Speech by Chief of Police Billy Phillips

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Speech by Chief of Police Billy Phillips    

December 15, 2004


Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.  My name is Billy Phillips. I am the Chief of Police of a small city in a southern state.  I was asked to be the guest speaker at this gathering a couple of months ago, and I gladly accepted.  The reason I accepted is the simple fact that people need to wake up and understand what is happening to our country and to us!  Some of you will know immediately what I am talking about.  Some of you may not.  

Let me explain a little about who I am.  I am a Christian.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  By me accepting what Jesus did for me at Calvary’s Cross, without a doubt, placed my name in the Book Of Life.  My sin debt was paid in full by my Lord, Jesus Christ.   I have been married to the same woman for 27 years.  I have four children and six grandchildren.  

I was asked to speak on the Second Amendment. In order to do that, we must take a quick look at how our government came to be -- “how” and “why”.  

I feel that one of the greatest things our founding fathers did after the War for Independence was to institute a form of government that “placed a limit on the power that man can exercise over his fellow man”.  They immortalized the belief that “all men are created equal” -- and that --  “people are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights”.  

The founders who attended the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 set forth certain essential principles of government, and required that everyone who took public office under it had to agree to follow those principles, and swear -- under oath -- to keep within the Constitutional limits.  

The federal system they created was purposely limited in what it could do, because these founders realized that power corrupts -- and that absolute power -- corrupts  --  absolutely!!!  

The basic purpose for this 1787 document was to control power!  Those who entered public office were not supposed to exceed the limit of power that was delegated to them under this new Constitution.  The founders could see that if public officials were to exceed those limits, the people would once again be captured under tyranny -- just like the government from which they recently fought against -- to free themselves  

The new Constitution required that an Oath be taken to abide by its principles -- not only by the president, but it also required an oath to be taken by all senators, all representatives, all members of the state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers of the federal and state systems.  They had to pledge their loyalty, and to stay within the limitations of the Constitution. (You can check that out in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.)  

Too much hope was placed in the taking of the oath as a protection against tyranny.   While they were still collecting signatures to ratify this new Constitution -- they were presented with sound logic, and had to realize that the Oath had no force behind it!  This was one of the most prominent reasons why acceptance of the Constitution almost failed!   

Some of the other founding fathers (those who did not attend the Philadelphia Convention), solved the problem of fidelity.  These men knew what was wrong -- the Oath was just words on a piece of paper -- with no backing -- it had no force behind it!  The Oath was a weak reed in the wind!   One of the founders, Patrick Henry, called the Constitution “a crazy machine” because it had no Bill of Rights at that time to give backing to the oath and to extend positive written protection for the liberty and natural rights of the people.   

The founders knew that -- if there were no force behind the Oath -- the rights and liberty of the people -- their authority under a self-governing system of government -- and their ability to keep this new federal system under limited power -- could not be maintained!!!  Without force -- all they had struggled for in the War for Independence would inevitably succumb to federal encroachments and sedition.  It would ultimately lead to total disintegration of the victories they had won in the war!  

Patrick Henry could foresee that the federal system would eventually consolidate all power unto itself, and turn the republic into a “consolidated empire” for the benefit of a few!  Well, folks, that’s exactly what they have done -- and Patrick Henry warned us years ago!  

To prevent that from happening, the only solution was to draft another document, and attach it to this new Constitution.  They chose to solve their problem with a Bill of Rights, because a Bill of Rights is the kind of document that is not subject to repeal!   By 1791, three years later, a second document, called the Bill of Rights was finished, ratified, and attached as an amendment to the new Constitution. Then, these two documents became as one.  It was the Second Article within the Bill of Rights that provided the necessary force that closed the loophole!   

The Second Article of the Bill of Rights (which we now call the Second Amendment) was the only one out of the Ten Articles that contained any form of forceWithout the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights itself would have been just words without any force behind it to uphold and sustain the people’s rights and authority.  From that time forward, the Second Amendment became the force behind the entire Constitution.  Without the Second Amendment the Constitution would have been gone -- long ago!  

