ADL's New 'Hate Bill' The Death Knell For Talk Radio

From: Roland

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

To those who do not know me I should like to say.., I am anything but a defeatist. With that said and as much as I appreciate the post below from Jack McLamb.., I see calling, faxing, or whatever to the CON-gress-critters as an utter waste of time.

The U. S. CON-gress and all its attending offices down through the states and to the local levels are already wittingly or UNwittingly a part of the NWOdor agenda/scheme.

Do you really STILL believe you have the power to change things via petitioning a completely corrupt government?

There is precious little time to employ the only possible course of action that can stop the NWOdor from coming to fruition and that can be found at: [it is free and will take a few minutes to download].

I hope you read "THE PLAN" and decide to act.

Please consider; what are "we the sheople" doing to EFFECTIVELY stop these events from coming to pass? THE PLAN offers TRUE remedy.

The document is 83 pages long. Please NO NOT skip reading this urgent, crucial presentation. Please study it very carefully. I would also recommend putting aside church teachings/programming and as best you can..? read it with an open, unbiased mind.

The hour is VERY late.




Gal. 5:14 All law is fulfilled in one word; Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself; Also called the Royal Law, James 2: 8-10.

"Government is like a fire, useful in the fireplace, but if it gets out of its place, it will consume everything you own" George Washington




ADL's New 'Hate Bill' The Death Knell For Talk Radio

By Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League's new, tougher hate bill, "The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005," HR 2662, if passed, will very soon end FREE SPEECH and FREE SPEECH TALK RADIO. The ADL, through similar legislation, has already ended free speech in Canada. It wants to do the same in America.

Here's a summary of how this bill would make law.

HR 2662 intends to enforce nation-wide the working ADL/federal definition that 'hate' equals bias against federally-protected groups. Particularly against:

Homosexuals. Any specific public criticism of homosexuals will eventually be considered a hate crime, just as it already has been for eleven Christians under the ADL's Pennsylvania hate crime law on Oct.
10, 2004.

Transvestites. Female impersonators, and persons with confused or altered gender, will gain special federal protection against bias-motivated threat. This includes transvestites who are threatened for sexist reasons by males who perceive them as really being women. Such men will be prosecuted as 'hate criminals' against women, even though the 'woman' they were biased against was actually a man!

Women. Any woman who claims, "The last time I had sex with him, he used a sexist word against me. He raped me!" can press charges for a 'hate crime' of rape. Punishment will be triple the usual penalty - about 30 years in prison.

Jews. B'nai B'rith, a Jewish religious organization, invented 'hate laws' to make public criticism of homosexuality a 'hate crime.' Yet this is only a step toward B'nai B'rith's REAL objective: making public criticism of Jews, matters Jewish, and the State of Israel, a hate crime.

HR 2662 intends to give the same special federal protection to Jews as to homosexuals, providing a green light for corrupt Jewish leaders to intensify their domination of the media, Congress, and the Mideast. Hate laws will eventually empower Jewish leadership to imprison those who criticize them, be they Jews or Gentiles.

HR 2662 will invite pedophiles, witches, warlocks, Satanists and even 'sinners' to acquire special federal protection from anyone who criticizes them, including pastors. Witches and warlocks in England are, today, lobbying hard for inclusion under Britain, s ADL hate law.

If passed, HR 2662 will provide immediate special FBI, Justice Department and local police assistance to protected groups that claim to have been offended. On the slightest evidence of bias, the police will descend [as the world saw happen last October in Philadelphia] upon Christians, pastors, talk show hosts and radio station managers, indicting them with trumped-up 'hate crime.' charges and exorbitant penalties.


A huge barrier to establishment of a federal hate bureaucracy has been the sovereign right of states to enforce the law as they see fit. Heretofore, the federal government has had to prove that such abuses as jury tampering, voter fraud, and slavery existed in states before it could meddle in state law enforcement. HR 2662 would legitimize as law several devious strategies to break down all barriers to federal intrusion.

