Schauberger on fluoridation

from the book Living Energies by Coats & Schauberger

"...Artificial fluoridation of the water supplies is another pernicious process with equally alarming consequences for the drinker. There are two different forms of fluoride, one of which, calcium fluoride, is naturally occurring. Where present in the groundwater or wells it has been observed that the teeth of those who drink such water are much stronger and less prone to caries. The other, sodium fluoride is not found naturally and is a poisonous by-product of aluminium smelting and used in insecticides.

But what to do with this growing pile of poison without incurring huge storage costs? It could not merely be flushed into rivers or used in agriculture, because it kills livestock, wildlife, fish and crops. Indeed the offspring of the 3rd generation of rats given lppm of sodium fluoride in their drinking water were crippled at birth. How and why sodium fluoride ever found its way into toothpaste is a mystery. Perhaps some mistaken bureaucrat thought it had the same beneficial effect as calcium fluoride and required its addition to drinking water.

Many children, however, have become innocent victims of this disastrous confusion, their bright smiles having been disfigured with seriously discoloured teeth, as well as increased brittleness of their bones. In a recent New Jersey Department of Health study fluoridation has been linked to a rare form of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. This study showed that, in contrast to nonfluoridated municipalities, the incidence of osteosarcoma was 50% higher in males under 20, an almost seven-fold increase in young males between the ages of 10 and 19 occurring in the three most affected communities. But this is not where it all ends. Ultimately all these malpractices not only have the direst consequences for the body, but also for its more immaterial attributes and here we shall quote Viktor Schauberger once more:

A particular inner temperature produces a certain physical form which in turn generates the special kind of immaterial energy we encounter in a more or less highly developed form as character. Hence the old saying 'Mens sana in corpore sano' (a healthy mind in a healthy body). If the composition of the basic substances of the body should in any way be altered, then the metabolic basis for the further growth of the body must not only change, but its spiritual and intellectual growth and further development as well.

Viktor saw the proper physical formation of the brain as being crucial to what it was able to produce in the way of concepts, ideas and behaviour, ethical and otherwise; the lower the quality of the physical structure, the more inferior the morals and ethics. In the same way that the narrowly spaced annual rings of trees produced high-quality, resonant timber, the production of good thoughts in harmony with Nature, and in consequence good character traits, was only possible with a well and healthily-grown and developed brain with close-knit windings.

Unwholesome food, poor water and the resultant slight overheating, in his view, gave rise to the formation of coarse convolutions in the brain's overall structure, creating a brain that was incapable of either functioning intuitively or of comprehending the subtleties of Nature's processes. It degenerated into an organ able only to think logically, but never biologically, never with a living logic aware of natural energetic interrelations and interdependencies. In a sense, such a brain could be likened to a poorly designed musical instrument constructed of inferior materials and thus unable to create truly harmonious sounds affecting the world harmoniously. There is plenty of evidence in support of this, for daily we are made aware of the rise in mental afflictions, depression, dyslexia, irrational and brutal behaviour, and hyperactivity to name a few, which are affecting more and more people at an increasingly younger age.

The water we drink and food we eat are by no means the sole cause, but in the light of all this precautionary evidence we should at the very least ensure that what we eat and drink is of the highest possible quality. Moreover, we should call the responsible authorities to account for their misdemeanours, even though these may have been unintentional, for it is we, particularly the poor, and not they, who finally have to pay the price in suffering and misery for their inaction. We should refuse to continue to be forced to drink water as presently prepared, for in drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water not only do we harm ourselves physically and mentally, but we also pass on a terrible genetic legacy to our children.

A thorough investigation and highly publicised public inquiry into present methods of water purification should be put in hand immediately by an independent body of competent, unintimidatable individuals. These should be selected from all branches of science and medicine, including so-called alternative practitioners, whose awareness in some areas far exceeds those of orthodox disciplines. Should its publicised findings recommend the immediate cessation of current practices in water purification, then neither the government nor the respective authorities will be able to continue to brainwash the population and will be forced by the ballot box to take action and put the necessary and urgent remedial measures in hand forthwith..."

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