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Bill Gates & Big Pharma

Bill Gates is [alledgedly] giving 95% of his wealth for africa but.. get this.. its for vaccinations, and immunization of the children.Looks like it'll be a good intention, but with disastrous results, considering what we already know is in the vaccinations. sad.

I wonder if he is diversifying his investments and has bought shares in the pharmaceutical industry so he is just transferring his money into a new business venture whilst "looking" as though he is giving it away.

The Real Way to Health is a completely different one:- "Healing in His Wings"

Three articles below:

Bill Gates sells MSFT, takes Prozac
Bill Gates and Big Pharma

Bush's bogus AIDS offer, and why Bill Gates is making it worse.
The Gates And Buffet Foundation Shell Game




( categories: ) Microsoft is a collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft has a corporate history of disinformation going back to its very inception

Halloween XI: Get The FUD

some quotes from the article: "Let's start by reminding ourselves of the stakes. For Microsoft (or at least its present business model) to survive, open source must die..." ^^^^^ "...Expect Microsoft to ally even more closely with the RIAA and MPAA in making yet another try at hardware-based DRM restrictions — and legislation making them mandatory. The rationale will be to stop piracy and spam, but the real goal will be customer control and a lockout of all unauthorized software. Two previous attempts at this have failed, but the logic of Microsoft's situation is such that they must keep trying.

2003 And Beyond


Technology trends that will affect your business and how you do business.
Warning: very little of the following is speculation. Most of it has already been announced and is being implemented. )


Some very interesting pieces of information in this article clearly show Micro$ofts very dirty tactics to get more CONTROL and $$$$$$$. Fits right in with globalist elite's plan for a completely controlled New World Order...



"...Microsoft's public image, carefully crafted through billions (literally) spent with PR firms, continues to erode under the weight of license extortion, anti-trust action, license compliance raids, buying political influence, endless lawsuits over stolen products and patents, insecure and unstable products, obvious astroturf (fake grass roots) media campaigns, and much more..."


"...Microsoft used this method to quickly reduce Netscape's browser share from 80%+ to nearly nothing. They were convicted of multiple and very serious antitrust violations in doing so, but the newly appointed Bush/Ashcroft Department of Justice declined to apply punishment or effective remedy. Microsoft is thus free to use similar methods to remove other products from the market.

Microsoft's current push is to have complete control over hardware design and availability. The practice of issuing joint Intel / Microsoft PC design specifications came to an end with the PC 2001 issue (J2). Microsoft alone now specifies PC design, leaving Intel as only a manufacturer (J3). This control is now made final and all encompasing by the Athens PC design..."

New Documents Shed Light on Microsoft's Tactics

New Documents Shed Light on Microsoft's Tactics - Tigen writes "As the NY Times reports, even as MS prepares to face penalties from the European Union, testimony during the second week of trial in the consumer ... [Slashdot]
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