Listen to these words just as the founding fathers wrote them to be the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights:  

          “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
            the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  

I am the Chief of Police, and I believe in the militia!  The creation of that Amendment placed responsibilities upon all of us.   I want you to listen closely as I read this list of 8 things -- that the Second Amendment holds us responsible for:   

#1. We are responsible ourselves for maintaining and upholding the right to arms Amendment, both for our individual benefit and for our collective benefit.  We are responsible for keeping it free of infringement so that the authority of the people of this nation is sustained.  All of your other rights -- the other nine Amendments in the Bill of Rights -- for their own existence -- depend totally upon the existence and proper interpretation of the Second Amendment -- the right to keep and bear arms. We, the people, ourselves, must be responsible for the maintenance of this Amendment as it is obviously the key AmendmentFreedom requires it!  Besides, you own the Bill of Rights!!  

#2. We are responsible for securing the many blessings of liberty on behalf of our posterity.   Our children are too young to realize what is happening to their birthright.  We can not let them down  

#3. We are responsible for maintaining the security of a free state and to guard it from sedition and tyranny from within and invasion from without.  It would be unconstitutional to do otherwise!  

#4. We are responsible for upholding the beliefs and the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.  One of those principles is   that government must be held liable for obtaining the consent of the governed-- the consent of the people!  

#5. We are responsible for keeping public officials within those limits of power delegated to them under the Constitution so that we may retain the status of being a self-governing nation.     

#6. We are responsible for the enforcement of the Oath of Office taken by those we elect to office.  This duty cannot be left to public officials.  It’s got to be left to the people!  

#7. We are responsible to see that the federal government holds up its end of the “guarantee” to provide every state with a “republican form of government”.  (That’s in Article IV ­ Section 4 ­ of the U.S. Constitution)   This is not a democracy!    

#8. We are held responsible for “vigilance-- to be watchful - to oversee what our public officials are doing so that they do not violate the principles of any of the 3 essential system documents: (a) The Constitution, (b) The Bill of Rights, and (c) The Declaration of Independence.   

The Second Amendment is a command!  It states the law, and places prohibition upon would-be violators, but it also places responsibilities upon those who give the command.  Those who give the command are the people themselves.   Only the people can stand behind this Amendment.  Public officials have no authority to legislate into this Amendment!  

Here’s a question: “Was it from the Second Amendment that the people became endowed with the right to keep and bear arms?”  The answer is No! -- God endowed the people with the right to keep and bear arms!  What the Second Amendment did -- was to confirm that the people were endowed by their Creator with the right to arms, individually and collectively, and it was the duty of the people to provide -- and guard the security of a free state.  The Second Amendment is an inherent, God-given natural right.  It is a perpetual right upon which our self-preservation and national preservation depend.  It is a right that no one can divest himself of ­ No! -- not even if he chose to do so!  Neither can a government divest its decent, law-abiding people of this right because it is a God-given endowment.  No man can change that!!! And that endowment still stands!!!  It is up to each and every one of you to protect that endowment confirmed within the Second Amendment!  

James Madison strengthened our sovereignty when on the 9th day of the 1787 Federal Convention in Philadelphia, he introduced Resolution #15.  This Resolution changed the format of the American government from “We, the States....” (as it had read in the Articles of Confederation) to: “We the People....” (as it now reads in the Preamble to the Constitution).  

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to the people.  They are the people’s property.  No changes can be made in any part of them without the permission of the people.   These documents do not have arms or legs!  They have no vocal cords!  They cannot speak out when they are abused or trampled on.   It is up to the people to defend them.  Great documents that they are, they look to you for their support and continuance.  It took the Second Amendment to officially document that the people are the ultimate power.  Lincoln put it this way in speaking of the rightful conduct of our government:  of  the people”……by the people”…… and ……“for  the people.”  

The majority of the people of today are decent law-abiding citizens. The criminal element of our society is by far -- a much smaller group. The decent people of this country elect our Sheriffs and appoint our Chiefs of Police, and they entrust us to protect their children and property from the criminal element so they can live and flourish in a safe society. We, as law enforcement officers, must not lose sight of the fact that -- that’s how it all happened and that’s why we were elected as Sheriffs or appointed as Chiefs of Police!  We can’t accept it any other way!  

We, as law enforcement officers took an Oath in the presence of “God Almighty” that we would protect the decent, the weak, the under-privileged, and we would defend the Constitution and the Bill of RightsWe pledged -- Not to disarm the people -- Nor to seize or deny their natural rights, Nor to assist in putting them back under a corrupt government!!!   

