Death of the Gulf Stream?

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Safe Haven

I am searching for a person or persons, who would like to have a "place to go" that probably will not be affected by this man made ice age, at least for quite some time. And have some moderate amount of those rapidly depreciating US dollars that they would be willing to invest before they become worth less than CharminTP....
I have 40+ acres of beautiful land with stone house (and even a swimming pool) just outside San Marcos Nicaragua.
This is the perfect location, about 27 miles from the international airport in the capital city Managua, good high altitude, (coffee growing country) and in the municipality of San Marcos which is a University town.. I have owned this finca for almost 12 years and it is free and clear and the taxes are paid to date.
We invested a lot of money in this property in 1999 - 2000, but after my husband's death I am not able to continue to build the alternate health clinic that I had planned.
I need people who want to leave the target zone of the US and have the aptitude and creativity to take advantage of many unusual opportunities that exist in this particular Central American country.
Anyone interested please drop me a line.
englishvinal [at] yahoo [dot] com

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aiheeseen liittyvä video clippi :D

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