The Ark of The Covenant at Tara. JAH's radio interview with LMFM radio, Drogheda.

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Help us to recover The "lost" Ark of The Covenant.

This radio interview was broadcasted in the year 2000. Since then John Gormley has replaced Sile de Valera as the Minister for Heritage.

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barryw's picture

mercy seat

Hi all...I am an American, I love the Brits and the Irish and the Scots. We are all brothers and family of the house of Israel and I believe the Irish are the bloodline of Judah. I must tell you though you will never find the ARC in the British Isles. You see Christ's blood literally had to be spilled on the seat of the ARC just as the blood of all the pass over lambs that were sacraficed over the years.This sacrafice pointed to the future when Christ would be sacraficed for our sin. The Arc of the covenant is buried directly underneath the post hole where Christ was crucified. It has been found by an American but the jews will not say anything about it. The jews have tried to bring it out but thier attempts have always ended in fatalities. When it is time the ARC will be shown to the world. Remember the blood and the water and the spirit will be a witness for us all!


Danny's picture

Abraham and Isaac

Hello Barry,

Thank you for your post.

The majority of the Northern Irish are Judahites from the Zarah branch. The majority of the Irish (South/Eire) are Danites. They trace their ancestry back to the Tuathaa de Danaan, which literally means the Tribe of Dan/Danites.

You can read more about this here:-

It was Abraham's sacrifice of his miracle son Isaac that foreshadowed Christ's sacrifice, way before any animal blood was ever sprinkled on the Mercy Seat. There was no Ark then. As there was no Ark in the 2nd Temple, or anywhere else at that time in the Land called Israel, later on.

"So they had broken the contract and were not giving God's Demonstration, as they had promised, and would not be able to help God to bring the Gentiles into the Kingdom, as there was nothing worth joining. The system had become no better than a gentile one.

The curse then came into force. Under The Covenant were blessings for keeping the contract and penalty clauses or "Curses" for breaking the contract. As they had broken the contract they came under The Curse (penalty clause) and that curse was death, for the whole nation. They had already sold themselves back into slavery, and poverty and death was to follow.

So, once again the nation needed to be freed from slavery and death, just like in the Passover in Egypt, 1500 years before.

As The Covenant came into being because Abraham did not withhold his "miracle" son Isaac, the ONLY way to save the entire nation from death, was for God to annul (cancel) the contract and the ONLY way He could do that, was by sacrificing His own "miracle" Son from the "Virgin-birth", unless the nation accepted His Son's Sovereignty and returned to His Laws and their duty under the Old Covenant, accepted at Sinai, in Horeb.

This they refused to do, so the contract had to be cancelled and the only way to do that was for God's Son to be sacrificed, instead of the whole nation.

The New Contract (Testament) then came into existence for those who wanted "Life" and freedom. It was necessary to sacrifice THE "Lamb" to free the people from slavery, poverty and death under the curse and under men's evil laws in the Jewish Talmud, and return them to freedom, under God's Laws, in the Bible, once again; under the New Covenant (Testament)."

You can read more about this here:-

And more about Jeremiah and Teia Tephi's journey to Ireland with the Ark here:-

One of the good reasons the Ark was taken to safety to Ireland was so that it would help confirm, at the right time, what you wrote in your post:- "We are all brothers and family of the house of Israel".


Peace be with you,


As it gets Darker, more will seek The Light -

Antony's picture


More fodder for Identity Christians and their delusional theorizing. That or tendentious (and profitable) drivel from the Oirish Tourist Board. I suppose it could always be a scam traceable to the misinformation sources we wouldn;t normally trust in a month of Sundays. Surely not......

Since I am no christian, and am naturally sceptical of this sort of claim (christianity itself being little more than the bastard son the Jewish Old Testament), you will permit me to say how odd I find it that fear of encroaching world government (communism) can at the same time endorse an essentially communistic religion.

We in the North have our own gods. Indeed we would probably have been invulnerable to the emotional blackmail internationalism is using to wreck western society today had we stuck to them. I wish the black man and asian well - but he is not my 'brother', and I am not his.

Finally to 'Mercy Seat'. You my hapless friend are the precise target audience for this and other lies - dim, uneducated and American. You talk of 'Brits, the Irish and the Scots'. Pardon me for the history lesson, as I'm sure you meant no harm by the insult it is, but 'British' means all three. 'Britain' is itself a political confederation of four DISTINCT nations (including Welsh and Ulster; 'Scots-irish' being another made up identity sycophantic American academics unworthy of the name are now pressing to have recognized).

The people you call 'British' are in fact ENGLISH. You may remember them. They kick-started your country.... I mention it only because it would suit us very nicely if you and yours got your heads out of your arses and just for once did us the courtesy of recognizing the fact.

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