Shop openly sells cannabis for medicinal use.

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"Full control of the drug-trade must be completed in order that the government of all countries who are under our jurisdiction will have a monopoly which we will control through supply. . . .Drug bars will take care of the unruly and the discontent, would be revolutionaries will be turned into harmless addicts with no will of their own." - Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Will the Illuminati not be content until "they" have got everyone doped-up on something or other. Be it, fluoride, Prozac, Ritalin, Heroin, Booze, Nicotine, Aspartame, and all the rest of it.

Shop openly sells cannabis for medicinal use.

Supplier claims police turn blind eye to drug dealing.
Special report: drugs in Britain.

By Sarah Hall.
Saturday June 16, 2001
The Guardian UK.

The owner of a health food shop is openly selling cannabis for medicinal use in the heart of London's King's Cross with the apparent approval of local police, the Guardian can reveal.

Tony Taylor, of Tony's Hemp Corner, has around 250 customers, including doctors and lawyers. He claims local police, who arrested him on charges of growing and supplying the plant three years ago, turn a blind eye to his practice as they concentrate on tackling the area's prostitutes and crack cocaine dealers.

The news of Mr Taylor's unorthodox business - and the apparent response of Islington police - comes the day after the Guardian revealed that Scotland Yard has officially endorsed a controversial plan not to caution or arrest people caught carrying or using the Class B drug but to give them on-the-spot warnings instead.

Senior officers, including the Metropolitan commissioner, Sir John Stevens, believe the scheme, to be piloted in Lambeth, south London, from next month, is "sensible and progressive", a view endorsed by the drug policy reform group Transform, who described it as "the beginning of the end for current drugs laws".

But the Met is bracing itself for accusations that it is "going soft".

Mr Taylor, who was given an absolute discharge after his arrest three years ago, yesterday described the attitude of police in London's red-light district to his business as "really cool".

"The council and the police know exactly what's going on and the police think what I'm doing is really good," he said from his office, where he keeps accounts and copies of the GP letters he requires.

"They come around sometimes and say, 'How are you doing, are there any problems?' We've obviously been granted grace because there are so many other problems in King's Cross."

However, Islington police last night denied they knew about Mr Taylor's medicinal cannabis dealing. "We weren't aware that he was prescribing drugs for patients with GPs' letters," said Detective Chief Inspector Robin Hopes. "We'd like to get around a table with him and work out if what he's doing is legal or illegal."

Mr Taylor, who offers cannabis at less than the street price, refuses to supply it for recreational use and clients have to fill in a form, undergo a 20-minute interview and provide him with a GP's letter.

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Why people REALLY take Drugs...

This document resides as , I was about to write something but I simply cannot express it better than the Truth in the article below....






A few "pleasant" effects of some drugs:

ALCOHOL - makes most of us "happy", initially, and creates the illusion of general friendship; others can be aggressive.

- calms nerves by relieving the craving it has created.

- remove (numb) the pain and revulsion at the world that we have created.

- give us energy and intensity of thought.

- provokes short-term "peace of mind"; relaxation
and thought.

ECSTASY - provokes emotion that people think is joy and love.

L.S.D. - causes pleasure and a magnified appreciation of the awesome immensity of reality.

HEROIN - creates a "shield" or "bubble" that protects one from the "outside world vibes".

All the "pleasant" effects these drugs provoke are; in essence; things that CANNOT be found in the world or system we live in today. Some people, at least, desperately need to feel them. No-one goes around loving each other, we all walk around WARY of each other. When some-one sees the Divine in us (the Being) and smiles in recognition, we think: "What do they want from me?"

The world or system in which we've been brought up has taught us
nothing in relation to these, our spiritual needs. Its only concern has been to teach us to want its products and to feed every want that we might have ("Self"-ish wants)* and ingrain the illegal hierarchy of the "System" deep within us. People who don't mind this "reality" are either VERY STRONG human+Beings, or, I'm sorry to say, humans deeply lacking IN ANY SPIRITUALITY WHATSOEVER.

so we join the "rat race" to buy the system's products and consume; consume; consume and waste, thereby destroying ourselves; the planet and its natural resources.

Looking at it from a "God's Eye" perspective - all these drugs are "freely" available to any of us, in order to
CANCEL the NEED for HIM (GOD). Drugs supply a very bad imitation, with very bad side-effects, of all that we feel when in DIRECT CONTACT with HIM (Love, Joy, Etc...).