Our elected politicians took the very same Oath.  Does anyone of you wonder why and how the greatest nation on earth has arrived at our present situation?  Give it some thought!  

If an oppressive invasion of foreign soldiers tried to embark upon our shores, we as police officers would be grateful if the people had enough firearms and the skill to give us substantial support. Our own National Guard and armed forces are spread all over the world.  Upstanding, decent, and patriotic citizens must own guns to be proficient with firearms. They can’t be proficient otherwise.  Our young men and women are expected to meet the call when there is a draft and to be good soldiers instantly. This does not happen when they are denied the use of firearms and are taught to hate guns!!    How in the heck are they going to know “how to” -- if they are denied the use of the tools?  

(H.R. 124 - EXHIBIT #1)  

I have made copies of the "Handgun Licensing and Registration Act of 2003"  -- H.R. 124. This was introduced in the 108th Congress, First Session by Representative Russ Holt from New Jersey. It’s kind of a “clean up” bill - a broad sweeping federal bill -- to pick up anything the anti-gunners have missed.   It makes it mandatory that every handgun anyone owns has to be registered and licensed.  If you knowingly fail to comply with this order, you shall be fined, or imprisoned for not less than 15 years, or both.   That’s a penalty for second degree murder!   

Here’s what the Holt Bill says: “The court shall not suspend a sentence of imprisonment imposed under this paragraph or impose a probationary sentence under this paragraph.”  You will find this in Section 2, #7 of H.R. 124.  You will be required to serve a prison sentence and no court can suspend that sentence!  What they have done with this legislation is take out your judges, your founding fathers, your due process, etc.   

If you do report what handguns you have, you will be on the list for future seizure of each and every one of them. If you do not willingly surrender your guns when they come for them, can you guess what will happen to you then?       

The people’s resentment of what is happening in this country is smoldering.  People will not willingly surrender their guns!!!  And they should not have to!!!  Thomas Jefferson said: “The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”. 

As police officers, we should be happy knowing that decent, law-abiding   citizens have the knowledge and the skill to use efficient weapons for defense instead of classifying citizens’ guns as “assault weapons”.  Decent law-abiding citizens do not own “assault weapons”!    

 Let me put the word “assault” in prospective for you.  For example: A police officer conducts a traffic stop. During this traffic stop, the driver attempts to run down the officer with his automobile.  He is then charged with “assault with a deadly weapon”.  The criminal mind turned a 3,000 lb. vehicle into a deadly weapon.  Criminals can turn anything into an assault weapon!!!   I repeat:  Decent law-abiding citizens do not own “assault weapons”.   

The ban on “assault” rifles has expired and the controlled news and T. V. Stations show a certain Chief of Police holding a news conference, bitterly complaining about the expiration.  Not all policemen agree with this!  Not all chiefs of police think that way!  You need to see the tape by Detective Sgt. Phillip Worts of the San Diego Calif. Police Dept.   He explains what is happening to modern day law enforcement.  He explains how the police are being sovietized.   

Today, we, as police officers, sheriffs, and legislators, are given the parameters on how we are to act, and we are now TOLD what we are to believe.   But we are not given, nor do most of us understand the total integrated picture. Consultants and planners are everywhere! And when the call comes for full operation of a military government, under whatever excuse fits the moment, our sheriffs and our police officers will hear that call, but they will not understand HOW they are assisting to undermine our Constitutional form of government!!!  

For years, we as law enforcement officers -- have realized that something is dreadfully wrong, and not until recently have we began to understand how we have been duped by way of federal grants.   I challenge each and everyone here to obtain a copy of Detective Worts’ tape.   It will shock you into reality!  

(L.E.A.A.  -  EXHIBIT  #2)  

The attack on the Second Amendment -- When did it start?   We have gone a long way in the wrong directionWhat has happened to us?  How did it happen?  

Let me tell you how all this gun-grabbing got started involving us as law enforcement officers. We are the victims of “global planners” working for managers of a “NEW WORLD ORDER” as they call it.   Under the federal "Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968," the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (L.E.A.A.) was created and instituted by the New World Order “planners”.    

