Straight Couples Turned Away From Key West Hotel

KEY WEST, Fla. (April 16) - Three heterosexual couples said they were turned away from a hotel in this gay-friendly tourist spot because of their sexual orientation.

The six were vacationing with a gay couple and had reservations at a hotel called Big Ruby's when the three straight couples were turned away.

"The manager literally said, 'We don't want you here,"' said Jim Pirih, who was vacationing with his partner and straight friends.

The group was already settled in their rooms Wednesday when the manager told the straight couples they would have to leave, citing a policy of not allowing heterosexuals on the property, Pirih said.

"He said he had to appeal to the majority, and the majority of guests wouldn't want straight people there," Pirih said.

The six were allowed to stay one night but had to check out Thursday morning, Pirih said.

Big Ruby's did not immediately return a phone message Friday.

Key West has a city ordinance that prohibits discrimination by sexual orientation in housing and lodging. Violators can face a civil citation and be fined up to $500.

Scott Fraser, executive director of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Key West, said any discrimination based on sexual orientation is wrong.

"Whether it's a couple turned away from a place of business because they're gay, or a straight couple refused admittance because it's a gay facility, socially and legally that's discrimination and equally as unacceptable," Fraser said Friday.

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