They Want Your Soul

"It's really hard to describe this video with words. It features assaulting visuals, with facts and combined information that you will find in no other documentary, laid over an music score that you wont soon forget. With the intense audio/visuals and loads of information you may need to watch this several times to absorb the many things you've probably never heard of. The information contained in this video applies to all Americans and humans alike, regards of beleifs or affiliations. This is as unbiased as it gets".

Major Talking Points: Political-Bias-Neuroscience, Controlled-Media, Pop-culture / sports, Elite, TV & Radio-induced-ignorance, Death-of-the-Middle-Class, Disaster-Profits, Our-new-hybrid-political-system, Bush / Kerry, Skull & Bones, Hack-Elections, 911-Commission / Prior-Knowledge, Fear-Mongering, Freedom / Terrorism, Shredded-Constitution, War-in-Iraq, PNAC, Military-Net-Centric-Computing, NSA-Wiretaps, Data-mines, DARPA Internet2, TIA/MATRIX, National-ID's, GPS car/phone tracking, Verichip-Implants, Nanotechnology, NBIC, Masonic-DC, Artificial-Intelligence, God-on-Earth, Singularity, Transhumanism, Biological-Brain-Computers, Cyborgs, Beast-of-Revelation, New-Age, Occult, Mayan 2012  





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They Want Your Soul

Resource List

(NOTE: This list is under construction! I still have to assemble some of the pages for some of these topics, as I ended up covering things that I haven't blogged yet. Sections with titles in italics are incomplete even if they have content.

Chapter 1 - Political Bias Intro

Political Bias
-Brain Scans May Unlock Candidates' Appeal

-Democrats and Republicans Both Adept at Ignoring Facts, Study Finds
-Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases
-Dick Meyer On Science And The Limits Of Political Argument
-Emory Study Lights Up The Political Brain
*Science demonstrates that the politically biased are legally insane and medically addicted/diseased
-Political bias affects brain activity, brain scans prove politically biased people aren't in touch with reality

Ignoring Arguments & Conservative Policy Confirmation bias List of cognitive biases Disconfirmation bias cognitive bias selection bias statistical bias

Patriotism vs. Nationalism (Bias neuroscience surely works the same here, if not worse.)

Chapter 2 - AmericanA (0:47)

"Freedom of Press” = All media outlets owned by 5 Mega-Corporations, and that means your entertainment also.
See Also: White House spends $1.6 Billion in taxpayer dollars on "PR"

Decades of controlled TV & Radio indoctrination has brainwashed US into lifestyles and thought patterns of ignorance.

The Simpsons 1, The Constitution 0
Simpsons 'trump' 1st Amendment

Parties converged

Manipulated Rights
THE BILL OF RIGHTS 2006 (Or what's left of it)

*'Bush' is a Hybrid-Paranoid-Extremist

National Debt
US National Debt Clock

Tax Cuts for the rich
Tax Cuts for the Rich, Health-Care Shaft for Poor

Trade Deficits / Deporting Our Jobs

(The Big 5 Media is a choice example, but I will expand on this later...)

Political Incentives

Disaster Profits: 9/11, Katrina, Bird Flu, War in Iraq
Bush, Saudi's, Halliburton, 9/11 & Iraq (More)
Carlyle Group, 9/11 & Iraq (More)

"Freedom of Religion"
Fascism & Religion
*"A Man of Faith" (Bush)
*Proof that Bush behaves more like an esoteric Freemason than someone who worships Jesus Christ

Bush Challenges over 750 Laws
"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a whole heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator " - G.W. Bush, on
CNN 12-18-00.
Bush Challenges Over 750 Laws, New Record! (More)

Skull & Bones
*Skull & Bones info/media page

Election Hacking
*Election Hacking Tolerance

Anti-Conspiracy Bias
*Skeptinazi Ideology


Chapter 3 - Deconstitutional (5:03)

9/11 Prior Knowledge / Stand-down

"Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" View Large/Download + Exclusive Easy Research Guide
Infowars Prior Knowledge Database
Cooperative Research Complete 911 Timelines
9/11 conspiracy theories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Attacked Our Freedom"
*Defending Freedom?

Bush: "Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century"
"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today."