L.E.A.A. was a shrewd crew of “change artist” that was assembled with the intent of altering our proper Constitutional power structure; to change its concepts; to federalize state law enforcement systems; to militarize law enforcement; and to eliminate your Constitutional safeguards.  

L.E.A.A. altered the operation of our entire law enforcement system from representative government into “regional administrative agencies”.  “Regional” is both international and  “appointive” representation.  They don’t answer to you.   They couldn’t care less what you think!  This is serious!  

During its reign L.E.A.A. prepared the way for a military form of government to be laid down over the nation.  L.E.A.A. planned and set down the method for wiping out the gun rights of the people in all the states. L.E.A.A. was federally funded and it was assigned many other missions. Besides federalizing state law enforcement systems, L.E.A.A. worked over the courts, corrections, community services activities, etc. etc. It wedded guns with crime.   L.E.A.A. cut the groundwork for laying the Homeland Security “Agency” over the nation.  All this was done under the guise of preventing crime and terrorism!  

Folks, let me explain how an “agency” is formed.  At first, it just has a name.  No teeth, just a name, with some sort of agenda.   A month later it's given one tooth!  Two months later it’s given another tooth! A year later we have a full-grown alligator, with no possible way to remove its teeth!!!  An “agency” is made up of appointed officials ­ not elected people.  The people have no control over “agencies”.   

It is important for you to realize that authority and control over law enforcement systems rightfully falls under the 10th Amendment of the “Bill of Rights” and it is not forwarded to the federal government.  It is a right that belongs exclusively to the states and should have been left with the states!!!   

Listen to what Professor Dean Morris, an early Director of the L.E.A.A. said as he testified in 1973 before the National Commission on the “Causes and Prevention of Violence".   He made these astounding remarks concerning gun confiscation.  I quote:  

I am one who believes that as a first step the U.S. should move expeditiously to disarm the civilian population, other than police and security officers, of all handguns, pistols and revolvers.  No one should have a right to anonymous ownership or use of a gun. That is not a right that we can safely allow anyone.  I think the truth is that we will ultimately have a police force not equipped with guns.  There can be no right of privacy in regard to armament. We seek a disarmed populace.”…. Professor Dean Morris of L.E.A.A.  

Folks, they are disarming the police even as we speak. For any Law Enforcement Agency ordering automatic weapons, there is a 150-day waiting period.  Folks, that’s 5 months for your local S.W.A.T. Team to wait on weapons to defend your community.  Ask your local Sheriff or Police Chief if that is not so!  But any federal agency can purchase automatic weapons and have them delivered immediately.  

The L.E.A.A. was terminated after it finished all its missions, and secured federal control over all the nation’s law enforcement systems.  L.E.A.A. manipulated the states and guided them into adopting "Standards and Goals".   In 1975 L.E.A.A. bragged that its "greatest achievement was the acquisition of the Standard Setting Process".  This acquisition, which began 30 years ago, made possible unified command and control of all the nation’s law enforcement systems.  

L.E.A.A. set up the S.E.A.R.C.H. satellite project that calls for people’s fingerprints and photographs for its worldwide data bank. S.E.A.R.C.H. means "Systematic Electronic Analysis and Retrieval of Criminal Histories".  L.E.A.A. funded the California Specialized Training Institute with Louis Guiffreda as its first director.  This is where they teach teachers on how to take over civilian government and turn it into military operation.   The L.E.A.A. "planners" merged the civilian law enforcement systems with the military under one head.  They called it the "Public Safety Agency".  Merging the civilian law enforcement systems with the military under one head is something that is never done in a republic  -- that is  -- if it is to remain a republic.!!!  

Ever since the beginning of this nation, a sharp line has always been drawn between civilian law enforcement and the military. They have, until lately always been separated.  Now that line no longer exists!!! These two -- the civilian law enforcement and the military -- are now merged together under one "agency": The Homeland Security Agency.  When a merger like this takes place in a country, the people’s government is seriously changed.  It can no longer be a republic.  It is changed into a form of government suitable for the operation of a dictatorship.   


