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Full-time position. Hours flexible but is 24/7 and 365 days a year. Females need not apply. This is an all male enterprise. Requirements/skills: Must be willing to do anything and everything. You must be willing to walk away from all human family and friends whether you love or hate them. You must be willing to let go/sell every material possession you (think) you own and use it to support your position and that of others who are in a less fortunate position. Should be prepared to starve one's "self" for 40 days and then it might be a good idea to quit cutting your hair and beard for an indefinite period of time so your appearance will match that gaunt look after you've lost 40 pounds or so as your clothes will drape on what is left of that body you are walking around in. If you think you qualify so far, be prepared for your wife and family (and friends) to align themselves to see if they can get you committed for they will BE SURE you've lost your mind. There aren't any insurance benefits. However, compensation is "out of this world" and includes unimaginable joys and learning for all eternity.., commonly referred to as Heaven.

Apply immediately by contacting us cybe [at] iki [dot] fi (here)

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