Chlorine In Your Tap Water and In Your Diet Cola

Would you drink a cup of pesticides? What about a cup of chemical water? All
your aquarium fish will die within a matter of minutes if you add tap water
to your fish tank without also including a de-chlorinator to remove the
chlorine. Doesn't that tell you something about the danger of drinking

The manufacturers of sucralose say the chlorine in their sweetener will pass
harmlessly out of your body too. What if it doesn't? How do you know your
body won't digest it? Everyone reacts differently to individual chemicals.

Chlorine is a dangerous carcinogen, according to research on tap water.
Chlorine in tap water results in cancer and many other diseases, according
to researchers worldwide. So, if chlorine in tap water is a suspected
carcinogen, is it safe to drink in diet colas?

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