Currently, the "planners" are working to wipe out the powers of the Sheriff with funds that are appropriated to support the merging of the U.S. Marshals with the Sheriffs.   Eventually, they will all be federal marshals, if they continue to go along with these federally financed programs.   This partnership can result either in the elimination of the Sheriff entirely - or - bring the sheriff down to the level of a beat officer.  Or if he is merged into the Public Safety "Agency", his lawful powers as a sheriff will be gradually diminished until he is ultimately just another "safety agent".  When you lay the lamb down, alongside the lion, you pretty well know which one is going to prevail!   If sheriffs don't go along, they will simply not be "acceptable" anymore.   

Folks, traditionally, the sheriff has always been responsible only to the people of his county.  He is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the county with extraordinary special powers.  What will happen to our counties when the elected sheriff is eliminated? Federal marshals are appointed, not elected.  They do not answer to the public.  

What these changes amount to is a real clean out of the integrity and the power of the county, another move to divest the people of their authority and control over local government.  The check and balance system is being rendered worthless by corrupt elected politicians who work for the elite.   

These days the oath in the presence of Almighty God means nothing to many public officials -- who flippantly take the oath! To them -- it’s only routine words!  Not all politicians have this "transition" in mind, but a great many do. Matthew Ch. 7, Verse 16: By their fruit you will recognize them.  


Today, we, as police officers, are being fed soviet techniques little by little, and it is difficult for us to find fault with it, because it is so fragmented. The 499-A military system, which the administration is using, has been broken up into a zillion little pieces so that those who work in the new system won’t be able to detect what is happening.  They know their own assignment, but they do not have all the pieces in order to identify as to what is happening to us.  This makes it impossible for our officers to connect the dots.  

We, as police officers, who are supposed to belong only under a state system, are not only controlled by the federal government, we are "online" down to the last officer on the local beat, as being a part of the Homeland Security Agency’s militarized machinery.  The United Nations has already requested in writing the use of American police officers to be a part of its "Rapid Response Mechanism".   What does that tell you??  


The Constitutional Convention.  This is also called by the term "CON-CON".  The New World Order leaders are now exploiting marriage in an attempt to gain access to our Constitution so that they may have the opportunity to reverse the Constitutional work of the founding fathers. They will tell you that marriage has to be protected by an amendment, but they won’t tell you that the amendment can lead to the opening of a Constitutional Convention, which in turn, will allow them access to the process by which our Constitution and the Bill of Rights shall no longer exist.  

Once a Constitutional Convention is allowed to be opened, the Constitution can be amended, or done away with ­ entirely -- as they see fit, and we will be powerless to do anything about it.  Chief Justice Warren Burger let it be known that you cannot put a muzzle on a Constitutional Convention once it is opened; nor limit it to one specific subject!!!  The marriage issue should, and can be handled on a state level.  Everyone should be informing his friends not to support the Marriage Amendment, nor any other Amendment to our Constitution because an Amendment opens the door to a Constitutional Convention.   

Here’s something else you should know about the danger of allowing a Constitutional Convention to take over:  There are no withdrawal rights written into the United Nations Charter!   Once a country becomes a member of the United Nations, it is enlisted as a member "in perpetuity"!  However, there is one way that the United States can withdraw from that organization which is controlled by communists:  that is by repealing the federal laws that put us under the U.N.  

If you will recall, it was in 1945 & 1947 that two federal laws were enacted, which made the U.S.A. a member of the U.N.  These laws are known as the "United Nations Participation Act of 1945" and the "Amendment of 1947".  Only if the United States Constitution is still in operation, can there be a chance to cause the repeal of these two laws.  If repealed, the United States membership in the United Nations would then be terminated.  

But, if a Constitutional Convention took place, and if they took action that obsoleted our true Constitution, we would then not have the U.S. governmental processes available to us any more to enable us to conduct the “repeal” of those two laws. We would be locked out!  Everyone should be warning everyone else of the danger associated with a call for a "Constitutional Amendment".


