Britain's "Terror Attacks"

The Mouthpiece Media's Blind Faith in Police Stories Leads to More Government Surveillance and Fear in the US

by Michael A. Hoffman II
July 3. 2007


Much of the philosophy, tactics and psychological warfare of the West's intelligence agencies and military were pioneered in Elizabethan England under John Dee, Francis Walsingham and William Cecil.

Very little has changed about the British Secret Service since then, except that it has grown ever more diabolic and clever.

Today we see how fragile is our liberty as we enter a period of heightened fears and security in the U.S. based on knee-jerk obedience to ,and faith in, the British tale of recent airport and other "Islamic" attacks.

In all crimes perpetrated by the Cryptocracy which this reporter has investigated, from Son of Sam to the Unabomber, the U.S. media always--I repeat, always--acted as a mouthpiece for the police, and if the police were corrupt or part of the conspiracy, then the "news" is little more than a press release from the invisible empire itself.

Which is what we may be experiencing this week. British police say this or that was perpetrated and we believe, react, get the fear and begin to consider additional ways we can give up our immemorial rights in return for a chimerical "security" based on blind faith in the British police. It's almost an automatic process, like pressing a button.

We know the governments of the West engage in psychological warfare and the planting of false stories. It's an acknowledged part of combat and according to Sun Tzu, the most important part. Yet "our" media have got to be in on the plot because they never ask in the midst of the warfare, how the psychology is being used and where the false stories are being planted.

Those questions are usually only asked after the Cryptocracy has achieved its objectives, "when the hurly-burly's done; when the battle's lost and won." Then it's too late, of course. In the case of Iraq, Bill Moyers asked those questions in a recent "Frontline" PBS TV special, opening with a scene of White House reporters cooperating with Bush in a farcial press conference, instead of exposing it. It was an incredible television moment, but coming after the fact, one has to wonder if it is little more than the fulfillment of James Shelby Downard's cryonic theory of first freezing and then deliberately thawing the truth, on cue, again for purposes of mass demoralization and psychological warfare.

The people of the West are weary of the Zionist crusade against Islam, and equally weary of fanatic Islamic fundamentalism. They would gladly pronounce a "pox on both your houses" and withdraw from the battle. This is worrisome to the Cryptocracy, which is hell-bent on eliminating our ancient personal freedoms and building a gigantic government spying and police apparatus on the Stalinist model, digitally enhanced.

We respond with our pickets, protests, op-eds, columns and get-togethers. But if "our" media are against us, if the people we rely on for information have sold out to the aspiring tyrants, then any time the intelligence agencies of Britain or America want to nullify and overturn all that we have done to build a protest movement and raise awareness, they only have to organize Islamic patsies and nutcases into cells and direct their attacks on public transport and civic symbols. After which the media step up to the plate to slow-cook the panic and stampede the herd. This is from the front page of today's Washington Post:

"After the events in Britain...Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (was)...asking Americans to keep a careful watch on their surroundings. ...Chertoff and other officials said that security and surveillance have been increased...'It's not just what happened in England and Scotland that has us watching,' another counterterrorism official said. 'We have had some concerns for some time.'...In Georgetown on Saturday night, some restaurants and nightclubs were evacuated after firefighters spotted an abandoned backpack on a sidewalk. And on Sunday afternoon, police set up checkpoints on the access route into Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, stopping some cars and trucks for inspection." ("Attempts Seen As Model for New Attacks On U.S. Soil, "Washington Post, July 3, 2007; p. A1).

Chertoff announces, "Security and surveillance have been increased." Gotcha! Protest as we may, a couple of police reports, however rigged or overblown, of attacks and attempted attacks across the sea in Britain, cause the American people to come under increased surveillance by their government.

And as the panic increases and the herd begins to stampede in earnest, any American liberty can be curtailed or suspended "for the short-term" "during this emergency" and the media will report it with a straight face, exactly as George Orwell, a former BBC reporter, prophesied in "1984."

We need to see the media as an arm of the government and hold in contempt first, the prostitutes and crooks who produce and edit the news at the top, and then the reporters like Michael R. Gordon of the New York Times and Karen DeYoung at the Washington Post, as well almost the entire staff of Fox television and many of the other TV networks, and even National Public Radio, who serve as the mouthpieces and raise no skeptical queries in the midst of these secret police operations.

Until the media have about as much credibility as the government, and are made to bear responsibility for the totalitarian control system which the Cryptocracy is toiling to impose on us in the name of "fighting terrorism," we are entirely at the mercy of any police agency, from London to New York, who choose to set-up a "terror" attack.

How dare you question the police, Hoffman!? Well, if the police are always truthful and correct in their accusations and arrests, why do Britain and America have an adversarial justice system, defense lawyers, a jury? Why not simply believe the police and prosecutors in every case and have the judge rubber-stamp their claims in the way the media are rubber-stamping them now?

It seems almost too elementary to have to remind ourselves that our ancestors jealously guarded the rights of the accused because too often the police and prosecutors, being human rather than gods, erred, or were on the take of a wealthy baron, or had a personal score to settle.

In the 21st century, with all our alleged sophistication, this is apparently too difficult a reality for our media to grasp. They have devolved into simpletons who paddy-cake in unison with the badges, every time the police issue a bulletin, arrest a suspect or level an accusation. The mayor of Salt Lake City calls this the "obedience culture." But St. Peter said we are to obey God rather than man, a fundamental truth now lost in the "security" frenzy that makes a mockery of the risks our forefathers took for the freedom and independence of this land, on July 4, 1776.

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Anonymous said...

Every year in Britain at the time of the summer holidays (end of June/July)a plot is uncovered by the Secret Service causing serious inconvenience to hundreds of thousands of poeple. The main theme of the plot is to establish clearly in the minds of the public the evils of Islamist's who wish to destroy them. It is of particular significance that this time of the year that is chosen as it will be more readily remembered by those who had their holidays disrupted or had to spend endless hours waiting in queues at airports. Remember the tanks at Heathrow, the Liquid bomb explosive threat, etc. And always the armed Policemen carrying machine guns, a reminder to the public what they will face if they transgress the law.
8:22 AM
Anonymous said...

In regard to Mr. Downard's cyronic theory -- this sounds a great deal like Kurt Lewin's theory regarding group dynamics and the manipulation of them. Lewin was a psychologist and German Jew who left Germany and emigrated to the US in the early 1930s. He knew the founder of the Tavistock institute (interesting that one of the 7-7 London bombs went off in front of the Tavistock institute) and contributed to the founding of its journal. He supposedly worked on various projects for American intelligence services as well. His "change" theory involving the freezing and unfreezing of attitudes sounds like Mr. Downard's theory. It's also interesting to note that for years management text books used to mention Lewin and teach his "change" theory.
9:58 AM
Anonymous said...

what a tragic irony, that while americans across the country will be grilling burgers and hotdogs and celebrating 'independence', they will simultaneously be discussing with family and friends what is the talk of the day, namely, the recent 'terror attacks, and of course, the finer points and qualities of our own 'homeland security'.

could anything possibly be more 1984 than this?
11:55 AM

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