Joe Vialls: Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History

While the western media desperately tries to deflects public interest with ever-increasing Richter figures now up to an hysterical 9.3, the BBC, HMS Scott and others inadvertently prove conclusively that the horrific event of
26 December 2004 was the biggest single war crime in recorded history.



Personal Message from Joe Vialls Joe Vialls – February 25, 2005

Though I rarely send personal messages, it seems worthy of note that within 30 hours of publishing "Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History" on 24 February 2005 , this particular page on all four of my operational servers became invisible to roughly 80% of Internet surfers around the world.

Because the servers are stand alones and physically distant from each other, it is reasonable to suspect direct sabotage of a sohisticated variety. How it was done I do not know, but for the present at least, the artificial blockage seems to have been removed. Those who wanted to read about the tsunami but could not view it, should be able to get through now at:-

The report is also posted at:-


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