Whenever I send a blood specimen to Forensics to be examined, they run a known specimen every few runs on the machine.   They know what the answer is going to be with the known specimen they give it.  It is a way to test that the machine is accurate. Well, my friend, Don Byrd, filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against California Governor Gray Davis and the State Attorney General Bill Lockyer concerning Byrd’s Second Amendment rights. Listen to California Governor Gray Davis, and State Attorney-General Bill Lockyer, who answered Don Byrd's lawsuit as follows.  And I quote:  

"Plaintiff herein cannot establish the first prong of the standing requirement because he has not suffered an "INJURY IN FACT"; that is, Plaintiff has no legally recognized right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Hence, even though there already exists statutes that impose conditions on private gun ownership, Plaintiff cannot state a claim under any of them because the Constitution does not provide a private right to bear arms. That is, the Second Amendment secures to the States the right to maintain an armed militia and it is the "states alone [that] stand in the position to show legal injury when this right is infringed. "  Hickman v. Block 81 F.3d 98, 102 (9th Cir. 1996) As a result, the Second Amendment does not protect the possession of a weapon by a private citizen. Id., at p.101. Because Plaintiff does not have an interest protected by the Second Amendment, he cannot base standing on an existing statute that imposes restrictions on the private right to own "militia firearms and magazines".  A fortiori, he cannot base the "injury in fact standing requirement on a statute that has not yet been enacted.”    Unquote!  

We are told that we have no private right to own firearms!!   Bird moved up into the United States Supreme Court with his case, and this time his case contained the "known specimen" on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.   Those supreme court justices would have had to rule in his favor because his case was so well built ­ just like the  "known specimen".   However, those justices elected to not hear the case!!  Judges and Supreme Court Justices are committing HIGH TREASON by not defending the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America when asked to do so at so critical a time.   


The Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) is the American branch of a society, which was organized in England, and its members believe that national boundaries should be obliterated so that one-world rule may be fully established. "WITH NO APOLOGIES" is the name of a book written by Senator Barry Goldwater (Berkeley Books New York, Page 126). You will be shocked to learn that many American politicians and all the major news medias are C.F.R. members. Most major colleges, university deans, and presidents must be a C.F.R. member to qualify for appointment.http://jahtruth.net/illumin.htm

There are so many things coming at us ­ all at once which are the reverse of reality.    It is time to speak out!!   Let me comment on some other issues that you need to think about.  


The Homeland Security Agency is the newest Law Enforcement Agency formed.  It was formed after 9-11. Security and terrorism is given as the reason why it was formed.  Where did they get the billions and billions of dollars in grant money so quickly, when our states, counties, and cities are broke and at the brink of collapse?  Why, after all the billions of dollars spent, is nothing sensible being accomplished??  

One time a van load of illegals were stopped by my officers.  They were very suspicious and we contacted the INS.  The INS told my officers that they were deported from the U.S. for drug trafficking.  The INS then told my officers that they did not want them. They asked if we had local charges to arrest them  -- if not -- let them go! The INS now comes under the auspices of the Homeland Security "Agency".   We are at war with Iraq, yet our borders are wide open!  Ten thousand illegals cross our borders every day!  

Does anyone understand or know what will happen when the color code implemented by Homeland Security is elevated -- for what ever reason -- to red ??  General Tommy Franks has given a chilling warning that the biggest victim of another terrorist attack would be the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. General Franks has been quoted as saying in effect that he expects the Constitution of the United States to be suspended in the near future for security reasons and martial law will take effect.  "This begins to unravel the fabric of our Constitution," Franks said.   

Franks also said: "In a practical sense, the people will demand that the Constitution be abandoned in favor of a military government for protection."  He said another terrorist attack "causes our population to question our own Constitution and to begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass-casualty-producing event."  Did he not know that a military government has already been structured over us in the form of the Homeland Security Agency?  


NAFTA is well known for taking hundreds of thousands of jobs from this country.   It was put into action by our elected politicians.  I challenge anyone here to look around in this building and find anything recently made that is marked "Made in the U.S.A. "   

I have three federally subsidized Housing Projects in my area. Not one person that lives there -- that has always worked on construction jobs -- can find work now.  All the illegals have their jobs, but the INS refuses to do anything to help our American citizens.  

There are 10,000 homes foreclosed on -- each and every month in this country, and 100,000 jobs lost every year, and we are told that the economy is now recovering.  That’s the CFR controlled media at work!  If you call an 800 number for AOL or IRS. Your call is routed to India.http://jahtruth.net/greeneco.htm


I don’t have to say a thing about what happened to Judge Roy Moore and why!!!  It speaks for itself!!! http://jahtruth.net/comand.htm  


I was watching CNN news one night and the OPEC Oil Ministers made a statement about fuel prices. I quote "We are going to increase the crude oil production by 10% to help get the fuel prices down." ­ unquote.  During that same segment the fuel producers came on and said, and I quote "OPEC can increase the crude oil as much as they want. It's not going to help fuel prices because we can’t handle any more oil, we are producing fuel 24 hours a day ­ 7 days a week -- as it is -- and fuel prices are still at an all time high."  Who is kidding who? 


