally ill prostitutes that have the barefaced effrontery to call themselves national leaders.

 It is taken as said that American Congressmen and Senators, British Members of Parliament, Germany's elected representatives and the parasitic vermin that crawl steaming from the dung-heap of the European Soviet's nomenklatura hold their richly lubricated anal passages wide-open at all hours for every passing Zionist huckster. It is no stretch to say that the mouthpieces of this loathsome New World Order, massively subsidised by the (counterfeit-)Jewish money power and boasting among their ranks Fabian Marxist and liberal filth indentured to the BBC, The Guardian, The Observer and The New York Times, are also only too eager to suck and swallow until they are kicked spitting and choking back into their holes.

 But what stirs me the most in my rage is the deafening sound of silence on the part of the British ( http://jahtruth.net/britca.htm ) and American people (http://jahtruth.net/amerca.htm ), because it was the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic and Gaelic tribes that God far-sightedly blessed through Father Abraham ( http://jahtruth.net/abraham.htm ), making of them the "people of the promise", more numerous than the stars and predestined to take legal stewardship of his earthly creation for all eternity. Yet true Israel, the Israel of George Washington, William Shakespeare, John Wesley, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Hardy, William Wallace, Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain, has grown fat in Egypt and has all but surrendered to sloth and indifference, hardly perceiving the distant crack of Pharaoh’s whip and the faintly whispered rumours of slavery close at hand.

 The British and American people have had over three years to apprehend the war criminals Tony Blair and George Bush and punish them in accordance with God’s perfect laws handed down to us by Moses and sanctioned by the Geneva Convention. Three hundred million British and American adults break the law every day by failing to arrest and execute these evil men in accordance with humane international laws that have the consent of God. Yet these monsters still live, breathe, laugh, eat and defecate. Their hearts have not been mortally stilled and their mouths have not been stopped to bring about a cessation of their wicked lies and murderous schemes.

 While evil (counterfeit-)Jewish Zionists, who ritually urinate on Christian Bibles and the Cross of Calvary as part of their IDF "political training", shatter the limbs of Palestinian babies and rip the life out of Lebanese children as they cavort in a world of joy and innocence, millions of junk-addicted Britons and Americans are either given over to the hypnotising perversions of television or the equally mesmerising abominations of apostate Christianity, both systemics of which are mutually complementary, one giving image to the other, the Beast.

 How deceived my people have become; how they bespeak good of evil and evil of good (Isa. 5:20). And though you may protest, I discern you protest too much; for every nation is apportioned the government it deserves, and if your government be evil, it is because you, in your cowardice, are evil. If your nation has become a cesspit, a dumping ground for every foul creature from every corner of the earth and your house has become a Babel of many tongues, a place of fear and confusion and violence and disease, it is because you failed to challenge the lies of the hatemongering multiculturalist Zionist entity, preferring instead not to bite the Ashkenazi (counterfeit-)Jewish hand that feeds you and pulls your politically-correct chain.

 Or you bought into the malicious deception sold to you by your pastor, who knowingly chose not to tell you about the difference between Jew and Judean, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, Kennite and Edomite. You actually believe that the Jews of our age are genetically related to the Judeans of Christ's ministry in the flesh, and that they in turn were of pure Hebrew stock. You may never have heard of the Greek translation of the Septuagint, even though it was from these texts that Jesus quoted and not the deliberately skewed literature written by (counterfeit-)Jews more in love with Lucifer's pornographic Talmud than with the Word of God. You swear by the Judaized King James Bible, despite its 20,000 translation errors, because some television evangelist with white teeth and a whoring luxury wife told you to read it in conjunction with the fraudulent (counterfeit-)Jewish-financed Scofield Reader, or burn in hell.

 You’re Rapture-ready and you've got the DVD to prove it. You're a Promise Keeper, a soldier in Joel's Army; it's Armageddon time and a cheque is in the post to (counterfeit-)Israel. But listen to my words of warning, Brother Israelite, and listen very carefully. Each and every Christian, so-called, who assists in any shape, form or fashion the Zionist Ashkenazim or the birthright-stealing Edomites who call themselves Judeans but are not (Rev. 2:9), and who therefore drunkenly partakes in drinking the blood of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi babies and children, all the while singing the praises of evil, Antichrist (counterfeit-)Israel, will have his or her name unceremoniously removed from the Book of Life without appeal.

 Cross your heart and hope to die you may, but if you follow viciously reprobate and demonically possessed men such as John Hagee, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey, all of whom preach the Zionist (counterfeit-)Jewish doctrine of violence, greed, deception and theft -- a doctrine written in the blood of Ishmael's children by the pen of Satan -- you are following them down the broad, dominionist path to destruction and Yahweh will shed not one tear for your soul, because He never knew you.

 Enabling in any way, morally or financially, the premeditated murder of innocent Arab children in pursuit of profit, geopolitical gain and a mischievously carnal interpretation of sacred and unknowable eschatology is blasphemy against the Spirit of God, and this will not be forgiven, neither in this world nor in the next.

 Now is the time for all men and women of good virtue, Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, Australians, Scots, Welsh, New Zealanders, Irish and others of an ethnic European heritage to hear the voice of their King, who is Christ Jesus, and who gave his life on the cross to free you from the curse of Satan's people ( http://jahtruth.net/passnot.htm ). Now is the time appointed unto you to rally to the standard, unfurl the flag ( http://jahtruth.net/christfg.htm ) and tilt your sword at the lawless and barbaric New World Order.

 Let none say that his life of comfort and easy pleasures is so precious that he is not prepared to lose it for a much greater prize. For I tell you this, though I be ageing and ailing terribly in health, and yet that I am also the least among you and in the eyes of God a burden of disappointment and a failure of spirit and promise, I, shall fight with you, and I shall fight to the death.

 From the foothills of the Taunus in my adopted, beloved German homeland to the vast open plains of America the Beautiful, from the sacred shores of Galloway and Connacht to the Great Divide of the Antipodes, let all free men and women of True Israel who remember their God and mourn their ancestry cry out in the name of Our Lord Christ Jesus:

 "I shall not go down on bended knee and hand my children over to the Zionist money power. I shall no longer toil on this plantation or pay tribute to the usurious Prince of this World and his demonic puppet system of parliaments and debating chambers, trading blocs and treasonous committees. I shall not give heed to those who preach a false gospel and articulate a Satanic, Antichrist dominion in my name. I shall neither bless nor assist those who murder the children of another kin, for though the ways of such children are different to mine, God has ordained it so, each nation being judged separately, each race unto its own. I shall never kiss the whip of my tormentors, for I am not a slave; nor shall I sell them my soul for a potter's field of worldly gain. I shall make of these murderers and liars mine enemy, and though all around me are fallen in battle, my sword will find no resting place until I have destroyed the New World Order."

 "For this is my destiny and the destiny of My People, written in the stars long before I was born."



The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, 7;7;7 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm

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