200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life

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Last winter we had a very heavy snow storms. It was clear up to the windows. My son went out to get a path so if we had to get out we could. Came in and where he walked I saw white dust. Here in Grove, OK. I did not have a way to have it tested. Now this summer we have to change our filter on the air conditioner every week due to the dust. Had new windows that sealed better, and fixed doors to seal better, even had the ducks and heating unit cleaned. The fan was so bad, it was taken to the car wash to get it cleaned. dust was caked where the heater and air conditioner so cleaned it out when the fan was being cleaned. Still getting a lot of dust. I know it is coming from the chemitrails. I see the planes all the time.

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Planes naturally emmit aerosol particles which will aggravate new cloud formations. Scientific papers already details how plane-traffic create more clouds and change the climate on earth. No need for fancy ideas about massive chemical spraying from special tubes when it's already happening from regular jet engines.

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