A whistle blower speaks out and the tobacco giants are hit with billions of dollars in lawsuits.  Cigarettes immediately go from one dollar a pack to $3.37 a pack, and our politicians remain silent. http://jahtruth.net/politics.htm  


As we speak, some of our trusted politicians are using another reason to try to get a Constitutional Amendment going.  This one will allow a foreign born to run for president of the United States!  When that happens, you will see California’s governor Arnold Schwarzenegger running against Hillary Clinton.  Tweedle dee or Tweedle dum -- all over again!  


This act was written to co-incide with the Homeland Security Agency.  It wipes out the Bill of Rights.  Under Patriot Act I, a person can be whisked away, imprisoned, without anyone being told what has happened to him.  He may not be allowed to make a phone call to anyone.  People can be classed as domestic terrorists for refusing to surrender their firearms.  These acts are not "law" -- they are acts against the law!  

In conclusion, I ask you to think this over:  Do we have the right to restrain the good, decent people from exercising their unalienable rights and endowments?   To rob them of their liberty?  To deny them their authority over their own government?  Has there ever been any "consent of the governed?" Do we have the right to trample on the Constitution or to hustle our people into a tyrannical system under the New World Order?  

Do those we elect have the authority to manipulate the law enforcement of this nation into doing that which is against the law?  For my part, I will not be a part of the scheme to disarm the people, or to overthrow the Constitutional government of the United States.   

Folks, I could go on and on. We all know that something is seriously wrong when a government tries to disarm its own people.  I say to you: "Don’t ever give up your guns!!!!!!!!!!"  

History has proven over and over again that servitude is the consequence and the punishment of a nation, which allows itself to be disarmed.    

I can see that when martial law goes into effect, for whatever fabricated reason, we will never again be allowed to live in freedom.  

I leave you with this thought:  We all went to bed one night, and when we awoke the next morning, we heard that the Soviet Union had collapsed almost overnight.  If we don't wake up and take back control of our government very soon we, too, will wake up some morning and be faced with a collapsed Constitutional government and a militarized system in power.  

This is quite possible, because all power is now consolidated on the federal level.  This is not what the founders fought for.  The republic is now called a “democracy”.  That’s a stand-in word for global socialism http://jahtruth.net/democra.htm  

Patrick Henry once feared that a "consolidated empire" could overtake us.  It has now come about, even though Henry fought successfully to institute a remedy against this sort of sedition.  

Have we lost sight of the need for the Second Amendment??  Do you realize its value??  Why have we let our guard down??  In these times, do we not see federal laws proposed that call for the repeal of the Second Amendment?? (I refer to the efforts of Representative Owens from New York who has introduced legislation calling for the repeal!) Can you imagine that when the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is a non-repealable Amendment???   

Why do we get letters from Seth P. Waxman of the federal Department of Justice telling us that "the Second Amendment does not create a personal right to own or to use a gun"??  Did we not get a letter from Ronnie Edelman of the federal Department of Justice which states that "The current state of federal law does not recognize that the Second Amendment protects the right of private citizens to possess firearms of any type."   

Do we not see the federal level t-w-i-s-t the meaning of the Second Amendment even though it is provable that the Second Amendment was written to protect the right of the people to arms? Why do federal officials say that "the people have no protection for their firearms under the Second Amendment"??  This is not true!!! http://jahtruth.net/truth.htm  

Do we not hear the courts stating that the people have no legally recognized right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution?   Was not Don Bird told by the court that "the Constitution does not provide a private right to bear arms"?!?  Because of the federal misinterpretation, do we not have laws coming from every-which-way that infringe and usurp the arms rights of the people?   

The answer is that the consolidated government has built a military government over us.  It is now in place and it wants a docile society!!  

We have but a short time left!  I urge everyone here to jump into the effort to save the nation from this peril by speaking up to support the lawful interpretation of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights!  


Why should God bless America when it is in rebellion against Him and His
Law? - JAH.
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