HR 2662 asserts that if a violent bias crime within a state in any way affects interstate commerce, the federal government has the right to invade state law enforcement. This means that, if a homosexual has been called a 'faggot' and been threatened to have his butt kicked by a gas station attendant, and as a result does not patronize that gas station, whose products have come from across the state line, the federal government can intervene. Or if the homosexual buys a Greyhound ticket (vehicle of interstate commerce) to re-settle in San Francisco as a result of such threatened 'violence,' the federal government has a green light to take over state hate crime law enforcement in that state. Sec. 7(2)(B), Sec. 2(5-8).

HR 2662 asserts that bias-motivated violence in states is a 'relic' of slavery. This bill contends that the presence of bias-motivated violent crime within a state is proof that slavery still exists in that state. This provides the same justification for intervention that the federal government had in putting down slavery during the Civil War! Sec. 2(10,11).

Under HR 2662, the government can take over local law enforcement if

1. states do not have hate laws; Sec. B (b)(2A)

2. states are not enforcing state and federal hate laws as zealously as the federal government wishes; Sec. B (b)(2A)

3. states do not produce the kind of verdicts in hate crimes trials that the federal government wants. Sec. B (b)(2D)


HR 2662 is in flat violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits government from favoring any particular group.

HR 2662 will give ADL complete control of the federal anti-hate agenda. Very quickly, via enabling legislation and judicial precedent, any pretext of respect for the rights of Christians or dissenters will dissolve. This has already happened under the ADL anti-hate law in Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and under Pennsylvania's ADL hate law in Philadelphia on Oct.

All criticism of protected groups via politically incorrect terms, such as 'homosexual' or

'sodomite,' will become hate crime, just as it is under the British ADL hate law.

A huge number of legal precedents will continuously widen hate law jurisdiction.

Courts will quickly become clogged with federal indictments.

Staggering backlogs of unresolved cases, will make the federal hate law, like Roe vs. Wade, virtually impossible to repeal.

FCC restrictions will soon descend on talk show hosts with lists of unapproved topics. Talk show hosts will be fined or imprisoned and stations will lose their broadcast licenses, just as in Canada today, if they violate those restrictions.


Talk show hosts - Do you get the picture? If HR 2662 passes, your occupation as a free speech talk show host will go the way of Diplodocus.

You have two main options. First, wait and see what happens, fearful of offending a huge religious organization, B'nai B'rith, and their sycophantic yea-sayers, the Israel-first evangelicals. If you opt for this, you might as well start taking night classes to prepare for another line of work.

Or, you can invite me on your show for a very spirited and persuasive program, thoroughly convincing your audience to help save your occupation by protesting now to Congress.

In Canada on Aug. 28th, 'CHOI FM,' Quebec City's most popular talk show station was dissolved by the Canadian government. Its 33 employees were put out of work. Its offence? One of the talk show hosts criticized African dictators who had their children educated in Canadian universities. This was considered a 'hate crime' against blacks.

If HR 2662 is passed, exactly the same will soon happen to you and your station if you stray to the slightest degree from the new 'politically correct' FCC guidelines.

May I hear from you soon? My number is (503) 631-3808.

The ADL is lobbying hard for passage of HR 2662 - legislation that will not only end free speech, but free speech talk radio. ADL still has tremendous power in Congress. All it might take is one outrageous hate crime, such as a homosexual being dragged to death behind a pickup, to ignite ADL-assisted national outrage, stampeding Congress into quickly passing HR 2662.

We must lay a foundation of education that will help resist storms of 'anti-hate' hysteria in the years ahead. The best way to do that is to read the articles against hate laws at www. truthtellers. org and purchase online Rev. Ted Pike's gripping video documentary, 'Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians' for $24.90.

Show this video everywhere you can, especially in your church.

This video is free to talk show hosts who request it.


TOLL-FREE: 1-877-762-8762

Rev. Ted Pike, an authority on hate crimes legislation, will help your audience fully understand the threat and vagaries of hate crimes laws. He is available for interview at (503) 631-3808.


PO Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

+++++++ ID=21684

Frist urged to halt Œspecial protections¹ for homosexuals Sep 21, 2005 By Tom Strode Baptist Press WASHINGTON (BP)--Southern Baptist public policy chief Richard Land and other pro-family leaders are calling on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to block passage of legislation that would expand rights for homosexuals.

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and American Family Association founder Donald Wildmon joined Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and 40 national and state leaders in a Sept. 20 letter telling Frist they Œare looking to [him] to assure¹ that a measure expanding hate crimes prevention to cover homosexuals and Œtransgendered¹ individuals fails to become law.

