How safe is South Africa for its Anglo-Saxon Celtic and Boer Brit-ish/ Israelite* People?

by JAH

found on Usenet

* The word British is not English in origin, but Hebrew and means Covenant-man - Brit means Covenant and ish means man. In other words Israelite, with whom God made His Covenant at Sinai, where, via Moses, He gave His Law and the people swore to keep it forever. The Covenant includes benefits/blessings for keeping it and penalty-clauses/curses for breaking it.

The people of South Africa are suffering distress and looking around, in all the wrong places for, but not finding, answers and a leader to lead them in safety to freedom, and, of course, the ONLY person who can do that is God with and through His Anointed.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Normally, when a people are in distress and want to send a "Distress Signal"; in the hope that someone will see it and come to their rescue; they fly their flag upside-down.

The reason for my chicken and egg question is, that the South African flags have been, from their beginning, spiritually upside-down and thus an offence to God, and offending God is actually the cause of their distress.

God made an oath to protect His and any people who keep His Covenant and Laws in The Bible. If the people are in distress, it is because He has removed His protection, because they have broken His Covenant, rejected His Laws, and flying their flags with the colours upside down lets Him know that they are in rebellion against Him. Thus they come under the penalty-clauses/curses.

The 1928-1994 South African flag has the orange ground where heaven should be and heaven where the orange ground should be on the flag, thus reversing the order of their importance to the people.

Blue is God's colour and so, like the heaven above and God looking down over His people, it should be at the top of the flag, where the people look up to it and know it symbolises God looking over them and protecting them, as long as they obey Him.

The white represents the clouds in between and the orange or red represents the "blood-soaked earth" Earth, which has become Satan's (the Red Devil's) domain (Rev. /Apoc. 12:1-9), because the people have disobeyed God and not kept God's Covenant and Law, where Satan walks to and fro (1 Peter 5:8) seeking to devour and destroy, YOU (along with your ecological life-support-system).

Thus, to gain God's protection and not insult Him, you should keep The Covenant and His Laws and place the blue part of the flag on top with the white in the middle and the orange or red on the bottom, showing that God is the Lord over His people and Satan is not.

To the world; that is used to seeing the old flag upside down; this reversal would look like a distress signal, which it would be - a distress signal asking God for His help. To God it would be recognition that His people in their affliction have seen their error, acknowledged their sin and have corrected it, placing Him back in His rightful place, whereupon He would keep His promise to protect them, if they keep His Covenant and Laws.

Keeping The Covenant, according to the Messiah/Christ/Mahdi, means that, to become one of the "Elect" and be allowed to survive, you must learn "The New Song" (Rev. /Apoc. 14:3 & 15:3; note well 5:9) and, when the time is right, sing (Live) it in Gibr-ALTAR (please see my "God told Isaiah [His Prophet to you], 'Let the Inhabitants of The Rock sing, The New Song' - The Song of Moses and The Lamb" Book - ).

As a "Sign", of South Africans' renewed commitment to keeping The Covenant, when they make that very serious commitment, the flag will have to be inverted (to demonstrate that the People agree that God and not Satan should rule Heaven and Earth).

The next step will be the hardest for everyone on Planet Earth to come to terms with; after 2000 years of expectantly waiting, mistakenly, for the body with holes in its hands to return (to understand how everyone is mistaken, please see my "On The Way to Emmaus Again" Booklet) ; and that will mean the 144,000 "Elect" recognising the returned Messiah/Christ/Mahdi, inside his new body, as not only their (your?) but also Gibraltar's; the entire Brit-ish People's; the U. S.A.' s; their historical allies' and the Commonwealth's and Ireland's True and Rightful King - JAH (Ezekiel 21:26-27).

P. S. In the meantime please read my Books and Booklets; open your spiritual "eyes"; learn the "New Song" and remember to watch this space.


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