EU To Apply 'Hate' Speech Laws To The Internet

Comment From Richard Niemela

The following message shows that the European Union, like Canada, has succumbed to talmudic interferences...both cannot act or react as formerly Christian regions, as Zionists have so corrupted the Secular leadership of these two former Christian areas that Christianity is now the obvious Enemy.

They have seen to it that their Media takes no enemies so to speak, as the Media can only project issues favorable to Zionism. And to prove it, they will legally punish anyone who even mentions the word "Jew" any manner...For only Jews can speak of and about Jews. This legally means that they have engineered Laws to favor and protect their demands.

Such twisted logic is not unique, for our blinded and duped Congress just passed laws that are similar and inhibit the same thing from among Americans...taking away our free speech...or our First Amendment Rights.

Since we still have our 2nd Amendment, and all of the acoutrements that are attached and associated with it, we must now use the 2nd Amendment rights to protect and insure the survivablity of the First. Such was the reason and intent of the 2nd.

A reaction that simply means we may have to use arms to insure that the First is secure and inviolate Otherwise, we, too, will succumb to the wiles of the Talmudists, who now see the conclusion to their Protocols about to be closed and they win...and get to set up the long sought goal of their Talmud: World Dominion.

I believe that Jefferson had something to say about this, something like this: "Liberty must and can only result from sacrifice, for it takes the blood of both patriot and tyrant alike to preserve liberty."

European Union Applies 'Hate Speech' Rules To Internet

Opposition to multiracialism, homosexuality, immigration effectively banned under new Internet rules.

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The European Union will be launching new Internet broadcasting rules later this year.

"The European Commission had a duty to protect shared European values," EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding (pictured) told a broadcasting conference in Liverpool, England. "Who in this room... stands for the freedom to spread incitement to racial hatred on the new media?"

Reding said there was a "broad consensus that hate speech rules should also apply to the Internet."

EU Prepares Internet Laws

By Aoife White

BRUSSELS (AP) -- European Union officials insisted on Thursday that they had no plans to regulate the internet, as the EU prepares to launch new broadcasting rules later this year.

"I have no intention to 'regulate the internet'," EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding told a broadcasting conference in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom.

However, she said the European Commission had a duty to protect shared European values.

"Who in this room is in favour of child pornography on the new media? Who stands for the freedom to spread incitement to racial hatred on the new media?"

She said there was a broad consensus that child protection and hate speech rules should also apply to "non-linear" services, such as pay TV or internet broadcasts.

Internet firms and some broadcasters have firmly voiced their opposition to an EU-wide law over content.

BBC director-general Mark Thompson said on Wednesday that regulators needed to be realistic about how practical and desirable it was to enforce content in an on-demand, online world.

He said that self-regulation grounded in continuous research into public attitudes was a better option for new media.

Florida Teacher Fired For Letter Plans To Sue

Agape Press

A veteran Florida school teacher who was forced out of her job for writing a letter to lawmakers complaining about illegal immigration intends to sue her school district.

Orange County school officials have apologized repeatedly to outraged members of the Hispanic community for Jan Hall's letter, which expressed concern that illegal immigration is draining tax dollars and hurting the public education system. The letter also stated that several Puerto Rican teachers in the district lacked proper educational qualifications.

After the Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Dia obtained and published the letter, Orange County school officials suspended the longtime teacher without pay and barred her from all school property in the district.

Now Hall has notified the district of her intent to file a $20-million lawsuit. A spokesman for Hall, local conservative talk-show host Doug Guetzloe, says the teacher was merely exercising her free-speech rights.
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