Pearl Harbor Prior Knowledge
*The Pearl Harbor Sacrifice

9/11 Commission
Criticisms of the 9/11 Commission Report
Official website
(See Also)

Moussaoui / Bin Laden
Moussaoui says he lied about 9/11, says alleged role "a fabrication"
FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

Dismantlement of the Constitution
THE BILL OF RIGHTS 2006 (Or what's left of it)

Clinton's Police State
Police State 2000 FREE VIDEO

Whistle-Blower Rights / FBI Spies on Reporters
= Potential criminal prosecution
Bush panics, declares war on freedom of the press
Prosecution of Journalists Is Possible in NSA Leaks
FBI Acknowledges: Journalists' Phone Records are Fair Game
Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling

Post 9/11 "Terrorists"
"defenders of the constitution" / "those who make numerous references to the Constitution",
"anti-globalization bloggers",
anti-war protestors,
vegetarian animal rights protestors,
"Veterans for Peace"
" property rights activists & those who try to create an atmosphere of anxiety / undermine confidence in the government or try to influence government or social policy"

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties VIDEO
ACLU video on patriot act
[PDF] FindLaw: Text of USA Patriot Act of 2001
[PDF] The USA PATRIOT Act: A Legal Analysis
[PDF] The USA PATRIOT Act: A Sketch
USA PATRIOT Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
USA PATRIOT Act controversy
2006 PATRIOT Act

"Freedom to Protest"
anti-war protestors,
vegetarian animal rights protestors,

High-Tech Crowd Dispersal
Stun/sting grenades, rubber bullets and capture nets
Laser stun rifles
Audio cannons
Microwave pain beams
Magnetosphere Guns and more

Mass-Broadcast PSY-OPS
Information Operations Roadmap
Next-Generation Cybertools
SID Grid

Immigration / Concentration Camps / Suitcase Nukes
Bush, Blair warned of bin Laden nukes (Al-Qaida purchased 20 suitcase arms)
FEMA Concentration and Internment Camps
Halliburton Detention Camps For Political Subversives
*The Real Immigration Disaster

Iran Propaganda

War in Iraq
*Support this troop, and why
"We do not torture"

Universal Service Act
(Blog Coming...)
H.R. 4752: Universal National Service Act of 2006

Project for a New American Century
*The Project for the New American Century Exclusive Research Guide

NSA tapping all the phones
(See Also: TIA/MATRIX)
Mainstream Media: The NSA Has Been Archiving Nearly Every Phone Call In&Outside the US!
Bush claims only thousands being tapped / Bush claims no Unconstitutional taps / Said Clinton did it first.

DARPA Designed the Internet
DARPA's "Bio-Revolution"
Telecom Act
Untangling the Next Telecom Act

Chapter 4 - System Overload (9:28)

TIA (aka Topsail) unveiled: the real scope of the NSA's domestic spying program
The Spies Who Shag Us
Bush administration compiling massive database of bank records


RealID = National ID
Confusion surrounds national ID card program
Global ID's

GPS Cell Phone Tracking
-Tracked by cellphone

Intelligent Transportation System
Intelligent Transportation System
Intelligent Transportation Systems (Cornet Technology)
Combet-zones That See
*"Combat Zones that See" (CTS): What the street cameras are really used for
Vehicle GPS

Mandatory Biochips / Digital Angel
*The Senates Biochip and the Digital Angel
Net-Centric "Global Information Grid"
*The DOD/NSA "Global Information Grid"
Homeland Security

National Nanotechnology Initiative
National Nanotechnology Initiative

Media Glorifying Enslavement Technolgies
Sean Hannity is an Anti-Christ!

*Exposing the Federal Biorevolution Manifesto

-The Transhumanist Declaration

Exploring Life Extension - View Large/Download + Commentary

"Collective Society"
*The governments "Collective Society" quotes

Chapter 5 - The Beast (12:18)

Converging the Laboratories
(This is explained somewhat in the NBIC blog/document, but I'll have a more specific blog for this soon...)

*Federal DARPA's Cognitive Computing programs (Strong AI by 2010-2012).
*NASA's "Intelligent Archive"

*The disregarded NASA Google takeover
*Google's Brain-AI-Genetics ambitions

Bush on nanotechnology & supercomputing
-Bush calls for nanotechnology, supercomputing spending

"god on earth"

"Building Gods" - View Large/Download + Commentary

The Singularity
-The Transhumanist Declaration

Preventing AI Doomsday
The Assimilation Solution

*NEU-ARK GENESIS II - The Real One World Religion

*Choice intel for the skeptics of my neuron computing theory (Needs re-write)
"Brain" in a dish acts as autopilot, living computer.
-Lab Mice Grow Human Brain Cells After Injections.

Neural Implants
*The remote controlled humans of the 60's
*Neural Implants: Past, Present & Future PART1
*Neural Implants: Past, Present & Future PART2
-NSF: "Wiring the Brain at the Nanoscale"  (Proves the blood brain barrier can be penetrated intravenously with nanotechnology.)
(Blog coming... For now remember that nano implants will come before NBIC technology, and could happen in short time.)
Nano-Implants Power Source

Mayan Calendar

New Ager's Claims

The Real Transformation of Consciousness

Chapter 6 - Credits (15:19)