Let's make no mistake - Satan / the Opposer / Evil (whatever you prefer) directs drugs at the more spiritual people to soothe the feeling that "something's not right with the world today" and prevent them from finally (after the heart-ache, sorrow and depression)
DOING something about it (BEGINNING TO CHANGE THE WORLD) the system. That we cannot do this ("it's impossible") and that he doesn't exist, are 2 of the 3 biggest lies that the father of lies (the Devil) has ever told us. It is because we have believed his lies that we are in such a mess. The BIGGEST of these lies is that we are ONLY human.

The "comedown" that you feel when the effects of these chemical / physical, poor substitutes wear off, comes about because you have not used your
WILL (your spirit or Being) to arrive at those feelings. You simply take the "quick and easy" human path which ALWAYS lets you down (when the drug's effect wears out). The more spiritually sensitive a person is, the greater the high, but also the greater the "comedown".

If we begin to will our way towards these
BEAUTIFUL states of mind, it would then be a CONSTANT CLIMB (a PERSISTANT CONTINUAL RUSH) which will never reach its peak throughout ALL of ETERNITY. Multiply the good "feelings" drugs give by INFINITY and we begin to get an idea what HEAVEN is all about...

What will give us the impetus (the kick start) to do this is the
TRUTH of why we are here on this planet and why it is so bad; why we don't just "feel good" all the time, why WE QUESTION in the first place (which is a very good question!) and knowing THE PLAN.

It is up to every individual to look for the answers wherever you want to, or right here, but please bear this in mind - make
sure the ones you go to, provide you with the answers YOU are looking for and don't just provide you with THEIR OWN answers. If you believe the LIE that for some questions there is no answer, then you will never receive them: "Let him who seeks, not cease (stop) seeking until he finds, and when he finds, he will be TROUBLED (the Truth first!), and when he has been troubled, he will MARVEL and REIGN over the ALL (he will know)" - Christ, in "The Gospel of Thomas" (The Doubter).

In this evil world, people give drugs to people in order to "remove" their drug problem?!! People, your drug-dependency or usage is the result of a
CAUSE, a SPIRITUAL and NON-PHYSICAL cause. We aren't chemical-dependent, we are LOVE-DEPENDENT. We have been conned into believing that, by using something physical, our Spirits / Beings / Souls (the real us); which are non-physical Light / Essence; will feel better. With every comedown you feel WORSE and the next "high" is always LOWER. The only permanent solution is to learn how to use your will-power, not only so you "don't take drugs", including pharmaceutical ones, but primarily to water the vast spiritual desert inside every one of us and fulfill the very reason for our existence.

Behind the minute "reality" this world and its people see, is a
GLORIOUS and IMMENSE EXPANSE of TRUTH simply lying there waiting to be discovered by us. Truth IS stranger than fiction. No fable even begins to compare with the Script of Life that has been written by The Author Himself. It is our ignorance / arrogance (the 2 sides of the SAME coin) that prevents us from learning to read it (we think we know all there is to know).

How long will we vote for and thereby give our permission to the love-less
"System" and those who actually LIKE it, to LAUGH at US? How long will we allow them to drive the "hippies" (FREEMEN AND WOMEN) into their "communities" (into themselves) where they cannot do any damage to the evil in the world? It is not the "gays" who have to come out of the is those who love GOOD, JUSTICE and FREEDOM (if they ARE free AND fear-less)...

How long will we perpetuate this lie? How long will we let our
WILL (our spirit) go to waste because of lack of spiritual-exercise? How long shall we ask GOD to forgive us for being so stupid? How long shall it take, Rebels, for us to fight back...?

It's the System that drives us to drugs and is
destroying us, my friends. If we don't destroy it, while we still have the opportunity, and replace it with loving and caring, before it's too late, we certainly won't be able to once it has already succeeded in destroying us.

YOU see the truth of it, then you are ready for "The Way Home" (the kick start) by JAH, The Revealer.


For your copy of
"The Way Home", send £10 Sterling or $20 U.S. to:-


JAH, P.O. Box 561, The Way Home - 6205, Gibraltar, (Via London).

They don't make profits, but you will need to buy a copy.

It is not a religious document, it is The
TRUTH. - Danny.




The Lia Fail


The Way Home

Home Page




The Truth About...



Social and Spiritual



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