Architect Richard Gage on the 9/11 WTC collapses.

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Very interesting interview.

Very interesting interview. I would like to see his reaction to the 9/11 Myths Debunked articles and tv shows. If he could go point-by-point, explaining why they are wrong...then he would have a strong argument.

If the government knew the planes were going to crash into the trade center, is it possible to use a limited amount of nano-thermite to start a collapse? The main argument against the controlled-demo theory is that too much work would need to be done. If a experimental-grade, U.S. Military developed, incendiary material was placed on key structural segments with the fore-knowledge of a plane collision...could this be possible? I am no architectural/structural engineer nor an expert in explosive devices, but this hypothesis could squelch the argument against controlled-demolition.

Frank Brown
Immigration lawyer
Seattle, WA

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