The focus is on Frist, a Republican from Tennessee, and the Senate because the House of Representatives approved the legislation in a somewhat surprising action Sept. 14. The House passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, H. R. 2662, in a 223-199 vote. Thirty Republicans joined 192 Democrats and an independent to pass the measure.

The House approved the hate crimes legislation as an amendment to the Children¹s Safety Act, H. R. 3132, which would stiffen penalties for and supervision of sex offenders. Passage of the sex offender bill came in a 371-52 vote, with only 29 Republicans and 23 Democrats opposing it, even though it included the hate crimes measure.

While Land and his fellow signers said they strongly support the Children¹s Safety Act, they Œwill adamantly oppose¹ the inclusion of the hate crimes language. That measure Œwas created as, and continues to be, an attempt by some to advance the cause of homosexuality.¹

The hate crimes language would extend protection to include Œgender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.¹ The hate crimes law currently covers the classifications of race, color, religion and national origin.

ŒSexual orientation¹ includes homosexuality. ŒGender identity¹ is a Œperson¹s innate sense of gender,¹ which may be different than his sex, according to the website of the Human Rights Campaign, which describes itself as the country¹s largest Œlesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender¹ political organization. Transgender is an umbrella term for Œpeople who live all or substantial portions of their lives expressing an innate sense of gender other than their birth sex,¹ according to HRC. The transgender category includes transsexuals and cross-dressers.

The hate crimes measure would violate the Œprinciples of liberty and quality,¹ grant special protections Œto a particular group of people based on their lifestyle¹ and Œcould ultimately lead to the silencing of the church,¹ the pro-family leaders told Frist in the letter from the ERLC.

So far, the government has granted civil rights protections Œbased on certain immutable characteristics shared by humanity generally,¹ they said. While some may contend homosexuality should receive Œspecial protections¹ in the way religious belief does, a Œsharp distinction may be drawn¹ between the two, Land and the others said.

ŒReligious belief is inherent to all mankind,¹ they said in the letter. ŒDespite the vast differences in belief systems, from belief in God to disbelief, every human attempts to define themselves and the world around them, adopting a religious view, ranging from Christianity to atheism. In contrast, only a small percentage of the population identifies themselves as homosexual. Homosexuality is not part of the universal human condition and should not be afforded the same protections as immutable qualities common to all mankind.¹

When the government establishes Œmore and more special rights,¹ it places limitations not only Œupon actions, but speech and thought as well,¹ the pro-family leaders told Frist. ŒThis trend will prepare the way for the outright ban of criticism of a lifestyle believed by millions of people of religious conviction to be contrary to the laws of God and nature. Thus, granting special rights and protections to homosexuals is inevitably a step toward removing rights from those who oppose homosexuality.¹

Land and the others pointed to Canada and Sweden as examples of countries where speaking against homosexuality is already a crime.

In addition to Land, Dobson and Wildmon, other signers included Gary Bauer, president of American Values; Paul Weyrich, national chairman of Coalitions for America; Mathew Staver, president of Liberty Counsel; Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters; Gary Cass, executive director of Center for Reclaiming America; Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America; Rod Parsley, Ohio pastor and president of the Center for Moral Clarity; Janet Folger, president of Faith2Action; and Ken Hutcherson, Washington pastor and organizer of Mayday for Marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign praised the House¹s passage of the hate crimes legislation. HRC President Joe Solmonese said in a written statement the House provided a Œpowerful law enforcement tool.¹ HRC said it Œstrongly prefers¹ the House-approved language in contrast to the Senate version, because it Œis more explicit in its coverage of the transgender community.¹

There appears to be a majority in the Senate prepared to approve an expansion of the hate crimes law to include Œsexual orientation.¹ The Senate version has 44 cosponsors. Last year, the Senate passed a similar expansion of hate crimes legislation as an amendment to a bill, but the House did not include the measure in its version of the bill. House appointees to the conference committee succeeded in removing the hate crimes measure from the final bill.

The House-approved measure authorizes the United States attorney general to provide assistance to state and local officials in the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes.
--30¹ Sen. Frist's office may be reached by calling (202) 224-3344 or by e-mailing through his website,

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