Bombshell Leak Shows 'Complete Absence' of Postwar Planning,6903,1081191,00.html

Deadly Bushevik Incompetence

"...An official US army review leaked to the US NGO has revealed that the army had no plan for the occupation of Baghdad... The study provides the first formal internal view of the Iraq war from the point of view of the soldiers who brought down Saddam Hussein. The report provides official confirmation of a complete absence of high-level military and political planning to manage the aftermath of victory and indicates some key problems that continue to hamper US army effectiveness to this day... The report [shows] that the 3rd Infantry Division itself, which had been engaged in some of the heaviest fighting on the outskirts of Baghdad, 'lacked guidance' on how to deal with the different competing Iraqis they encountered. 'Ongoing struggles for power, establishing security without the benefit of a functioning police system, and re-establishing a paysystem for government workers continue to plague the restoration of 'normalcy' to Baghdad,' it said....."

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